My New Avatar.

My avatar was created on the website: Build your wild self. This represents me because sometimes I don’t like to do things the normal way.


Make it:Final presentation

Our work can be found here: We placed ourselves in the position of families new to Beijing without a basic knowledge of public transport. We then proceeded to elucidate and resolve issues they would face through their perspective. On our first trip we experienced minor issues but no major problems. We reflected upon our issues […]

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Make it: Create and Improve

We planned to use WeChat to contact each other and a role call system to ensure we did not get lost, this worked, albeit slight deterrences from the loud ambience and people passerby. Our resolve to the loud ambience was a slight alteration in our role call system. Our original plan was greatly contingent upon […]

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Make it: Develop & Plan

  New families will be able to access a presentation delving into the multitudes of intricacies in the Beijing metro system. The presentation will make clear basic functions of the metro system and how to navigate it; this knowledge will suffice to travel using the metro system.A priori knowledge can be deduced; the Beijing metro […]

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Make it: Define & Inquire

New families will come to ISB, and it is evident that, these new families, will not possess sufficient knowledge concerning Beijing’s public transportation. From hence, my aspiration to avail these new families arises, by giving them knowledge and elucidating the complexities of Beijing’s public transportation, they will no longer be confound by Beijing’s intricate and […]

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