Emotional Golf

We normally think of golf as physically strong people basically hitting balls around. However, that is not the case. If a golf player played long enough, they will realize the importance of psychological control. There are no ways that players don’t encounter any challenges, and thus, people should not only rely on their physical abilities. Since they must know how to master their minds. Most importantly, golf players must know how to use the skills practically to combat emotionally with the sudden issues caused by their swing.

To begin with, it is very critical to develop great mental resistance to the problem. Since “not all issues looked bad”, as Tiger Woods mentioned in his book, “focus on your next shot and I still made it back to a par with a good bunker shot” Therefore, players should not worry too much about the issues because there are still chances that can reverse the situation and the shots that come after could contribute a lot in alternating it. Players must focus on the swings and consider the club that they are holding amalgamated with the person. In addition, they must be able to stay determined and not condemning on themselves. Staying positive will pay off by an act of god since the attitude is very valuable and must be appreciated. As a result, with the ability of mind control, golfers are able to correct their mistakes by hitting better shots afterward.

Furthermore, it is very critical also to overthrow the sorrowful mood of a golf player. Since there are more shots waiting in line for the player to process, players should not be affected by the bad shots. There are multiple ways of combat with the issues. According to Tiger Woods, “ most people would fail in places like rough and bunkers, therefore people have to comfort themselves”. For example, a player could say something like “this shot is extremely difficult to hit, and thus this hit could possibly be acceptable”. An insightful connection could be me. I play golf as well, and I often hit in areas in the forest and I have to keep on hitting. In that next shot, I did not hit good and I bombed myself but I turned out in thinking that it is acceptable since the place in deep inside a divot, and thus it has great possibilities that the ball is too precise to be hit well.

Golf is a sport that not only requires physical abilities but also needs good emotional resilience. If a golf player is not able to recover themselves as quick enough to calm down, then it is not able to hit any good after and eventually cannot change back to a good condition. Therefore, a good mentality is extremely essential.




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Mysterious MacB

The book MacB, written by the author Neil Arksey, demonstrated multiple conflicts between MacBride and other people.

MacBride and Banksie used to play both forwards and they receive really good feedbacks. Once, they both attend in an another team. However, the coach doesn’t let any of them play forwards. There is a fortune teller who told them what is going to happen in next two weeks. Everything she said happened gradually as days passed. However, things do not go the way as expected…

Firstly, MacB conflicted with Duncan King. He was previously the captain and the forward. Since MacB did not want to disappoint his mom, who command Mac to take Duncan’s place, he did not talk to him directly, but his attitude is always clashing with Dunk’s (Duncan). He attempted to injure Dunk using a bike, which actually made Duncan severe injury.

Secondly, MacB conflicted with Banksie. Even though Banksie tried to defend him, although being frank, because he never expected that his best friend would commit such an immoral crime, purposely injuring the captain only to capture power. MacB’s mother even wants to injure Banksie for no competition, which she hired two thugs. MacB is desperate to obtain both the captain and the forward position, he did not care about Banksie. At first, Banksie consider this as a doubt. However, eventually, MacB exposed and spoiled the authentic information to Banksie. And he was really shocked. “Banksie felt his knee shake; his heart pounded louder than the thunder. He opened his mouth, but rain water flooded in. No words.” (Page 134) Which shows him being extremely astounded.

A strong connection could be my friend James. He used to play with me during basketball. I used to be the captain before. However, an incident with James’s mom brought James to another personality. She hope that James could get the captain instead of me. Therefore, James also did not want to depress her mom. At the greatest extent, James called some of his other friends to knock me down and got me severe bones fracture. Therefore, I have to rest in the hospital for four months and he is extremely delighted with that. Which I consider James not a true friend anymore.

In a nutshell, MacB had myriads of conflicts, especially about MacB when his mom is angry about Duncan being the captain instead of Mac. However, friends are usually trustworthy would commonly not disturb the person who is targeted, unlike MacB.







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Untrustworthy Friendship

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The Boxer Rebellion

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Father, Man of Ambivalence

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Checkers is a short story, and the author of this book is John Marsden. And in this book, a lot of conflicts happened in it. The main character, who is unnamed throughout the book, had multiple issues after the murder of her dog.

