Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

The Claim, evidence, and reasoning format

Claim: NASA should focus on the cold moon of Saturn(Enceladus) because exploring the cold moon of Saturn can learn much about how chemistry has changed before life emerged and would find a new life.


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected hydrogen molecules in the geysers shooting off the moon.

Cassini uncovered the hydrogen during its final close flyby in 2015 when it dove deeper than ever through its plumes of vapor and particles.

This large, cold moon of Saturn features a thick atmosphere and lakes and rivers of liquid methane. Scientists believe that a watery ocean may lurk beneath its frozen crust.

It’s “an environment that we know has the ingredients for life,” said lead investigator Elizabeth Turtle, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory. With Dragonfly, scientists can learn much about how chemistry has changed before life emerged, Turtle said.


The discovery of Saturn’s moon would let the scientists understand about how chemistry has changed before life emerged. Scientists have found that the moon is comprised of a thick atmosphere and lakes and rivers of liquid methane. Scientists believe that a watery ocean may lurk beneath its frozen crust. All the futures of this moon conform to ingredients of life, which can make huge progress on science if we focus on this moon.

Scientists might find a new life on this moon.  The heavy presence of hydrogen suggests chemical reactions between the warm water and ocean-floor rock that could support life. “With carbon dioxide that was also found, could mean that undersea microbes are producing methane, a gas. This is what microbes do deep in the bowels of our own oceans and waterways,” said Cassini. If we could have a chance to uncover a new life that would be fundamental to our civilization and future. 

To conclude,  I think NASA should focus on the cold moon of Saturn in the future due to the discovery of chemistry and new life.



One day—2(Experience )

We went to the local supermarket:

Miscellaneous food and vegetable:

Our ingredients: Chicken wings, lamb, sauce.


Final Product:






Reasons why I chose this food:

We chose Chicken wings and lamb cause I love Chicken wings, they taste delectable. Lamb is local meat in Beijing so we chose them.


Our inspirations of recipes were from the websites, we researched the recipes of chicken wings and lamb, then we refined the recipes by adding Chinese traditional ingredients.

Reflection:(What did I do well? what did I learn? what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Why is one Day important?)

It was my first time to make the 串 by myself so it was exciting. I operated the system very well. One of the biggest challenges we lost the equipment for 串. We have overcome this by borrow teacher’s equipment. I think One Day is really important to us because we have a chance to try different things. I learned how to cook 串 in this One Day. I have never cook 串 before and this was my first time do it. This experience is important to me. We learned the process to make foods and how to cooperate with friends to make better foods. This one-day activity was the best activity that I experienced. I learned that a perfect plan would definitely help us to do the work and being aware of the problem is important. Next time I should pay attention to our equipment then we won’t lose the equipment.

One Day—1(preparation)


I think we are making traditional Chuars. We will design our own Chuar and make the recipe. Later we will cook it. by ourselves.


  • The recipe of the Chuars
  • How to make chuars
  • Where are we going to make a chuar
  • How much money do we have


  1. Research about Chuars
  2. Make a unique recipe
  3. Buy ingredients
  4. Find a place which has a good cooking condition
  5. Make it!




鸡翅 20串—-Chicken Wings


橙子2个—- 2 oranges

料酒1 瓶—– cooking wine

  • 生抽1瓶—- light soy sauce


蚝油1 瓶—oyster sauce


盐1 包—sault

糖1 包— sugar

  • 孜然粉1包—-cumin powder


—-Bill, James

Extra staff:打火机、木炭、助燃剂、网架、烧烤叉、烧烤夹(夹取生食)、烧烤铲(翻转食物)、竹签、牙签、小毛刷、水果刀、锡箔纸、报纸、一次性盘、一次性手套、湿巾纸、 垃圾袋

Tools: lighter, charcoal, combustibles, net rack, barbecue fork, barbecue clamp (take raw food), barbecue shovel (flip food), bamboo pick, toothpick, small brush, fruit knife, foil, newspaper, disposable plate, disposable gloves, wet towel paper, seasoning bottle (empty bottle), tablecloth, barbecue apron, garbage bag


—-Andy, Tony


Chicken wings: Bill and James

  • Wash the raw chicken, soak in cool water for more than one hour
  • Cut the fur of scallion and ginger, slice it
  • Add the light soy sauce
  • Add oyster sauce
  • Add cooking wine
  • Add thirteen spices
  • Add salt, depending on personal favor, stir up the sauce
  • Wash the orange, cut its fur and put it above the chicken wings.
  • Preserve the chicken wings for forty minutes
  • Bunch the skewers with chicken wings, two skewers one wing
  • Barbecue the chicken wings on the racks, keep the temperature at 200 c for 15 minutes, need to use ovenware, put some water on it.
  • Brush sauce (cumin powder and cooking oil) on the chicken wings, barbecue it for five minutes, then reverse the side, brush the sauce on and barbecue it for another 8 minutes.



Mutton string, salt, oil, chili powder, sesame, sedan powder, barbecue powder mixed into the powder


Cut up the mutton and string it up.

Brush the oil before baking.

Preheat the oven to 220c before baking, sprinkle the mixture of ingredients 2 in the middle and bake for about 20 minutes.

