Ignite Week Reflection

October 16, 2017

I created a vanilla and chocolate layer cake with jam and whipped cream in-between the different layers plus a crunchy cookie crust in the bottom of the cake. It is covered by fondant, light green frosting on the top of the cake, and fruit decorated on top and around the cake.


My successes were making the vanilla and chocolate cake layers. Because I was good at adding the right ingredients at the right time and taking the cake out of the oven at the right time so the cake would be well cooked.


My biggest challenges making this cake is making the fondant. Because I had a hard time mixing all the ingredients together and it toke a long time to mix the ingredients solid enough to make fondant. It was also very hard for me to squeeze the frosting out of the bag and making the frosting stay in shape.


I grew in creativity because after my peers gave me suggestions to be more creative on my cake, so I decided to add cut pieces of fruit on top of my cake and also covered my whole cake with fondant. I also grew in innovation because instead of making a cake with one layer, I came up with a new method of making the cake with multiple layers of cakes. So I could put more jam and whipped cream onto the layers to make the cake taster.


I think the skills that I learned from this Ignite group could help me in the future by making more cakes and other deserts for my family and friends. It will also strengthen my interest in cooking and baking.

Future people

April 18, 2017

in the future

they will find us buried under cities

next to artifacts, technology, spirits


they say we were wise

they are clever and always wanted to learn more


they only found 33% of our history while they analyze the other 67%

they use high technology to record history that can’t be lost

they cared about their history and want others to know


history books will say ‘‘they were intelligent, brave, and risk-takers’’

they will find past civilizations and call it bright

they will put our artifacts in national museums like textbooks


in the future,

they will learn all the knowledge they can get from us



One Day 2017 Work-out video

January 26, 2017

I created a full body work-out video. I was successful demonstrating the warm-up workout moves in my video. It was challenging putting all the moves into an imovie, choosing the music, and editing the video. I think I will continue to make a work-out video next year, but making the moves more challenging, so the work-out is more intense. Maybe next time, I will focus on one kind of move.


December 6, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.08.39 AM

Dear Reader,


Do you want to read an action-packed, adventuress book that’s about two kids going into a fairly tale world? If your answer is yes, you must read a book called ”Land Of Stories (The Wishing Spell)” by Chris Colfer. You will join Alex and Conner on a adventure to the fairly tale world, on the way you meet Red Riding Hood, Jack (from Jack and the bean stock) and many more fairly tale characters. Will Alex and Conner make the wishing spell in time before the the queen finds out? Read to find out. I also highly recommend the following books in the ”Land Of Stories” series. The Enchantress Returns, A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms, and An Author’s Odyssey. It one of my favorite fantasy series, you must read it!

My Favorite Poem

May 14, 2015


My favorite poem is ‘I Wonder Why?’

I like it because, when I read it, Its pretty and rhyming. It is good to read aloud, The writer’s name is Sarah Foss, her poems are wonderful. And… here it is!


I wonder why?

Rain falls out of the sky.

Huge airplanes can fly.

All the dinosaurs died.

Hurricanes make high tide.

Some people are mean.

My eyes are green.


Do you like it?

And what is your favorite poem?

Please write in the comments.

I think is about something in the real world and something from her own world.

The website is http://www.poetry4kids.com/poems

Your Friend,


thHi everybody,

Do you guys know the brand called Dyson?

Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaners have a lot of power, so it can suck up the dust easily. They made a experiment, they placed sand on the floor and place one of Dyson’s vacuum cleaner robot on the sand and it sucked up all of the sand on its path. They placed a vacuum cleaner robot from another brand, it only suck up part of the sand in it path.

One vacuum cleaner have many heads, some are them are for sucking dust in the corner, on the bed, the curtains, and the carpet.

In our summer house we have a large Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, its very powerful and the tank is big so you don’t always need to dump the waste. I think my Dad will buy the newest Dyson vacuum cleaner for our apartment in Beijing, China.

Now convince your parents to buy a vacuum cleaner from Dyson!

Seeya tomorrow in class!


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.40.45 PMHi,

Minecraft is my favorite video game, because its like you are not playing a video game. You are in a Minecraft world and tryng to survive. You can craft things and connect it together.

If you are in creative mode, you have infinity blocks and you can fly so you can go to places by flying. You can build huge houses and spwan animals so you can ride on them, if you want a transportation on water, build a boat. I think it would be a good idea if you go fishing on the boat!

The only bad thing about minecraft is the game is not free. I got it without buying it because my friend gave it to me, I didn’t buy it. I think minecraft is different from other games, in other games you don’t have to use your brain, but in Minecraft you do.

P.S Minecraft is from Sewden, did you know that?



Apple Watch

April 29, 2015

Hey I want to tell you something

Apple Watch is a Smartwatch created by Apple. That can send messages to other people, tells you the time, how fast is your heart beating,and how much you exercise everyday.

I wonder why is the sport watch the cheapest? Some people say that the watch is too small they can’t see the letters clearly. I think the apple watch copied the Samsung watch, Samsung Released it first in 2014, they can do similar  things. But I heard so far it was not so successful yet.Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.00.48 PM

I think the apple watch is too expensive, the Sport Watch is $399, the Watch is $1099, and the Watch Edition is $1700! I don’t get it, why does so many people still wants to buy the Apple Watch, its not cheap at all!

Hope you learn the lesson!