The Polymath man: Leonardo da Vinci


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Band Goals

I want to improve on making my notes direct and toned. I can hear my notes aren’t as accurate because the lower notes have a higher pitch.

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Characteristics of Phineas (Finny)

Being a perfect human being is impossible. As the phrase, nobody can be perfect. Phineas or Finny is a charismatic, athletic, and convivial student from Devon School which is based on Phillips Exeter Academy located in New Hampshire. Finny can graze the top layer of perfection as the characteristics he shows are beyond an open-hearted giver.

Finny has shown being charismatic to not only his peers but his teachers. He was known to be able to get away with anything with his dashing smile and outrageous comments. I can relate the charismatic charm of Finny to Jay Gatsby from ‘The Great Gatsby’ as he reveals one of the most charismatic characters in the book. His charisma shines through even the thickest floor broads. Finny and Jay both can give a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others. There are multiple scenes in the book where Finny exercises his charismatic charm, and one of them is when he got caught when he wore his tie for a belt. He said “I’m glad I put on something for a belt! I certainly would hate the embarrassment of having my pants fall down at the Headmaster’s tea. Of course, he isn’t here. But it would be just as embarrassing in front of you, and Mrs Patch-Withers,” (Knowles, 11) Devon School is known to be very strict with their academics and precepts, Finny being able to say this in front of the teacher is and also managing to get away with it, is a unique and robust trait of Finny.

Throughout the book, Finny proves that he isn’t the brightest a child can be. Instead, he excels in mostly every athletic activity such as swimming and track. “He once showed incredible talent in swimming as stated his hand touched the end, and he looked up at me with a composed, interested expression. “Well, how did I do?” (19) I looked at the watch; he had broken A. Hopkins Parker’s record by.7 second.” Finny has broken the school’s swimming record, and after he had been notified of it by Gene, he shrugged it off like it was nothing and went on with his activities. I think the amount of talent Finny has for sports can be compared to Leonardo da Vinci’s magnitude of skills. Leonardo was not only a very famous artist but an architect, inventor, and a chronicler of science. As his various talents contribute to the number of skills in sports Finny has can surprisingly devote to Leonardo’s gifts.

In the book; a Separate Peace, Finny represents a character who is always happy and convivial. He consistently shows a jubilant attitude as he demonstrated in multiple examples such as, “When he found on this first morning back at Devon that it happened still to be crippled and in a cast, he said in his usual self-contained way, “Hand me my crutches, will you?”” (55) After Finny ‘accidentally’ broke his leg and was cut from all his cherished activities, he still stayed the same old Finny and didn’t let anything stop him from his stubborn desire. Finny really reminds me of my sister when it comes always to be convivial. My sister; Katie, she’s always making the best out of everything even though everything is falling apart in the background. She is the kind of person that would be telling jokes and laughing while in the middle of a forest fire to keep everyone calm. Those kind of characteristics are admirable and shows that they can withstand a more significant blow.

Finny is a charismatic charmer who can get away with anything, a popular athletic kid at school, and convivial at any given situation. Finny represents the little light of happiness in the brutal world around them, his death symbolises the departure of the luminous glow. Devon School would be a separate place without Finny’s charismatic, athletic, and convivial personality.

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Personality of Waverly’s Mother

It is hard for a child to understand what a mother is doing for them. When they are strict, the child thinks of it as abuse. When they boast, the child thinks of it as an embarrassment. Moreover, when they are selfish, they think of it as if the mother does not like them. This is the case for Waverly’s mother, even though she means well for her daughter, she is too straightforward on what she thinks, and an opportunity for her daughter is nothing but material for her. She imparted her daily truths so that her children can rise above the circumstances they were in at the moment.

Waverly’s mother is considered boastful in the story as she has shown multiple signs of bragging about her daughter’s fame. As this quote shows “My mother would proudly walk with me, visiting many shops, buying very little. “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.” (Tan, 5) Waverly’s mother is feeding off Waverly’s fame to support her own. This story can be related to another Korean book about a dad who was very proud of his son’s knowledge and boasted to many of his friends. When his son told him to not embarrass him like that, he told his son that “When you grow to but an adult, the only thing that you can be proud of is your child.” Since the adults have already grown up and for some reason could not live up for the life they missed, the mother tries to make their children what they wanted to be when they were children. There is also another scene where Waverly’s mother has shown signs of boasting. “the delicate points of my elbows poised lightly on the table in the manner my mother had shown me for posing for the press.” (4) This quote might not mean much when reading the first time, but Waverly’s mother taught Waverly to act well-mannered so that the press can be impressed.

Waverly’s mother can be known as strict. Being the commander of the house is very common in the Asians cultures as it is known as a cultural formula. In one of the paragraphs it was stated that “we got home, my mother told Vincent to throw the chess set away. “She not want it. We do not want it.” she said, tossing her head stiffly to the side with a tight, proud smile.” (2) She may have been doing it so that her children will not be distracted by the new board game, but it seems like Waverly’s mother is going too far with confronting her children. Waverly’s mother’s behavior can be related to a lot of other Asian moms as it is a tradition and part of their culture to be strict and disciplinary.

As the story continues, Waverly’s mother has furnished the reader an impression of her naturally self-centered view. As shown in paragraph 5, “My mother’s eyes turned into dangerous black slits. She had no words for me, just sharp silence.” (5) Waverly describes her mother’s eyes as dangerous black slits. This kind of reaction shows that her mother is bitter and annoyed. Before, Waverly’s mother was boasting about her daughter’s victory and sucking the pride of her daughter by embarrassing her in front of many crowds such as, when they were in the marketplace. Waverly’s mother went around to shops to buy little things and also announce to the world that her daughter won a Chess Championship.

