Ignite Week: GO

My biggest takeaway from this week was my improvements in Go. I have learned strategy in Go that has improved my skill. It was a challenge to study Go as the school blocked almost all the websites about Go online. We had to use books instead of the internet to study. When using the internet we can search for anything and get a direct answer while when using books we cannot do this. We overcame this challenge by using books at school and listing out everything that we wanted to check online. When we got home we checked online and answered everything on our list. Overall, this project was finished but not successful. Next time we would go to the IT and see if we could get temporary permission to Go websites online instead of not saying anything about it and trying to resolve the issue by ourselves.

Ignite week : Go

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We got the idea of teaching people about Go because we have recently started learning Go. Through this ignite week we will improve our own skills while teaching others. I hope I am able to do this clearly and explain the game well. However, I think it might be difficult to do this because we are not yet experts at Go. We know that we will not be able to become experts in the time span of one week but we will be able to improve in strategy and skill. To make this project feasible we have set goals and a time planner. The first part is to make videos teaching basic rules. The next part is to introduce strategy and certain “laws” on the board. The last part is learning more about Go ourselves and improving our own ability.

Project Capstone : AI

In the duration of this project I have written a rationale, made a PSA video and made a final presentation.

In the Define and Inquire phase we came up with compelling and supporting questions for a topic of our choice and researched them. During this phase we did a large amount of brainstorming. After changing 4 ideas I finally decided upon AI. After deciding on the broad topic of AI I began to narrow in on a specific part of AI. I chose to do economy because it would be most feasible and accomplishable. After this I came up with research questions. There are two types of research questions: compelling and supporting. The supporting questions revolve around the compelling question. After coming up with research questions we began to research on the questions. The questions provided a rough path of what we should research. At the end of research we should have amassed a sufficient understanding of our topic and answers to our research questions.

In the Develop and Plan phase we made a thesis, organized our research, and wrote our rationales. A large part of the thesis was transforming our compelling question into an assertive statement. Organizing research was finding the useful sources and information that would support our arguments. We then wrote sub-claims and planned the structure of our rationale. After writing the rough draft we added more detail and structure until it became a complete piece of writing albeit not edited. The next step was to edit the writing through feedback and pass a summative assessment. I edited my draft 3 times to pass the summative assessment.

In the Create and Improve phase we made storyboards, planned for our videos, and made our videos. The video was not to be a copy of our rationale. The main focus was on the call to action, empathy and informing people. I rearranged the facts I would use and focused more on the empathy part to create a connection. After I could create a connection with people I tried to execute the call to action. AI will be the cause for the loss of industries and high unemployment rate. Informing people of this would be able to trigger some form of empathy and also a sense of urgency. The call to action will dispel the sense of urgency as learning computer science will allow for people to find a job instead of being unemployed.

Some interesting things I learned about are: AI which helped me understand the future of AI along with its effects. For example, two facts that I learned in the duration of the unit are: 85% of jobs of todays learners have not yet been invented, and 47% of all jobs will be replaced by the year 2030. This helped me better understand the future of computer science, and its importance. Before this project I was already interested in AI. Through this project I learned more and communicated the importance of AI.

Learning about AI through the capstone project changed my thinking because it has added to my knowledge of AI and changed some opinions that I had before. For example, before I thought that I knew about the importance of AI and how it would replace jobs but after research I found that before I only had a broad understanding compared to what I know now.

Looking back at this project I realize that I have the ability to make change. It is often small changes from a large amount of people that can impact things. The small change of learning computer science can have immense changes on ones future, just as how I can make people aware and allow for them to take this opportunity to learn computer science.

Here embedded is the video.



At ISB sustainability is of the utmost importance. Were we not to have recycling bins we would only have one distinct way of sorting waste, and subsequently render all materials the same. What could be recycled would be the same as trash and the resulting waste which could be used again would be replaced with new paper.

PE: Health

Explain how having a negative body image and/or low self-esteem can lead teens to make unhealthy choices and take drastic measures to change bodies.  Support your claim with evidence from your presentation and those of your peers.  List healthier alternatives to these unhealthy and drastic measures.


A teen with negative body image or low self esteem is at risk of making a plethora of unhealthy choices to improve their body image or out of desperation. Some of these unhealthy choices include surgery, weight loss pills, steroids, or developing eating disorders. These choices can make changes such as losing weight, building muscle, and appearing more attractive but they all have negative side effects. Steroids will lead to early balding, risk of heart attacks and such. Some food diets will cut muscle mass and water weight instead of fat, and cause long term damage to the dieters body. Low self esteem could cause eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia, these eating disorders cause an individual to consume large amounts of food and regret doing so shortly after. They then proceed to use methods such as forced vomiting and prolonged over intensive exercise. A cycle is then formed and it becomes harder as it constantly repeats itself. Risks may include developing Diabetes due to lack of insulin, heightened feelings of depression, anxiety and irritability and such.