One Day 2018-Caged Heart

Caged Heart

On One Day, I made a beautiful cage surrounding a girl and her fantasies. Everything I make comes from my heart. My artwork is a visual display of my emotions, and what I think the world has become.

“Caged Heart” represents how we are often deceived by our surroundings, all masked as the fantasies we desire. Our hearts are wrapped in an indestructible steel cage. But, that cage that limits us to do great things, to think with a kind heart, is disguised as something beautiful, something that will offer us money, offer us happiness.

The majority of us is bought into thinking that happiness is money, that happiness could be bought. Happiness is not the new Chanel bag you got or the new Mercedes-Benz your dad bought you…Happiness is something offered by life, something everybody deserves to have.

Happiness, or what seems like happiness is addictive. You want that feeling so much that once is not enough. Soon, you start demanding more. And when you don’t it, you start throwing a tantrum, because you long the feeling of joy, of that like feeling in your heart when you see what new things your parents have bought you.

The cage around the girl and her fantasies is laced with gold, with light, delicate butterflies perfectly positioned on the hideous metal is what hides the ugly truth.

The girl in the cage is peppered with expensive jewels, with designer tutus, with more and more dresses, jewels in her daydream…But she is not free, she is not truly, utterly, happy.

Her money get her tutors to make her smarter. Her money buys her dresses that make her for once, beautiful. Her makeup hides the repulsive mess her face is. At the end of the day, she has to take off her designer clothes, her expensive makeup, she has to make her head rest of the useless knowledge that will get her nothing but good grades than a good college, then a good, successful, happy, life; and face what she is–a worthless, spoiled, miserable child with nothing but a sad, caged heart.

People’s longing for happiness has made them greedy, has made them green with envy. But, once upon a time, everybody cared. Everybody had real emotions, everybody had experienced real, true happiness. True happiness is this raw feeling that you never know, never feel, until you experience it.

I hope “Caged Heart” changed the way people view things the way people see things. I hope “Caged Heart” will unlock the happiness that everybody has in their heart, and make them realize what they’ve been missing out on in the world.


Making of cage


End Product

Carve the Mark-Reading Reflection

Carve the Mark is about Cyra and Akos, and their exhilarating survival in the galaxy. Akos is thrown into Cyra’s world. Cyra and Akos, so different, yet all the same. The yin and the yang; one born to cause pain, and one able to cancel out her pain. They will either destroy each other or help each other survive in the vast, unfathomable galaxy.

Cyra is the sister of the brutal tyrant, Ryzek who rules the Shotet people. Her currentgift causes her to inflict pain on whoever she comes in contact with. But, Cyra is much more than the blade wielded by her brother–she’s human too. Then Akos comes into her life. And he opens her eyes to realize the truth. Join Cyra on her painful journey through the galaxy, where she finds love, hope, and justice.

Akos is the son of the Oracle in Thuve. One day, Akos and his brother, Eijeh are thrust into Cyra’s world without warning, captured by Shotet soldiers. Ryzek manipulates Eijeh with his memories so he’ll be Ryzek’s loyal oracle. Everybody says Eijeh is beyond saving, but Akos is determined to save his brother; no matter what. But then there’s Cyra– a beautiful young woman whose life is destined for pain. Akos doesn’t expect it, but he finds himself falling for her, her. Her whose brother had tortured his brother, who had inflicted pain on so many people… But still, Cyra, because she’s more than Ryzek’s ruthless scourge.

Once engrossed in Cyra and Akos’s world, I was swept up by the electrifying current pulsing through the galaxy, and witness the impending journey of two shooting stars destined to collide, where the diamonds of thousand moons and of thousand dreams rest in the comforting home of darkness.