Beef Procedures:


1, beef cut into toothpick long size square

  1. Cut the beef into 0.3cm thick slices

3, pepper chopped reserve, if there is chili powder is better

  1. In a large bowl, add cumin powder, five-spice powder, pepper and salt to the beef
  2. Add the light soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil
  3. Mix all ingredients well, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight (one more trip, one more day).

7, burn a pot of boiling water, hot wash bamboo stick disinfection

8, the marinated beef with a toothpick on the string, you can eat more on a string

9, do not want to roast 2 times, on the string of 9 just a gold plate of the amount, if the family more, can be less on the string, it seems that the amount of a little more

  1. Put the beef skewers in the middle and lower layers of the preheated oven, roast them at 160 c and 170 c for 10 minutes, and then drain the water from the marinated beef sauce
  2. Return the beef skewers to the lower and middle layers of the oven, and cook for 18 minutes at 165 degrees and 175 degrees respectively
  3. Halfway through the roasting, remove the beef skewers and turn them over to continue roasting
  4. Roast beef skewers and sprinkle with white sesame seeds



Option 1

I think there are aliens or other civilizations in the universe because our space is colossal. We are only the tip of an iceberg.

Option B:

I think there may be life out of the space.

  • Everything is possible.
  • Based on the first claim, they are tremendous galaxies in the space which means they are tremendous planets, and a planet which means someone or a civilization just like us could live on there.

Option A:

I agree because study about space is important to us, and we lived on Earth which is in the space so I think it’s important.

Science reflection

The vast universe

How big is the universe? Scientist study universe in all ages. They made great efforts on the exploring of the universe and changed our world. Now, humans have the technology to detect the exact size of the planets on the solar system and the distance between it. In this unit, we model the distance and size by ourselves by minimizing them in scale.  We learned a lot and t was a big lesson to me.

  The solar system consists of eights planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and dwarf planet Pluto. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are terrestrial planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are jovian planets.


The size and the distance of the Inner planets are far smaller than outer planets. For instance, the diameter of Earth is 1300Km smaller than the diameter of Jupiter. Sun the biggest star in the solar system, is the thousands of star in one galaxy.  The distance between Mercury to sun 58km which is shorter than the distance between Neptune to the sun than  584200 million km.

Therefore, I think there are aliens or other civilizations in the universe because out space is colossal. We are only the tip of an iceberg.

We look forward to the day when the scientists can discover more secrets of the universe.






Current events

Should gene edited people be encouraged to the society?

Gene edited baby
He Jiankui, a biological researcher in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, announced on Monday that he has helped create the world’s first genetically edited babies which used gene-editing technology that immunized them from contracting HIV. The claim has stirred heated discussions on the internet and forum readers have shared their opinions.

Gene edited baby’s discoveries were radical to humanity’s history and technology. On the other hand, this discovery was controversial to our society. “A total of 140 Chinese researchers in HIV/AIDS from China and abroad jointly released a signed open letter on Tuesday, condemning the “unethical” research and calling for authorities to take measures to ban the research from continuing.”(China Daily ) Personally, I think this research was not ethical and against moral principles. If this worked, everyone can change their genes to ameliorate themselves. Wealthy changes their gene to become better and poor people will never be successful. It will perpetuate the huge gap between the rich and the poor. It was irresponsible to use germline editing in a clinical setting at this stage. Apart from rising ethical concerns, scientists said the gene he “edited out”, “is curial to our immune system, and removing it increases the risk of susceptibility to other diseases “(NewYork Time). Editing Gene could also have unknown consequences that could inherit to the future descendants. Therefore, I believed that this incident was absolutely unaccountable to the science and ethics, also this technology is riskless to our immune system and has potential side effects.





The boxers didn’t deserve a bad rap.

The boxers didn’t deserve a bad rap because they were courageous to fight back against foreigners in an era that the government was corrupt and incompetent. They were comprehensible so they protected the church, and they were determined even though they failed n the end.

IRT 3: Book cover



Gathering Blue


I read the book “Gathering Blue” by Lois Lowry. I created a book cover. I chose the “magic hand” to be the background because in the book  the main character  Kira used her magic hands to fin the blue in the end.  Love, power, freedom, adamancy, responsibility  comprise six different themes of the book. When it all comes together, it compose the main theme: the life pass through success isn’t easy. Without these five characteristics Kira won’t find blue and changed the situation in her village.  I placed a recommendation, too.  In the back cover ,  I chose a hand that is recovering the scroll. In the book, Kira’s job was to recover it so I chose this to be the background. 5 different quoters were spoken by different characters in the book include author also correspond to the five small themes on the front cover and connect to the main theme.


Midsummer night’s dream—Helena

I choose Helena because she was the most miserable character in this play and Shakespeare describes her vivid with a little quote. My title call ” The best friend of Helena ”  because of Hermia told all the truth to Helena.  It showed the jealous feature of Helena. Helena was insane because she thought if she would tell the escape plan to Demetrius, Demetrius will love her instead of Hermia. Helena was jealous Hermia because Demetrius love Hermia not Helena.  So i chose Embody the spirit of jealous to be the subtitle.

Protein Story Project



I try to create a story that resembles a story.  But it was hard to follow. Next time i will make it easier.