The final products that I presented at the Ignite exhibition were the photograph of the Gate Guard and the chalk drawing of him, alongside it there were also the interview questions and answers plus the dark to light value scale. From this Ignite Week, I improved in a lot of the skills and techniques that made my project come together. For photography, I learned how to take meaningful portraits, adjusting the mode to A for Aperture Priority to blur the background and use the zoom to avoid a “fish-eye” effect. I took a lot of photos and continued until I was satisfied. I experimented not only with the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO but also with the shot angles and zoom. On the art aspect of this project, I learned how to draw with chalk, the techniques in shading with chalk, and moving the chalk around using hands, paper towels, and tortillons. I’m sure that the skills that I have learned this week will benefit me in the future. I will have more knowledge of taking portraits and capture more emotion in photos and extend my interest in art.

After taking the photographs and interviewing on Tuesday, I started with my charcoal drawing on Wednesday. At first, I was afraid of applying large amounts of charcoal, so I started with the nose, eyes, and ears. As I drew, I found out that charcoal is extremely “fun” and “easy”, it was easy for me to manipulate the charcoal around and lighten or darken areas. By the end of Wednesday, I got the “head” of the security guard finished, I just needed to draw the scarf and the collar of the coat. I found the face and lips that I drew different look really realistic, I should of left it blank.

In the Define & Inquire process of this Ignite week, we learned the purpose and aim of this project. During first block on Monday, we learned the skills that takes to shoot a portrait. One of the most important factor that makes a portrait interesting is the strong emotion that people can get out from the photograph. The more skill based take-a ways from the guest photographer when shooting portraits was getting the aperture wild open to sharpen the details of the person and blur everything else out. I also learned to always use the zoom to avoid a “fish-eye” effect. In 2nd block, I walked around the school to practice taking portraits and interviewing the teachers and students of ISB. On Tuesday, I took photos and interviewed 4 people, I ended up with the Gate-Guard. I really liked the emotions that the portrait transferred. I translated his answers to English and printed the portrait.

In One Day photography, I’ve practiced my photo taking skills, improved my knowledge, and gained more control over the 3 factors (ISO, Shutter speed, and Aperture) that affect the quality of a picture. Some challenges that I faced during this project was capturing photos from different perspectives and using different modes (ex. P, A, Auto) . In the process, the factors I took in consideration was the light source and direction of light, the alignment of lines, and the purpose of my photo. Overall, I felt this One day really gave me a chance to sharpen my skills and do some practice with photo shooting. I also got to experience the country side of Beijing; the village beside BSB and parts of the WenYu River.

Our project for Space Race was to design a mission to send 6 rovers to 6 different exoplanets that possesses a high possibility for further colonization by humans and find the most habitable one. Looking back at the unit, I believe technology, competition, and collaboration drives innovation, and vice versa. While a lot of factors push innovation, the products of innovation are unbelievable. After talking to our investors, they approved our mission and were really surprised of our idea to send 6 rovers to 6 different exoplanets. Our group was very committed throughout the exhibition and attracted lots of billionaires to invest in our mission. Something I would do differently next time would be to create more benefits for the investors.

Some interesting things that I learned in this project are The Space Race, Arms Race, and Cold War. This not only helped me understand the relationships between USSR and USA but also helped me to develop ideas for the mission and design our rover. Completing this project, I learned to work and collaborate with different kinds of students. We really made use of our strengths and completed our project to the best of our abilities. For example, Shokhin was great at making vector drawings and was very familiar with the Adobe software, he was also experienced in creating websites. Monika was interested in coding and was determined to make the motors and IR sensors functioning. I felt that I had an advantage in 3D printing and was good at drawing scaled drawing. All in all, we gained an advantage as we all had our special strengths, with little overlaps, I learned that it is right to work with different students with different personalities and strengths, right to try something new.

One Day planning

January 21, 2019

I chose this one day activity because I have a passion for photography and I want to improve my skills with some practice. I have joined the Yearbook Photography team since the first trimester and I would like to go out and do some more practice with my camera. I hope to learn how to manually adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to improve the quality of the image.

Hallway Issue

December 13, 2018

Compound Issue

December 13, 2018

Project Consume Reflection

November 23, 2018

During this project, we learned about the effects that single-use plastics will cause to the environment, society, and economy. We shared the knowledge through 3 main ways, by writing a narrative about the life-cycle of a plastic product, a PowerPoint containing the information about our plastic product and its negative effects it has on the three pillars of sustainability and creating a video to inspire more people to make sustainable decisions.

On the information side, the students, parents, and teachers all said that the video contained vital information that reflected my understanding of the driving question and this unit. I used the facts that I researched to prove to the audience the negative effects in every single step of the process of producing a single-use plastic. On the other hand, my video was a bit too long and wasn’t as attractive as the other students’ that took a more creative path to create their video.

I believe that there is a negative relationship between consumption and sustainability. According to the video “The story of stuff”, the 5 steps of the system of products is not sustainable. During the extraction process, we are taking so much of the non-renewable resources on our earth, resources that cannot be remade in 50 years. We will be also creating pollution to the environment and harm to natural habitats.

Moving onto production. workers work tirelessly in harmful working conditions. According to the article “working for a living”, the lowest minimum wage is 270 yuan per month, even the highest are below 1000 yuan. Gases are released into the sky, polluting the air. Wastewater are poured into the streams, toxifying the fish and the groundwater that we drink.

We are buying so many products! According to the video, after 6 months of buying the product only 1% of the product is in-use. An endless cycle is created with working, watching advisements, and buying. This means that we are only buying things for the sake of buying, but not asking yourself if you really need it.

After consumption, there are three places that the product would most likely go to. The landfill, ocean, and the incinerator. Polluting the water ocean, groundwater, air, and harming marine life.

After completing this unit, I learned that all of this, the whole process has a relationship between consumption and sustainability, because as you buy a product from a store, the effects that you will pose to the environment, society, and economy are huge.

Before, I would not have given a second thought before buying a product. Now I would first consider the “hidden costs” that the product possesses. I do this now because we can make a difference by reducing and refusing products that are not sustainable.

My NEW Avatar

November 12, 2018

I chose this avatar because I feel that I am connected to the image. This picture represents where I am from, Denmark. By choosing, I will better remember the memories and the have happened in Denmark.