one day

My goal was to draw on a board. And I finished with it, but it was not so successful, it looks horrible. I am not so proud of my work, So I made some paper quilling with my friend! Now THAT is fun. I made a tiny “thing” by paper quilling (it was not even finished). I learned I can’t draw every time. Next year I would like to try something else.


no sugar- 宝宝心里苦啊~~~~ =(

we did no- sugar week. so in this week you cannot eat ANY sugar, like ANY !!!!!!!!!th

I ate a little bit of sugar… because my friend bought me a hot-dog and I put ketchup on it. And there are sugar in ketchup……. =(


no sugar week is hard…..


BUT sugar is actually very, very, very unhealthy.screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-2-38-16-pm

there is sugar in ice tea~


there is sugar in coca cola~






the land of stories

My favorite series of book are called <<The Land of Stories>>

by Chris Colfer.

 The Frist book is about two main characters Alex and Conner were twins. It’s their birthday, so their’s birthday, Their’s granny give them a book called The Land of Stories. Alex bring the book to school then magic happens! Birds fly out of the book! At home, Alex and Conner open the book and they fell into it….

These books are some fantasy books. I like these books and I think other people will like them too because these books are filled with exciting stuffs. For example when characters have adventures….

These are some very interesting and very good series of books. I love them, I hope that you will love them too!