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Polymers #4

Today, we prepared for Friday, presentation. We filmed about our polymer’s advertisement. We included about our polymer’s advantages and acted with matching our theme. (safety) After taking our films, we thought about our polymer’s disadvantages. To make better, I think it has to have a little water in it because it was so sticky, so it might stick into the clothes. Also, the time that stick on the edge was too short. To protect the sharp parts for a long time, it has to stick for a long time. These are too difficult because it has to be in middle level. Not too watery, sticky but it has to be a little bit sticky and watery. I observed our team’s polymers for a long time, then I thought how make it much better than before? The answer was try again and again. We thought about our polymer’s design advantages. The advantages were the variety of colors, and the variety of shapes. It will be useful to educating children too by using the polymers because children like making things. And the polymers can change into many shapes, so parents can use for children’s education. Of course! It is not that dangerous because we use glue, water, guar gum, etc. After thinking that, we tested our polymers one more time. We bounced to the floor, squeezed it, roll it forward and backward. The final polymers were not bad. The only thing about bad thing was it doesn’t stick for a long time. Due to Friday, I will try to improve our polymers by making or mixing another things.

Polymers 3

Our team’s theme is ‘safety’ about polymer. Because of this theme, we decided to make a polymer which can protect the sharp parts of the desk, door, etc. So we tried to make a polymer which little bit sticky and watery because it has to stick on the desk for a long time. After making a right polymer, we had an another problem. The problem was about the shape. The shape of polymers have to look good to make people to buy it. For example, if we make a frame to make a shape of polymers, people would like to buy it because children like pretty or interesting shape. Also, it could helps to design the house well. The polymer has to be soft that people don’t feel hurt when you hit it. I think also, it has to bounce well because it means it can protect the people by bouncing them. After testing bouncing, sticking on the edge, feeling about polymer, and can protect the human skin, we decided to make a frame to make the polymer prettier. Also, we have to improve the feeling and sticking ability about the polymers. The polymers have to stick for a long time but ours are falling down a little bit. Because of that we thought we have to make similar way but little differently to make better. However, we develop more than before when we made first time. At first time, we didn’t know how to make polymers, so we just mixed everything non sense. However, after trying and trying, we knew how to make softer, stickier, and more bounce. When contrast with our first experiment, i think we improved a lot. To make much better polymers, we will try many other ways to make appropriate ‘Safety’ polymers

Polymer 2

Our group’s making purpose is for safety. To use polymers safety, we decided using by protecting sharp parts. For instance, on the desk, door, etc. This idea is useful to young children in house. Because of this benefit, we are targeting to adult who have young children. This is because all parents worry about their children, so they want to prevent bad situations to them. Our polymers could help parent’s hop because it will make more safety. When you use the polymers, you will not worry about your children that crush toward the sharp parts. Also, we thought about ‘How about make a variety types of colors, so children can choose it?’ To accept this opinion, we mixed a lot of color and we decided to make a frame to make children what ever they want. Like clay.

The specific design which we made in class time is this.

During making this one, we thought about how we can make a little bit stikky that can put on the edge of the desk, so the amounts of Borox was important to decide that.  We didn’t put borox a lot at a one time. We mix a little bit many times. Also, the color changed a lot because of the amounts of the color liquid. So we mixed many times with variety forms.

We tried a lot of times to make a polymers. After a lot of time, we experienced the benefits about this polymer. We stretched it, bounce it, attach on the edge of the desk, and consider about how to make it again in next time.


Polymers are the large molecule.  To make the polymers, many small molecules, monomers, have to be combined with each others. The natural polymers made from many types of amino acid monomer units. For instance, if I mixed with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and borax, they become a slime because by mixing them together, they create the cross-links between polymer chains. There are four types of polymers. They are thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and synthetic fibers.  Ex) Synthetic polymers are the polymers that human made. For instance, which is people include the materials together and mixed, and made the synthetic polymers. The examples of synthetic polymers are nylon, polyethylene, polyester, etc. There are four types of polymers.  About the polymers, the synthetic materials come from the raw materials. (Such as petroleum based chemicals or petrochemicals.

There are two types of materials for the polymers. There are the natural resources, and the synthetic materials. They have different things with each other. The natural resources found in the nature but the synthetic materials are formed in the lab. (By human) Also, in the natural resources, there are wood and sand, and about the synthetic materials, there are nylon, polyethylene, polyester, etc. Those two types of materials have relationship with each other. Synthetic products are made from the natural resources. This means that if we don’t have the natural resources, we can’t make the synthetic products.

Image result for polymers materials(polymer)Image result for polymers materials (…0.0..0.321.2146.0j11j2j1……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67j0i5i30.PvRHrqT_NKs#imgrc=SICYZXrEIJ-LvM:) The URL for the polymers pictures. (The sources that I found about the polymers.)


Science( thinking about future solar system)

Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

I think we should know about the Europa. Because scientists already researched about Enceladus and they know there is a moon’s clouds of vapor and particles. But I think scientists don’t know about the Jupiter’s moon, Europa. There is a vapor either but there is a thick ice too. I am wondering how the ice could turned into a water. Because the Jupiter is very far from the sun, so it is really cold.  Scientists were saying a spacecraft will go to the Europa to launch it in 2020s. And there are other planets that having  ice or water in it. I think Europa has more possibility because there are many ice (19~25 kilometers ) in it and the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, so it could melt that ice too. (I think..)

Europa has an atmosphere, so it has a dense of the oxygen in it. Because of that I think later, if it has more oxygen in it, human could live in there.

I am thinking we should focus the moon or planets to replace the earth. Because know, the earth is getting hotter and hotter. Scientists are saying that we have to find planets which can replace the earth. So I am worried and think people have to find the planets which have water and other resources in it.

Science (Watching video and write answer.)

Part 2


Also, there are 78billions of stars in galaxies. Only one galaxy, there are many types of stars in it. I think galaxy is a huge and mysterious place. That human can’t know all.

I think there is a life out in space. Because the space is too large and there are many places that people don’t know about it. Maybe, in the other stars there can be other tribes of animals or creatures.

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