Disney creates Studio Lab to solve challenges of making movies

Startup meets Wakanda? Disney innovation hub for filmmakers

Disney Movie Moments Program Expands to Even More Children’s Hospitals

 The Walt Disney Studios Hits $7 Billion in Global Box Office for 2018

Walt Disney 

 The Walt Disney Company



“Havey said he is happy whenever new ideas get out of the lab and into the real world ‘That’s what I live for’ he said”

 The Walt Disney Studios Hits $7 Billion in Global Box Office for 2018

 “That’s what I live for”

The one-of-a-kind Disney Movie Moments program brings current Disney theatrical releases to children’s hospitals, enabling young patients to see the latest films from Disney while they are undergoing treatment and may not be able to visit movie theaters. Today, The Walt Disney Studios celebrated a major expansion of the program with a special screening of Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet at La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where children and families also enjoyed photo opportunities with characters, giveaways distributed by Disney VoluntEARS and meet-and-greets with some of the film’s animators. The event was hosted by ABC 7 Chicago and continues the station’s longstanding relationship with La Rabida.’

“Disney is a longtime supporter of the important work children’s hospitals do, and with the Disney Movie Moments program, we aim to brighten the day of young patients by bringing the latest in Disney storytelling directly to these very special fans,” said Alan Bergman, president, The Walt Disney Studios. “Today, we are thrilled to be able to more than double the program’s reach to nearly 120 hospitals around the country.”

Do the Boxers deserve a bad rap?

Do the Boxers deserve a bad rap?

The Boxer do not deserve a bad rap, since the foreigners were trying to take over China, and the Boxers were trying to stop. Therefore the Boxers do not deserve a bad rap.

Book cover

I made two book covers, one is for front and one is for back.

The front cover looks blue, since the story takes place in the ocean. there is also a huge ship that stands for the pirates, and a mermaid saving the magic wand from the pirates. I made the title with the Disney sign because the book has a copyright agreement with Disney.

The back cover looks colorful, it represents a party, and parties have different colors. The big”I’m back” is for the pirates, “and I will get what I want, from who I want.” is also for the pirates, because pirates wants to steal the magic wand from Fairy godmother.


Comparing Descendants and Suicide Squad

I am comparing Suicide Squad and Descendants, because their conflict are all man vs supernatural, and the main characters are all villains to heroes. In descendants the main characters (Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay) they saved Auradon from Malnificent (Mal’s mother). In suicide squad the main characters (Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Diablo, Killer Croc, Boomerang, Joker, Katana, Rick Flag) they saved the world from the bad Enchantress. So the reason I choose suicide squad with descendants is because they are all about how “bad” can become to “good”, and and I think the theme of both stories is bad people are not always “bad” and good people are not always “good”, people change in time.

Am I Humanist?


Academic Goal:

Improve in math:

  • Do more Khan A (25 min at least)
  • Do more Practice (get better at skills)
  • Do more HW (keep up with class)
  • Listen in class (rise hands, take notes)
  • Math ASAs (learn new  things)

Wellness Goal:

Make more friends:

(10 friends at 7,8,9th grade)

  • Be nice ( Be positive, smile, help other 🙂
  • Be myself ( Do not act)

the monkey’s paw

My found poem was made of “The Monkey’s Paw”  by William Jacob.

The poem is used in a dark fairy tale style, the back ground is colored in pink, purple, and blue, very cute, right? The back ground it suppose to be Little kids drawing, but then the kid die because of the monkey ’s paw, before the Whites. And the “hahahahaha, you are next” is the monkey’ paw laughing, because we will never know who will get the monkey’s paw next, it is kind of like playing tag “tag! you’re it!” I wrote the “hahahahah” in green because i think green is a creep color for my poem. And I used red for “you are next” because it is blood writing. Additionally, I used blue to circle the poem, because it feels blue, get it? like feeling blue, blue, not color blue, blue.

My poem- Special


Delighted and depressed
Furious and peaceful
an adolescente
Not gorgeous like roses
Not sweet like candies
She’s ordinary and unique
Feared and loved
All was just a story of her.

Dot me