Impact Unit Reflection

When I did my impact unit, I was lucky that my group, Sveva and HaeWon, both wanted to do the same thing as me. We all wanted to do cooking, teaching high schoolers how to cook because soon they would go off to college where no one would be there to cook for them. It was a good idea for… Read more →

Reading Journal 16.4.15

A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd A Snicker of Magic sounds like a book involving magic, right? Well, it does a involve magic, but not the kind that magicians do involving things disappearing. This kind of magic involves curses, seeing things that aren’t there. Well, in Midnight Gulch, there might be a snicker of magic left behind. Felicity Pickle and… Read more →

SLC Reflection

Before the SLC, everyone had to prepare. To show us what an SLC looked like, Mr. Daw did two fish bowls. Fish bowls are where about three people talking and everyone else is watching. Mr. Daw and Ms. Marenco acted as the parents and a random student would lead it. They did this twice. To prepare for the SLC, we… Read more →