Express it: Define and Inquire


Skateistan is an organization that brings skateboarding and education around the world. Some countries are in poverty and do not know of skateboarding, it is these countries that Skateistan helps. They do this because they wish to help people in need through spreading skateboarding.  The skateboard I design will be auctioned and the money given to Skateistan. My target audience is any one hoping to buy a skateboard. This is because I have created a skateboard.

I have been inspired by a 风水罗盘 the moon, and candles.

These are my initial ideas, the one on paper is the final draft.


Make it:Final presentation

Our work can be found here:

We placed ourselves in the position of families new to Beijing without a basic knowledge of public transport. We then proceeded to elucidate and resolve issues they would face through their perspective. On our first trip we experienced minor issues but no major problems. We reflected upon our issues and made changes to our plan, by the second trip we dealt with all our problems with ease. I developed greater observation skills and have heightened my focus subsequent to this ignite week project.

Make it: Create and Improve

We planned to use WeChat to contact each other and a role call system to ensure we did not get lost, this worked, albeit slight deterrences from the loud ambience and people passerby. Our resolve to the loud ambience was a slight alteration in our role call system. Our original plan was greatly contingent upon the concentration and responsibility of students, this could not be sustained at all times, due to this we called peoples names, instead of asking of them to call their own number.

Subsequent to this trip, it can be observed that, there were many deficiencies beyond our initial sphere of cogitation; supervening events and their consequences were not taken sufficient account for, slight inconsistencies often delayed us and caused greater problems then they should have. Were we to do this once more, we would split into multiple small groups, and discuss issues such as where we would eat before we began.

Make it: Develop & Plan


New families will be able to access a presentation delving into the multitudes of intricacies in the Beijing metro system. The presentation will make clear basic functions of the metro system and how to navigate it; this knowledge will suffice to travel using the metro system.A priori knowledge can be deduced; the Beijing metro system widely resembles other public transport and foreign metro systems.

This units requirement for blogging will do much to ameliorate my communication skills. My communication skills could use further improvement. Working on my blog will be ample resource for further improvement in the l21 communication strand. My teachers and fellow students will provide me with feedback upon my blog, this feedback will bring me to my flaws and incompetencies. To create ideas I should take a few key concepts and develop upon them, then proceed to merge, eliminate, and refine my ideas.

Make it: Define & Inquire

New families will come to ISB, and it is evident that, these new families, will not possess sufficient knowledge concerning Beijing’s public transportation. From hence, my aspiration to avail these new families arises, by giving them knowledge and elucidating the complexities of Beijing’s public transportation, they will no longer be confound by Beijing’s intricate and abstruse metro system. Some new families may not know Chinese, without a basic knowledge of Chinese, they would only be able to use the maps and signs. if they were to encounter a problem they would not be able to communicate with the workers at the metro station.

Subsequently, the greatest challenge in our project will be effectually expressing, and teaching new families about Beijing’s metro system. We will solve this by designing a presentation, explaining exigencies and essentials such as how to get to the hospital, buy metro tickets, and rush hour times; these will be researched upon throughout the week, visited, and addressed in the presentation.