26 Jan 2017


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I decided to do a project on paper quilling, because I think that since I like to do paper quilling. Maybe I should improve my skills on it. I felt pretty good about completing the task, because I think I improved on my usual design, and improve on my skills of paper quilling. I have learned a lot of different skills on paper quilling, I have learned how to do a star shape. I finish my project and when I made the circles I made is rounder and quicker than before. I struggle with the gluing on the piece of paper, because it is hard to be stable. It is in normal not so good quality, because when I lift it up it won’t fell off but the glue is every where.I received some feed back. They normally like the color, but the design was not so good. I try to improve on my old design, and I add some stars beside it, because I made the last part too small, and adding the stars make it looks better.photo-on-1-25-17-at-1-40-pm

6 Jun 2016

Impact Unit refections

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Me and Sophia had chose a long time for what we are going to do, and st last we founde some things we bouth like, cats .

We thout about what can we do for stray cats, and found out we can make a house for them to live in, scince they were having a hard time to find a good place to live. they were pretty scared when we move the house out side first, but a few days later they start to move closer and fanally move in .

We think we make a good plan, becuase we make a good impact on the live of stray cats and writ all the things we use and watch things to do, and the matral is carfully chosed for these straye cats.


22 Apr 2016

Reading Journal Apr 22

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Goosebumps Most Wanted : Creture Teacher by R.L Stine

Tommy ‘s famly only want to win , they send Tommy to a summer camp but what they don’t know is there is a monster teacher that eat cilderen  . She is a monster that eat loser at the camp . Tommy had be at the lowest part of the list that means he is going to be eaten . he is afraid . but there is no way of getting out . he need to face it and stop it .




15 Apr 2016

Reading Journal

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The Magician ‘s Nephew by C . S Lewis

A boy have a uncle that send them to the unkown world and he and the girl wake up the eival witch and they need to go but they brout the witch to there world and to Narnia .

they need to stop the witch from ruining bouth world .

12 Apr 2016

Human Body Reflections

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The human body Unit is a really useful Unit . I learn a lot of new things that I did’t learn before .

It teach us the things about our body , we larn about lungs , heart , brane and a lot of other part in our body . the most intresting things I found is the respatory system ,so I did the project about the respatory system . The part in the respatory is : trachea , the ivliy and the vocole cords .

The things that I did’t like was the puberty week but I knew I need to learn about it . I kind of like the diection .


11 Mar 2016

The House On Hackman ‘ S Hill

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the house on the hackman ‘s hill  by Joan Lowery Nixon

the boys heard a bout the story that there where a mummy inside the house on the hackman ‘s hill so they want to get the rewarde so they get in to the creeppy house and find the mummy they need to find it before some thing find them .

they were brave and they went to the house and try to find the mummy


3 Mar 2016

Unit 8 Math Reflectoion

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1.  Explain why you think it is important to know how to find equivalent fractions with common denominators.

so you will be more easy to see the number .

2.  What is one part of this unit that you really learned well.  Why?

I think the one that I learn the best is turning fraction in to its simple from.

3.  What is something you are still struggling with from this unit?  How are you going to get better?

the thing that I times one number and other .

4.  What do you think should be next and why do you think this?

I will try to learn more a bout fraction .

26 Feb 2016

The Cricket in Times Square 2.26.2015

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The Cricket in Times Square by:George Selden

The cricket was in the boy house and he chewed on a two doller bill he did’t run away or hide it . The mouse tell him he could put it back in to the box so no one will find out.but he did’t . He said it was his falt and e can’t blame it on somthing else . he was a good guy.

people some time hide what they do , even a cricket know it was wrong .

19 Feb 2016

The Family Under the Bridge Reading Journal Feb 19

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The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson

A old man named Armand lived under the bridge by him self , but one day he found some children under the bridge living in his place , at first he did’t like them but soon he make friends with them and know what happen to their famliy . When some thing happen to them the old man Armand help them and give them a home to live in . He need to keep them frome some thing happed to them when alot of people want to catch them .

Armand don’t like the child but then when he met them he like them .

I some time do things like him I think I don’t like it but I like it .

5 Feb 2016

Math Unit 7 Blog Reflection

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1.  Explain what you learned with the red and black squares.

one black squares equal one red squares and if you want to minas one black you need to add one red .

2.  How do you think you will use the adding and subtracting of fractions in your future?

the money .

3.  Explain why the Order of Operations (PEMDAS) is important.

you will know the way that you are doing it .

4.  How does the result of a number sentence change when parenthesis are moved?

the things in parenthesis you do it first