Protein Story: Antibodies

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Stars Still Shine When The Sun Goes Down

My Multi Media Blog Post “Die Young with Me”

“Die Young with Me” by Rob Rufus explores the the internal conflicts of Rob and his twin brother Nat. Diagnosed both with brain cancer and his love for hard punk. With music blaring down in their basement. I wrote this true story as an infographic as magazine because it really hits home to the days of a teenager. Both the title of the story and of magazines strike as warning sign for the explicit content that will come to be documented. Taunting the reader for what insight, they will experience. Rob Rufus’s Die Young with Me, was a documentary for his own nightmarish days. In my documentary. In the story p124 begs the question, “light flashes by your eyes before you die. So what will you see today? When thought of, it’s hard to not question this to yourself, for some on a daily basis. Notably for the ones who suffer depression. But their plans are cut short when Rob is caught with a rare form of cancer that has already progressed to Stage Four. Not only are his dreams of punk rock stardom completely shredded, there is a very real threat that this is one battle that can’t be won. The time he spends on the hospital beds really gives him time to think. It comes to his mind that, “If I die young, will other send me out as one of the hearts they gained?” P140. The truth is, there is always much more to live for even when it seems you have nothing to lose. That’s the message I try to express in my infographic. “Die Young with Me” Death is only a distance rumor. The title doesn’t mean for you to pass away with young teen Rob. But to join your heart to enjoy what you passionate for. Weather its hard punk or rapping, it’s not a blunder differ with others. Die young with me, join me on this quest that yes, sounds bizarre. But you will not regret.





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The Great Leonardo da Vinci

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 My rate is on the non believer side because personally I am not dedicated to become Humanist. I do not fully be believe one should be judged by their agency. Sometimes it’s healthy to have pray for a better future.

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2018 Goals

Academic Goal: This year I wish to revise my home work assignments and tests. I commonly have small errors I tend to overlook, so this year. I will double check my homework. Look over the rubrics and go through my tests when I am finished. I will see how I am doing from this day on until the end of middle school

Wellness Goal: My goal is to balance my activities. I will create a simple schedule for everything so my hobbies and learning is balanced. I will check on my process by the end of the school year.

Personal Goal: One of my hobbies is basketball, I wish to get better at this sport and I will do that by taking more classes and taking out more time after school and during weekends to play. I will see how I have done by the end of the first semester.


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Pondering Her Next Move


In the 19s, Native Chinese citizens usually don’t have highest social status. Despite this, many of them still follow their passions traditions of their country. Waverly like the majority of young girls, obedient to her strict mother. Finds chess a miraculous gift in life.


Waverly at first sight is a determined girl but not to the point where she is no longer obedient towards her elders. She strongly believes in sayings of the Chinese Culture almost to the point she is taunted. She finds herself in curiosity for the many things around her and takes full effort to understand them. Such outstanding yet relatable character comes for the story “Rules of The Game.” Written by author Amy Tan. Amy planned out this story like a game itself. People want change, disobey for their own sakes. But of course like every game there is to play, there are rules to follow. And Waverly, someone who plays by the rules. Unfortunately, has stands on the end to take harsh scolding from her mother.


Waverly is strongly determined in terms of her chess, and sees it more than a hobbies devoting myriads of hours to it. Despite this, she still is aware to respect her opponents. Also she is strongly devoted to the Chinese culture. And although being intimidated by some of the traditions from her countries traditions, she still follows them.


Waverly is all times aware of the many things sprouting around her. And times when she sees something knew to her, she takes huge effort to understand them. During her class. Waverly comes across to hear her classmates talking about “Chinese torture.” She asks her mother who despite was quite rude towards her she still goes on to asking. As said “Don’t know why, you find out yourself, better you take it, find out why yourself.” She reminds herself. Then “she tossed her head back with a satisfied smile.” (Tan,4) knowing that she remains truthful to her curiosity   She also finds herself puzzled during her first encounter with the game chess. Why?” I asked as I moved my pawn. “Why can’t they move more steps?” (Tan,5) she said, through the process of learning the rules? “Why aren’t there any women and children?” (Tan,5) Despite her questioning seems quite self-explanatory. It’s a great ideal for how she learns.


Despite Waverly comes from a different times and circumstances than myself. Waverly sill devotes herself to doing what she enjoys, in this case “Chess”. During a young age, “I loved the secrets I found within the sixty-four black and white squares, I would stare for hours at imaginary battles.” (Tan,2) Meanwhile I had always played basketball and although I don’t see that as my profession. I devote time to it and put things I have to do aside.




Waverly can be seen as one of many obedient girls from China, though furtherly an extremely talented chess player. She follows each of her mother’s commands and strongly believes in the traditions Chinese culture with a slight sense of doubt. Likewise, she is very curious about many of the phenomenon’s that surround her. She always attempts with her maximal effort not for her mother’s sake but for her own account. At a young age, she knows respect all her chess opponents and out skill them. She is very aware of her surroundings and her absolute focus is what drives her to accomplish great ideals both in chess and in daily life.





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Two Rods

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My First Week

Coming back to school felt surprisingly comfortable. Though there was not much that changed from last year. Me and myfriend Henry still game the whole way on the bus to school. Meeting my friends again was really lively. And it was exciting to see my new classmates and teachers. So far everything had being going smoothly and I have gotten back to habit of waking up early and constantly moving from class to class. All my subjects had been enjoyable, in Science, despite genetics being somewhat confusing was still interesting. In Physical Education, I got to try out a lot of different sports to choose from for my trimester main subject. In Algebra I had the same teacher as last year and in Humanities I’m working on right now, blog posts. Overall my first week in ISB 8th grade has been rather astonishing

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My Year Round Grade 8 Humanities

  1. What Am I looking Forward to in Grade 8 Humanities?

I will be looking forward to the many of history and ancient civilizations, I have always enjoyed learning on Social Studies and history. I am also excited to mater my punctuation and sentence structure since I am not so commutable with it.


  1. What Challenges will I Face?

I commonly have struggled on writing in formal structure, and have somewhat of a limited vocabulary. I am also excited to learn new words and finally get my sentence/paragraph structure mastered in the end of middle school.


  1. What is my Plan to Meet These Challenges?

After every project/essay. I will revise my writing. And check for punctuation and small grammar mistakes. I will be more focused toward the phrasing and grammar issues to my writing and while trying putting my best effort content wise to my writing. I would like to expand my vocabulary by reading higher leveled books and look up the words I struggle with.

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One Day Interview

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