I really liked this book, I finished it in one sitting. Carve the Mark was the perfect blend of adventure and romance.  I really could relate to the characters; Cyra being threatened and controlled while she is too afraid to stand up for herself. Akos’s need to rescue his brother. But most importantly, Cyra’s pain that she constantly feels. Everybody has pain somewhere deep within themselves– people sometimes are just too afraid to admit it. Also, the monster Cyra is labeled. Everyone has a little monster in them. But we are just too afraid to embrace it because avoiding it is much easier. Sometimes, we let the monster out—but we don’t mean it. Making one tiny mistake in your life could get you to be branded as a horrible person. But, one action alone is never enough to determine who a person is.

There are also some parts of the book that are not as good. For instance, this book is extremely slow-paced. The action was way too little! Also, in my opinion, the ending wasn’t complete. It felt as if it ended the middle of a chapter. After reading the book, it left me with tons of questions, so I NEEDED a second book to answer them for me. Unfortunately, the second book doesn’t come out until April.

My OCHA Profile for the Phoenix Project

Full Writing Below:

A low, distinct rumble cut through my warm cocoon of reassuring darkness and soft blankets. I jolted up, awake. I shook my husband, John up. I could see the worry; the fear that builds up in his eyes. He opened his mouth to ask what’s wrong, but before the words came out, a harsh jerk of the earth silenced him. Our eyes met. A form of understanding passes through us; an earthquake. Together, we ran to our daughter’s rooms to wake them up, both not daring to leave each other’s side. With my daughter Daisy in my arms, Lily running behind me, with John, Poppy, and Rose close behind, we ran out to the street. All around us, there were hysterical villagers screaming, their faces tinted with raw anxiety and terror. The shaking was jaw-rattling now, it was hard to stand up, let alone run. Confusion mixed with panic whirl in my mind. My heart was beating so fast it hurts, thundering in my rib-cage, waiting to get free. Tears stung my eyes. I couldn’t think straight, I could only clutch Daisy tighter to my chest and pray for everything to be okay.

We ran and we ran, totally forgetting about our car. We passed my shop, my dear, dear shop. It was in ruins: the front banner ripped into pieces, the glass windows shattered like my heart. I saw my favorite sewing machine from my great-grandmother completely destroyed, the intricate designs of a caterpillar, entering its chrysalis, then breaking out into a beautiful, gorgeous, butterfly all into pieces of nothing. I could picture the nights when I was hunched over my sewing machine, creating my dream little by little, piece by piece, stitch by stitch. The nostalgic pain stabs me from within. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea withering with turmoil, each speck of hope flickering away like fire fading to embers and finally, softly, darkly, going cold. Big chunks of agitation block my way when I try to claw out of the never-ending abyss. I reach out for the light that dots the sky. But no matter how hard I try, I’m pulled back into the dark chasm.

I want to let it all out so badly it hurts like a million bees had stung the inside of my body. I want to snuggle in with John, the soft candlelight flickering by our side. I want to tell the story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to my lovely daughters, Rose, Lily, Poppy and Daisy safely in my grasp. Suddenly, a building from behind crashes onto my shop. Dust and debris exploded out, like a million pieces of my life, my passion, all broken up, and then falling onto us like rain, drenching us with misery until we’re soaked. I cover Daisy with my body, hug Lily close, and stand by John. I want to cry and cry. The only thing in my mind was to bring those I love to safety; they deserve to be happy, to move on. Rose deserves to go to college and get her Master’s Degree in engineering, then live out her dream to be an engineer. Lily deserves to finish high school and live out her dream to become a cross-country runner; I will not let her put all these years of training behind because of this disaster.

A big crack about 7ft wide appear underneath our feet; we have no choice but to separate on different sides. I look at John, then at Rose and Poppy. Tears well in my eyes as they shout, “We love you, Mommy!” “Don’t cry,” I remember telling myself, “you have to be strong for the family.” I took and deep breath and shouted, “Mommy loves you too!” I glance back at John once, and an invisible link bonds us together. “Don’t worry,” John said, “meet me at the park we used to go to,” “Ok,” I told him, “Be careful,” he added “I love you,” I smiled meekly, “love you too,”. I took a deep breath, “Come on Lily,” I held on to her hand, not daring to let go, and willed myself away from the other half of my family, hoping that everything will be okay.

