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The Sound of Thunder

The future is in our hands, but the past cannot be changed. What would happen If you could go back to the past while dinosaurs still soar, and every single move you made needs be carefully thought? In Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Sound of Thunder”, our protagonist, Eckles, managed to go back to the past.  However, he made a great mistake, by doing so, he taught us to think about every movement we take, and listen to what others say.

The world changed, just because of the death of one single butterfly. Eckles, not paying any attention to the warning Travis gives him, “Stay on the Path. Don’t go off. I repeat. Don’t go off” (page 3). They were meant to shoot the Tyrannosaurs Rex, while Eckles was too scared and turned to run as fast as he could to get away from it, not thinking about the consequences, and making a big mistake on running in to muddy grass. he forgot about the warning. The butterfly he stepped on didn’t catch his attention, and the warning just seems to flow behind him this little move he changed history. “Not a thing like that! Not a butterfly!” (page 236) he cried when he found out about it. It’s so small, so tiny, but so important. He proved the point that people should think before they took the action, that when went back to the future, and this small thing led to a change, all because of him not thinking before his action.


The Rebirth

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The Victim

Traditions, something that looks like to matter the most, where it seems that it would lead to a happy family, with an exception of the victim. In Amy Tan’s The Scar, Nuyer; the mom came back when the family needed her, she is loyal to the family. The family had hurt her is caring.

The mom plays an important character in the story, where she showed us her loyalty, “Auntie said our mother was so thoughtless she had fled north in a big hurry …….., without paying respect to my father’s grave and those of our ancestors”. Where every person in the family seems to agree with her words, her mom came back for popo, when she knew popo was sick and needed her. It proves how mom is loyal to the point that she is willing to do so even if she knew the family doesn’t accept her.

“As she peered into Popo’s eyes, she clucked soft worried sounds.” Mom is timid and weak in front of the family, as she was blamed during most of the time, she left the family because she could no longer stand the pressure. However, she still cares even if she left, she came back for popo, and through her worrying look, we learned that she cares. She had to cut her arm for the soup for popo and managed to overcome the pain for popo to heal. she worries for the family, care for family members, kindness is deep inside her.



Mixed Words

The scene where the found poem was taken place on page 4 of the short story “The Bass, the River and, Sheila Mant” By W.D Wetherell. The conflict that was shown is man vs self, where the protagonist struggle between two of his important things, the Bass and Sheila; his passion and his future love. During the rising action, he was struggling with the fish, the protagonist was caught in the fairness of Sheila, the thought of love. Where he had to decide let go of his passion or “his future Love.” He noticed the beauty of nature, and also with the girl. Which made him struggle more to fight against himself.





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