First, she conflicts with her father. Because of the reluctance of knowing one person, after he met with the person, and the person gives him the dog, who is Checker. Knowing this person means going to the jail, right before his arrest he murdered the dog which made the unnamed main character sad and depressed, afterwards, she has mental illness and went to the hospital: “My life seemed to fall apart so quickly. I don’t suppose it was that quick really; it just felt that way” (43). She really loves the dog and the dog would provide anything to make her happy, while in the rising action part of the story, the dog died in a blink of an eye because of her father. 

Her internal conflict inside herself was self-doubt, she started to become dubious a lot, especially inside her feeling. The girl’s conflict was that she doubted herself. She doubted her previous life before moving to hospital. She doubted that her friends treated her that way because of her family’s financial status, which she had lost. Therefore, she has lost all of her confidence. “Maybe I’ll just stay [in the Mental Hospital] forever, … Safe in here, safe and secure, protected from the piranhas, not having to think about my family and my friends and how I killed my darling dog, Checkers” (123).

Last time, I went to the summer camp when I was fifth grade. But at that time, my English is not consistent. Therefore, lots of children teased me using higher level of vocabulary and curse words. Because the inconsistency, the children who attempt to play with me, they become indifferent to me after discovering me not able to talk in fluency. I started to doubt myself for being here. Previously, I thought I would be contented here and I really want to come. But I feel the exact opposite. Almost I lost all of my confidence to be in here.

In the book Checkers,  multiple conflicts happened on the unnamed protagonist, including outward and inward conflicts. An outward conflict found within the story is family relations, when the father conflicts with her with the dog problem. While for inward conflict, she started to become skeptical towards herself.



Marsden, John. Checkers. Australia, Houghton Mifflin, 1996.




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Magazine Cover of Mid-Summer Night Dream

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Fall of Heaven

Written by Austin. The author is McDougal Littell. The title of the book is Nothing but the Truth. I choose to write about Philip Malloy’s inside feelings towards the teachers. And it explains the structure and also the main idea of the book, which is the battle between Miss Narvin and Philip Malloy.

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Nothing but the truth- Philip Malloy

Contradiction are very common and conflicts are happening every time. In this story, a boy and a teacher is always clashing with each other and the boy has thought multiple strategies to deal with the encountering issue. And finally the boy was able to change homeroom. The boy is called Philip Malloy. He is a main protagonist in the story. he has a great inclination on other teachers than Ms. Narwin due to the grade she gave him in English class, which is “D”.  Philip believed that he did well and didn’t causes big problems, but Ms. Narwin gave him “D” which made him upset and annoyed. In addition, he is an indeed intelligent and somehow very cunning boy. He used different strategies deal with the problem and try to combat with Ms. Narwin.


Philip Malloy has a great bias on Ms. Narwin because she always points out him every time he hums the song. And Philip believed that humming the song is not prohibited and should be allowed to do. For example, in page 43 to 44, Ms. Narwin has pointed out Philip humming while Philip ignored her and kept humming because it should not be a policy and it is their freedom. In addition, Philip believes that humming the country song is not a problem at all. Also, in page 59-60, Ms. Narwin find out Philip is humming again and she started to become very strict and irritated, she attempted to stop Philip. However, Philip deal with her by being ignorant to her. Lastly even he was sent out to the principal’s office, he was able to change his homeroom is Mr. Lunser class.


As Philip started to feel that he really hates Ms. Narwin due to many aspects, he started to make cunning decisions to combat with Ms. Narwin. At first, he thought of multiple ideas, but it didn’t work and failed, he got suspended. However, as he received the experience of failing, he strengthened his tactics. He finally did it and he was changed English teacher, and he felt very happy. This story reflects on how the students take the teachers concerns as hatred because the teachers really want their students to become successful. There are a lot of schools which the students don’t considering it as teachers’ encouragement and concerns, the students always consider them has teachers being annoying. However, the real fact is that the teachers do concerns and emphasize on particular rules, is actually helpful and beneficial.


In conclusion, Philip Malloy is a very intelligent boy who really liked sports and is very skillful at sports. In addition, he is very cunning at dealing with Ms. Narwin, and he made a lot of strategies to combat with her because her bias on him.



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Science Protein Story


My protein story

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