My Reflection of Dangerous Game

The author of the book Dangerous Games is called William Harris. The book happened in the twentieth century and it’s about the author himself and a ghost. The main character lived in a big house by himself because his wife died twelve years ago. Every Wednesday night, one of his friend called Louis will come to his house and played chess with him. The author found out that there’s a ghost lived in his bedroom after his wife’s death. It was a friendly ghost at first and played many interesting games with him.

My first week back at school

The best part of my first week at school was the 7th Grade Amazing Race.

During the first week, I did’t really enjoy the lunch time, because it was too short.

During EAL time, I want to focus on improving my vocabulary because it will help my writing.

I would like to share this article –¬†¬† from Newsela because it’s telling us how the ancient people thought about eclipses and what astronomy they created about eclipses.