My first week back at school

The best part of my first week of school was making some other new student friend. The new kids are also being friendly. Also, we can go to different places only except humanities, science and math. Even P.E we would go to different teachers.

During the first week, I didn’t really enjoy how classes organized. Some classes I may got lost where I go. In 6th grade, I always follow a bunch of other students talking on the path. Going individually never happens in 6th grade. I had nobody to talk to during P.E times, nobody to talk to when I walk to my enrichment. this year no friends are with me for the same enrichment.

During EAL time, I want to focus on improving my reading abilities and grammar skills, because two weeks ago, I was testing TOEFL Junior when my score came out, it appeared that reading comprehension and verbal questions came in the lowest score. I would strong recommend Mr.Jason give me much harder level reading tests, and would like Mr.Jason teach me more vocabulary.

I would like to share my Newsela article, because it teaches you that adults and children are all involved in the pet caring, it shows that people under our ages care animals very much.