Solar system learning task

Claim: NASA should focus future missions on Enceladus, a small moon of the Saturn. -Enceladus is covered with frozen ocean and rock -Scientists found hydrogen in the water Because of the hydrogen was found in the ocean, it could create chemical reactions between warm water and ocean-floor. These reactions could support life. It means that Enceladus “has the right environment… Read more →

CER for How big is big

The Pale Blue Dot had more of an impact on me. I think this video give us more informations and more related to our lives. The author shows examples to our lives that can make us understands better. The picture on the right told us about how small we are and let us know more informations about the relationship between the… Read more →

A sweet friendship light up your heart

The Dragonfly Pool by Cherry Li The Dragonfly Pool by Cherry Li    The book cover above is designed for the book The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson.The two figures on the cover represents two protagonists: Tally and Karil and the dragonfly is a symbolization of friendship because the dragonfly pool is the place where Tally and Karil’s friendship started. Tally… Read more →

Saving the blue heart of the planet

This is a poem about Sustainable Development Goals14, life under the water. The video is all about using a creative way to present my poem which call upon people to protect the ocean and the lives under the sea.       Freedom and back That day in autumn,    I swam in the undulating ocean,        … Read more →

Precious Plastic Projects

The picture attach are small bag made of fused plastic. I designed them because I want to put my stuff in it. Although the bags are really thin and light so that I can carry it in an easy way, I created by myself and have a sense of accomplishment. It’s not challenge that to fuse plastic and solve the bottom on… Read more →