Ignite Week Blog Reflection

What did you create?

I created a rocking chair made from an old and unused garden chair. With added cushions and pillows, fastened rockers, the old and unused garden chair became a “new” item with purpose.

What were your successes?

The drilling of screws and fastening went pretty smoothly, but the rockers had caused quite some problems. Also, the pillows and cushions were not easy to compensate with as they required a lot of time and effort.

What were your challenges?

My challenges were mostly finding suitable materials to create and innovate with, learning how to use new tools to speed the process and to actually create a final product that can be used and enjoyed.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

My L21 goal was to always be prepared with the correct tools and mindset to work. I think I accomplished my target, as I brought in the items I needed to upcycled, and also I was a diligent and collaborative student this week.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

One skill I found very important was the collaboration with friends and classmates. We worked together, had fun together, and most importantly, we ignited together.

Mindcraft Reflection

The last time on Planet x459, I discovered a tunnel/cave system in our mining spot. There is an epidemic, actually a few epidemics. The first disease was Sumo, a disease that makes you blind, the second was a disease that makes you nauseas, but it also gives you a jump boost. The third disease was called weakness and slowness. It makes you slow and weak. Mr. Stadham gave Kylie 3 cows to stop the epidemics. We agreed to donate fences, wheat and buckets for cow raising and milking cows. But then it turned out to be a failure. People started getting angry at each other. I am pretty angry at everybody because I didn’t do anything wrong and I can’t go into the Planet.

Week 2

I am mining for cobblestone and iron because I need to make stone or iron pickaxes, axes and swords. My partner, Ryan is hunting for food. Me and Ryan have built a farm. But something weird is going on. Whenever I /home, I end up far, far away from our village. I hope I’ll have better luck next time.

Planet x459 Week1

Well, things have been pretty successful for me and Ryan, my mine craft  partner. I have partly finished building our house. My inventory is full, and I need to build chests to store my things. We have elected Clara Choi, a.k.a Chief Choi. We voted for her to be 4PR’s Awesome Village’s Chief. She and the council members have made sensible and good laws. We will need to build some buildings for town meetings. People will also need to have better jobs. Like blacksmiths, house-builders and crafters. I hope  I will be successful in the governance unit.