Express It: Reflection

Throughout this process the greatest challenge I encountered was finding an alternative for spray paint. This was a challenge simply overcome but I faced no other. During this process I have learned to use spray paint, assemble a skateboard, and most importantly developed greater creativity. The highlight for me this week is finishing early and designing a skateboard that I am satisfied with


Express it: Create & Improve

The spray paint did not work out because later on some areas needed to be resprayed. When this occurred we had already exhausted our supply of black spray paint. From here I decided to use a gray marker and cover the entire board gray, this overcame the challenge but also used a large amount of time. If I had used the time to create an intricate design it would be admired and praised but I am certain nobody would praise my effort to make the entire board gray. I have already asked for feedback from my peers and from that I will know what other people desire to see.


Express it: Develop and plan

I have used Acrylic and spray paint to design my skateboard, and through using these I will be able to develop creativity and art skills. With creativity and the internet I have generated ideas that are simple and capturing. I have chosen this ignite week project because I hope to develop these skills and because I am given the resources to develop them. My peers can provide me with effective feedback and when we do the auction I will know how much people are willing to spend on my board.



Express it: Define and Inquire


Skateistan is an organization that brings skateboarding and education around the world. Some countries are in poverty and do not know of skateboarding, it is these countries that Skateistan helps. They do this because they wish to help people in need through spreading skateboarding.  The skateboard I design will be auctioned and the money given to Skateistan. My target audience is any one hoping to buy a skateboard. This is because I have created a skateboard.

I have been inspired by a 风水罗盘 the moon, and candles.

These are my initial ideas, the one on paper is the final draft.