The setting task

The setting of Bunker 10


The Bunker 10 was written by Henderson. I focused on the setting of the book and how did the setting established acts as a symbol.

The setting was in a ”secret bunker”. The story happened on Christmas Eve December, 2007 Pinewood military. It is a secret military base hidden deep in a remote forest with a small army of combat soldiers. Pinewood is a military facility set up to help soldiers learn combat, but double as school. They were seven teenagers and 185 male and female military personal—a mixture of scientists and soldiers. Seven teenagers were extremely clever and one of them figure it the plan to escape.  All the kids had phenomenal mental skills of some sort or another.

I believe that the setting established a mood of oppressive and pitiful.  The characters were lived in a secrete base, their life didn’t like the children on their age. Training and learning were the only two things they could do in the secrete base. (“Without training, how can you adapt to the environment.Without training, you will mess up.”Page 20) Day of Day training almost overwhelmed them. They didn’t have the right of freedom, and lived in phobia. They parents were abandoned them which made the situation became worse. (“Why did you come here?” “My mom think I am a questioned boy, so she sent me to here.”)Because the setting was a secret military base hidden deep in a remote forest, they didn’t have the chance to come out and living like a normal kid. Even for Charismas day they could only had a rest on the dormitory. (It’s Christmas Eve, no lessons today.)



My found poem







I created the found poem for the theme of the story by William W. Jacobs “The Monkey’s Paw”.
I chose a monkey’s paw to be the background because the story was telling about the monkey’s paw that could grant wishes. It is an eerie story and the monkey’s paw was eccentric so I made the background with dark colors. I chose rea to be the background because red represents blood and death.
I think the theme is we can’t control the fate, otherwise will bring inconceivable misfortune. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Gains will always accompany will lose. Words that I highlighted with blue is the themes which appeared in this novel, “Fate ruled people’s lives, and that to interfere with fate only caused deep sadness “The main character’s son died because the main character was trying to change his fate. He gained two hundred pounds but lost his son. I used blue to highlighted because it symbolizes despair. Blue like the ocean and the character was trapped in the ocean. This is the feeling of hopelessness. Characters in the book were despairing too in the end. “A cold wind rushed up the stairs and a long, loud wail of disappointment and misery broke from his wife.” One of the characters had warned the consequence of the monkey’s paw so I used green to highlight the sentences that he said. The reasons why I chose green because it is warful. The whole story was telling about this theme (can’t change the fate). I highlighted the consequences when Mr. White wishes were granted with white color. White represents the funeral, as the story advances, Mr. White’s son died because Mr. White first wish. So, I used white to symbolize funeral and death.

About Blogger

Passionate about soccer and guitar.

A Perfectionist, pursue perfects.

Always changing to improve myself not inflexible.

Consider the problems with different views and perspectives.

Work efficiently, utilize the time to achieve and interpret the goal.





Perfectionist: (Noun)

I’m defined perfectionist as a commendatory term. I chose this word because I will try my best to get perfect in my life. Improve myself. You never know exactly what you are capable of until you try when you push your limits.




Unwilling to make even the slightest change in your attitudes, plans. I chose this word because I don’t want to be an inflexible person and I will consider problems in different ways. As a proverb said: To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.  Be flexible and consider the things from different perspectives is always the best way when you facing challenges. Living in a diversified environment made me thinking with different perspectives.





Efficient: (Adj.)

Someone work well without wasting time, money, or energy. I chose this word because I want to be an efficient person and I’m trying to be an efficient student in my life. Time elapse fast and time and tide wait for no man and an efficient student can utilize the time very well which will economize so much time. You can use this time to do the thing that you want. Successful people often manage their time well.


Dot me


I read <<Zom-B>>during the Christmas holidays. The authors is Darren Shan.The was talked about a young student called Brain who lived in London. He was rescue a baby from a nightmares of killer babies. After that, most strange things happened. In the school gym, Brain was watching the basketball match with his friends. Suddenly the zombies rushed in to the gym. Everyone were very scare and  bawl and shout. Brain lead his friend went to another the room and hided there.In the end, the parents of the student rescued them.

The book is shot, fast-paced and bloody .

My OCHA Profile for the Phoenix Project



I clean my area .






Lit circle working Agreements

Lit circle working Agreements.

Here are the agreements my lit circle group has made.L agree with them.

1.Don’t disturb while others are speaking.

2.Make note(Q, main idea)

3.Be respectful to everybody.

My first week back at school

The best part of my first week at school was amazing race.

During the first week,i  really enjoy the amazing race because it’s very  fun and I know my classmates and school  better .

During EAL times want to focus on improving my English writing and worlds and speaking because I want to improve  my English .

I would like to share this article in newsela because it tell us robot can play soccer,I think it is very interesting!