The story goes on as Waverly finally confronts her mother about how she is upsetting her. Children sometimes get the wrong idea of what the parents are doing is actually for them. Based on the evidence shown in the story “The Rules of the Game.” Waverly’s mother is shown to be boastful, strict, and at times, selfish. The behavior Waverly’s mother shows can focus later on effect Waverly when she has grown up. Adverse positive outcomes endlessly continue the confidential personality of Waverly’s mother show.



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Fighting for the Luminous

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

As the first week to school came, we learnt how everything works in 8th grade and the rules we have to follow in each class. I think the first week of school was very enjoyable for me as I learnt all the teachers’ name. The subject that I enjoyed the most was humanities because Mr. Fidler made the class a lot of more interesting than the last years’ at the same time I already had a burning passion for reading (And maybe writing depending on what we’re writing). What I do need to learn more about is the grading system and tips on how to succeed in 8th grade.

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Challenges and Hope for my 8th Grade Humanities Class

  1. What are you looking forward to learning in grade 8 this year?

I’m looking forward to learning about revolution and what caused the people to revolt against one another.  What I am most excited about in the grade 8 revolution unit is the Chinese Cultural Revolution where Moa Zedong (Which I think was a Chinese chairman at the time) wanted to preserve the true communist ideology by deleting remnant of capitalist and traditional elements from the society.

  1. What challenges will you face?

I think I’ll face a lot of new challenges this year. Even though I never considered the lack of writing a problem, this year I want to improve on grammar and essay writing. This year I also want to improve on creative thinking because the critical and creative thinking skills learned through humanities studies form a basis for understanding the human experiences and can help me write more efficiently.

  1. What is your plain to meet those challenges?

To meet my challenges, I need to read more because reading increases my brainpower and memorisation. Reading regularly can also help me learn new vocabulary words so that I can use them in my writing.

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Driving Question Answered

In this unit, we learnt how to create sustainable dishes to feed the future generations. Our Earth’s population increased during 1850’s to the 1950’s.  The population started to increase since that time. During 1950, the war was over and human’s had the knowledge to fight deceases. One of the major challenges we currently face is how to ensure that there are sufficient resources available to feed all seven billion people who currently call this planet home. As things currently stand we produce enough food worldwide to meet the nutritional needs of every human being on this planet. The food we produce now is not only bad for our health, it comes with unstainable ingredients that can later on pile the Earth. We are also wasting the food we make, even if 1 billion people around the world are starving and malnourished.


I believe that the invention of agriculture is a good thing but there is a bad side too, because agriculture helped human civilization move forward and invent new things. Agricultural activities stopped humans from being hunter gathers to agrarians. This is a big leap to a better living system since it’s a better way to feed everybody, even people who can’t hunt.


Our idea has gone a far way. Our first idea was a protein shake consisting of what the human body needs to consume in their digestive system to produce energy, but the idea was changed because the human body needs the ability to chew so that the alterative system can respond to the food. Then we changed to a more stable dish, which was the wrap. The wrap will be consisting health sustainable ingredients such as chicken, carrots, brown rice, and leaks. I learnt that chicken are more sustainable than cows because; first, cow create at least 100 kg of greenhouse gas every year. That’s like 2300 kg of CO2. They also tend to take up a lot of land, which can lead to deforestation. Reproduction is also very slow for cows because they can only give birth to 1 calf each life time. Chicken on the over hand, create a small amount of greenhouse gas (3kg per year) as they can also get stacked onto of each other and can also lay dozens of eggs each week.


In about 50 years, the population is going to blow off the chart as it reaches 8 billion people. Pollution is going to get worse and some people might even go into hiding as they try and survive the terrible air. The ocean might get more polluted than it already is, and there won’t be enough food for all the people around the world. I also thought of another (Brighter) alternative. Maybe humans found a way to move people to mars and live there. The world’s population can almost get split in half. Food will not be a problem, since human’s can grow food on mars and also keep growing on earth too.


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Hogwarts Cafe, Driving Question reflection

How do we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need?


We used supply and demand to help us through the sales because the day we sold our cupcake, the cupcakes ran out in the first 10 minutes so we didn’t have enough. Same went for the jello. There was a high demand for these supplies and shown on the spread sheet, every single day we sold all  of our cupcake and in the last day we made some more but sold out again. The demands were high for the cupcakes but we couldn’t get enough supplies in because of the amount of money we are going to lose. We also used marking research by surveying our customers to see what they want and how much they are going pay for an item. We also surveyed what kind of theme they want, starting from Dr. Who to Harry Potter. When we used our data from the market research it was easier to find what the customers want and an easier route to success. The part we are contributing for in the sustainable development goals are equality for all and Zero hunger. The charity we are donating to is the Spitler foundation and Chab Dai. Spilter foundation is a charity that helps people have access to clean water in places they can’t and Chab Dai is a charity that helps stop sexual trafficing of children. These charities are all happening in Cambodia and is making a change in Cambodia. We wanted to donate it these charities because when one of our members went there, there was a lot of poverty so we wanted to try and help the devastating state they are in.

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PSA reflection

During this unit, I learn how to relate Newton’s 3 laws with real life. The most challenging thing in this project was making our PSA because we had to voice over the videos but we couldn’t match our talking to the lips. We made a PSA on Safety during skating, the video included 3 safety rules; skate with a projection on, skate the same way as other people, and stay a safe distance from other skaters. We can use the laws of motion to improve safety because Newton’s 3 laws can relate to real life accidents which means These laws tell us exactly how things move or sit still, like why you don’t float out of bed or fall through the floor of your house. Newton’s laws control how cars work, how water flows, how buildings stand tall, and basically how everything around us moves in motion. For example, when there is a person bump into a wall, the person will get injured because there is an opposite motion pushing back.


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