Leonardo Da Vinci

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Nothing But the Truth Book Cover

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Am I a Humanist?

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Why did Waverly Became a Good Chess Player

What kind of person do you think Waverly was? Waverly is the main character of the short story “Rules of the Games” by Amy Tan. Her brother got a chess board as a Christmas gift from the church in the China Town they lived, and then Waverly learned to play. In my opinion, Waverly was a curious and hard-working person.


First, Waverly was very curious, because she asks a lot of questions about the things she don’t understand. On page 2, before Waverly went to school, she asked her mom: “Ma, what is Chinese torture?”. Also, on page 3, when Vincent was teaching Waverly the rules of chess from the handbook, “Vincent explained the rules…… ‘The pawns can only forward one step, except the first move.’…… ‘Why?’ I asked…… ‘Why can’t they move more steps?’” (Amy Tan, 3). She asked about everything, even though her brother called them “stupid questions”. She was curious towards everything.


Waverly was also a hard-working person. When she first learned chess, she looked up the rules and tried to find out why those rules were made by borrowing books from the China town library. She didn’t understand some of the big words, so she looked them up in a dictionary. The author wrote “I learned about opening moves and why it’s important to control the center early on……I learned about the middle game……” (3). Waverly worked very hard to improve her chess skills, and finally, she was able to win many games in the chess tournaments.


In conclusion, Waverly was curious and hard-working. She always asks questions and work hard to achieve her goals. Because of her positive characteristics, surely she would become a better chess player and eventually a better person.

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Found Poem

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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  1. What are you looking forward to in grade 8 Humanities?

I’m looking forward to learn new things in Language Arts and Social Studies and read more books this year in Humanities.


  1. What challenges will you face?

I will need to manage my time effectively to complete homework and assignments in grade 8 Humanities.


  1. If I have troubles I will ask my classmates and teachers for help and practice more.
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A Post

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Hello world!

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