I arrived at the park John and I used to visit with baby Rose. It was a two-hour drive from our house to the park. The earthquake had stopped, but the traces of disaster were now as clear as ever. Remnants of homes were scattered around like pieces of a mirror, each piece reminding us of the things we lost. I collapsed onto the dirt, exhausted, hugging my dears close to my heart. We lay there for a few hours, thinking of what happened during the day. We were all so traumatized that we forgot we were lying on dirt, we forgot that we are still in our pajamas, barefoot, with dust and sweat coating our skin. I focused on the mountains in the distance. The rocks and slopes were sliced off the mountains like a sculptor getting rid of the extra, unwanted clay. The continuous throb of pain buzzes in my right leg. A big bloody gash 5 inches long, an inch thick was plastered on my knee. I was dizzy, my brain turned into mush. I couldn’t think straight; I was in shock. Earlier today, it was just a normal Sunday morning where everyone got to sleep in, and now? That dream has slowly warped into reality. I guess Lily was in extreme pain too; she had a tree branch sticking out of her foot; I can’t even imagine how painful that could be. Her big eyes were opened wide like two marbles staring vacantly at the disaster. I wish desperately, achingly that this never happened. How many families were destroyed because of this!? I was worried out of my mind, John still isn’t here yet. Where could he possibly be? And how about Rose and Poppy? Are they alive and well? Questions pound in my head, waiting to be answered by three figures appearing out of the horizon.

Footsteps startled me from behind. I gently slip from Lily and Daisy’s grasps, careful not to wake them up. I turned around slowly and found a tall, muscled man looking back at me with kind eyes. I spotted an OCHA badge on his chest and instantly I let down my guard. “Thank goodness,” I said, I felt so blessed that an International Relocation Organization officer found me and my daughters that I burst into tears. The man smiled, “I’m happy to help,” He pointed towards the trees that create a border around the park, “on the other side of those trees, there’s the Rescue Copter to bring you to the refugee camp, there will be other officers that are looking for survivors in this area,” He looked at Lily and Daisy on the ground, “I can help you with them,” “Thank you,” I said, “can you also tell the other officers that if they find a middle-aged man with two children that his wife and children are safe?” I said, lulling myself into the illusion that John, Rose, and Poppy may still be alive. “Of course, he replied,” He gently picked Lily up, “let’s go,”.


SMART Goal- Be well, Sleep well!

For my SMART Goal, I decided that I will sleep at least 8-9 hours each night to exceed the reccommended hours of sleep for a 12-year old (8-10h). I will be asleep in bed at 11:30-40, and wake up between 7:00-7:15, which makes about 10h. To achieve my goal, I will ask my mom to remind me or use the reminder app on my phone.

To measure how many hours I sleep, I decided that I will use and app called “Excel”.

In order to achieve my goal by the end of September, I will have checkpoints weekly to ensure that I have been sleeping for the recommended amount of time.



Gram Cram- Interjections (Video)

An interjection is a word or short phrase that expresses emotion or surprise. Useful when used in dialogue for stories or plays.

E.g: (word in italic is the interjection)

“Wow! I cant believe you did that!” or “Huh? I don’t get it.”

“Whoa! Careful there,” and “Ahhhhh! An tornado is coming!”

My interjection Video:

One Day 2017 Reflection

For One Day, me and my friend Stella decided we would work together to make marshmallow fondant, since every time when we tried to make marshmallow fondant, the marshmallows always burn when we melt it in the microwave, so our goal for One Day is to find the perfect timing for melting the marshmallows without burning it. Also, to make successful fondant to decorate 2 iced cakes and some cupcakes.

We learnt that the perfect timing is about putting the marshmallows in the microwave in 20 second bursts,until the marshmallow fully melts. Something that went well was that our whole plan was successful! And the result is amazing!

fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-3-copy fullsizerender-9 fullsizerender-copy

Next time, we will hope to get in the kitchen so we could bake the cakes and not pre-bake them the day before.

This is my One Day Process Journal:


…..And my One Day Video: