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I am the Cheese

I am the CHeese by Claire.Wu
I am the CHeese (1)


Our protagonist, Adam, had been going through an internal conflict throughout the entire story, I am the Cheese, it leads the readers through the book and gives us the overall look of the book as a thriller. Also, it added much more suspense to the story. The conflict seemed very simple, it is just a short question; are these people trustworthy? However, what really gives the reader a chill is that he himself, is also included. I used the shadow of a miserable boy in my book cover, it shows how Adam is in my heart; a poor and mysterious kid. I used ‘trust’ for the second page, it is the main idea of his internal conflict, and it leads us through the entire book.


picture: Adnan, Ata. “Shadow of a Boy.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 28 July 2010,

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Once upon a time,

I lived in a fantasy, where every glimpse out of my window,

is the beautiful farmland

And oh!

The shadows of the fallen giants, bending down,

for another single crop.

I once asked whether or not if I could join them,

Enjoying the green, blue, and nature.

But I am a royal princess, aren’t I?

I once loved to watch my brother train,

like a warrior,

like everything I ever wanted to be.

These armors that he wore,

shining brightly under the glow of the sun.

I imagined the feeling when it touches my skin,

so smooth, so cold.

Like the smile,  he gave me when I ask him,

may I borrow your armor,

with the strongest voice, I can ever manage to urge out of my throat.

I never dare to ask for them again,

for I remembered,

I am a princess.

Not a prince.


Ancient Story

The Boxer Rebellion


One thing I like to change is the connection between the head and the arm. The arm and motor almost held the weight of the entire head. It was really disturbing when the head was falling off and we had to put them together during the petting zoo. If I have more time to change it, I would.

Skills that I learned or developed were the use of a hot glue gun, there are many ways of using it. It really helped me during the progress.

Overall, I think this product was successful because we managed to make the overall look of the robot that we imagined from the beginning, which rarely happens to me.

a sea of blood

Have you ever come between an internal conflict that might change your life? Well, our protagonist did. In the short story Lather and Nothing Else by Hernando Tellez, the barber was stropping his razor when the military captain, Torres, came in. Since then, he had been stuck in a hole, having flashbacks of the people Torres had mutilated, and also ideas from his own mind. While Torres brought death, he brought the idea of killing Torres to his brain. Of course, he didn’t kill Torres, not because he had forgiven Torres, but he understood that force is never the best way to solve a problem.

The barber fears Torres, to the point that he started to shake when Torres walked in. However, he soon overcomes his fear and started to shave. Layers and layers of the beard are shaved off, but layer and layers of thoughts added on to his mind, as if it was talking to him: “How many of ours had he sent to their death? How many had he mutilated?” (Tellez 3). From this, we know that he already knows what Torres did, and he wanted to do something, “Confound the hour he entered my shop! I am a revolutionary but not a murderer. And it would be so easy to kill him”(Tellez 3). He thought about killing him, where the barber started to fight against himself. If he sank this razor blade in, Torres would be dead, however, does that make him a hero? Or a murderer? But just then he realized that it would not make a difference, his thought changed, “What is to be gained by it? Nothing. Others and still others keep coming, and the first kill the second, and then these kill the next, and so on until everything becomes a sea of blood” (Tellez 4). This is when he understood, killing is not the best way to solve the problem.

Through the thoughts that our protagonist made in the story, we learned, that even though we might all met conflicts in our life, we still should not use force to solve the problem,  it could never be solved in a way like this.

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