How do we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need?


We used supply and demand to help us through the sales because the day we sold our cupcake, the cupcakes ran out in the first 10 minutes so we didn’t have enough. Same went for the jello. There was a high demand for these supplies and shown on the spread sheet, every single day we sold all  of our cupcake and in the last day we made some more but sold out again. The demands were high for the cupcakes but we couldn’t get enough supplies in because of the amount of money we are going to lose. We also used marking research by surveying our customers to see what they want and how much they are going pay for an item. We also surveyed what kind of theme they want, starting from Dr. Who to Harry Potter. When we used our data from the market research it was easier to find what the customers want and an easier route to success. The part we are contributing for in the sustainable development goals are equality for all and Zero hunger. The charity we are donating to is the Spitler foundation and Chab Dai. Spilter foundation is a charity that helps people have access to clean water in places they can’t and Chab Dai is a charity that helps stop sexual trafficing of children. These charities are all happening in Cambodia and is making a change in Cambodia. We wanted to donate it these charities because when one of our members went there, there was a lot of poverty so we wanted to try and help the devastating state they are in.

PSA reflection

February 12, 2018

During this unit, I learn how to relate Newton’s 3 laws with real life. The most challenging thing in this project was making our PSA because we had to voice over the videos but we couldn’t match our talking to the lips. We made a PSA on Safety during skating, the video included 3 safety rules; skate with a projection on, skate the same way as other people, and stay a safe distance from other skaters. We can use the laws of motion to improve safety because Newton’s 3 laws can relate to real life accidents which means These laws tell us exactly how things move or sit still, like why you don’t float out of bed or fall through the floor of your house. Newton’s laws control how cars work, how water flows, how buildings stand tall, and basically how everything around us moves in motion. For example, when there is a person bump into a wall, the person will get injured because there is an opposite motion pushing back.


Ignite week: Guiding Light

January 26, 2018

Guiding Light My L21 goal is Creativity and Innovation; I used peer review to fix my song. I changed the BPM of each of my tracks to make them fit each other. Mr. Moniz helped me with BPM programming. I slowed down my main music to fit my canon. I added harmony and different instruments for a thicker texture to make it more interesting for the listener. I also used the app; Audacity to play around with my main music. Mr. Long and Mr. Moniz helped me cut and space out bars. I learned how to control the BPM to make the different tracks match each other. I used evaluation from other people to help my music become better. To make my music different from other pop songs, I added natural sound, modern music, and classical music.

Plastic Reuse 2017-2018

November 6, 2017


Ignite Week

October 20, 2017

My book will be about what children wants to be when they grow up. And I was thinking of doing a question and answer sort of thing where the book asks would you like to be a blank then it explains what the career does and we as the audience answers no, maybe not of a glice of what will happen. I am going to draw my characters as sort of an anime formation. My book will teach a lesson about you can be anything your heart desires.

One day project

February 10, 2017


My favorite book Harry Potter

My favorite book is Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling. I like Harry Potter because it has a lot of clearly defined details of what is happening and I love magic.

I think others will like it too; because…

  1. It doesn’t have pictures so the reader can visualize what is happening.
  2. In the first book it grabs the readers’ attention.
  3. It doesn’t have pictures but it clearly describes what the character looks like.
  4. J.K. Rowling used a very creative idea of using witches and wizard together and making a word of magic because if you say witch you think a ugly wohbp-uk-adult-jacket-artman with a moles everywhere but J.K. Rowling totally did the opposite.

Hello world!

February 3, 2015

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