Will Grayson. A Heartbreak Miracle.

The novel “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” becomes an unexpected mixture of romance, musicals and friendships. The meeting of these two Will Grayson’s was an unusual miracle, but did it actually change anything? I believe that the confrontation that the two had, didn’t change anything, except for broken hearts, loneliness and two very confused teenage boys.

After the occasion of the two teenagers, Will Grayson, the one that listens to music, feels extremely mad at Tiny for leaving him and goes through a deep thought of how his best friend from 5th grade hates him and how he hates him back and on and on. I would like to emphasize the point of how the thought of his best friend despising him even came across his mind just because Tiny ditched him for his own love interests. This is based on the quote

“You can say a lot of bad things about Tiny Cooper. I know, because I have said them … And so it is with Will Grayson. The other Will Grayson, I mean. ”(Chapter 9, Green)  The friendship is dead.(Chapter 17)

Along with this, Tiny left will grayson right after they got together because of a comment will grayson made about how Tiny has a easy life. The evidence to support this is a dialogue between the two,

“tiny: STOP TELLING ME I HAVE IT SO EASY! do you have any idea what you’re talking about? because i’m a person, too. and i have problems, too. and even though they might not be your problems, they’re still problems.”(Chapter 16, Leviathan)

Secondly, what I would say is that the feeling of loneliness during the period of adolescence is as painful as anything else. Of course, most people would have never have felt that since they are constantly surround by the people who they adore. Yet both will grayson’s, one heartbroken, and the other one questioning the bond of his best friend, had a moment in which they were both extremely lonely. I have experienced that sometimes and have never felt worse, since us humans are social beings, we love communicating with each other. The two passages that support these statements are,

“I stand there for a moment, still hoping he’ll see me, and I don’t even know that I’m crying until this crooked sound comes up out of me as I inhale. I close the door. If Tiny ever sees me, he doesn’t pause to acknowledge it.”(chapter 15, Green)

“i’ve given up on hearing from tiny. i hurt him, he hates me – it’s as simple as that. and now that he’s not texting me, i realize that no one else texts me. or messages me. or cares.” (chapter 18, Leviathan)

Finally, I would like to conclude on the note that at the finale of the novel, it didn’t necessarily help the lives of the two teenage boys. Will Grayson still has a flimsy relationship with his best friend, Tiny, and will grayson is still emotionally unstable. This is based on the text at the end, although it was extremely emotional and included very emotive writing it didn’t state that the two Will Grayson’s were happy, this is based on the passage,

“i nod to the other will grayson, up onstage. he nods to me. we have something between us, him and me.

but the truth?

everybody has it.

that’s our curse and our blessing. that’s our trial and our error and our it.” 

Overall, this is a realistic novel, so it has to include some realistic event.

Why is this so important? You might ask, this is actually because in real life there are no such things as miracles. The author of this book, John Green and David leviathan wrote a realistic fiction novel. There is still the word realistic in it, meaning, not all outcomes are the best and we just have to deal with it.

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Legends of Adit Guo

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Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance

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“Will.” Magazine Cover

The novel “Will Grayson, Will Grayson ” is a modern contemporary novel that explore the ideas of coincidence, romance and musicals. The two Will Graysons, both in high school, are both struggling in life in very different ways. The first Will Grayson, is struggling with love, friendships along with school. The other Will Grayson, is struggling with depression, love and family. At a cold night in Chicago, the two Will Graysons meet at the same shop and at that instant, there lives turn in very different directions.

The magazine cover wanted to cover all of the struggles of the Will Graysons and sum it up using magazine topics. The kiss, kill, marry idea, shows love. “The Musical that Shook the Earth”, shows music. To add on, the quotes and the magazine further support the topics along with the struggles of Will Grayson.

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Humanism and the Renaissance

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Good Mom? Bad Mom?

Based on the short story “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan, explains the life of a chess prodigy Waverly Jong and the hardships she faces along with her mother. The mother of Waverly is extremely honest, strong-willed, and sometimes selfish. Although she may not be nice, she still speaks the truth and really wants Waverly to succeed.  

During a conversation Waverly and her mother is having about Chinese torture, the answer Waverly’s mother said is inappropriate yet extremely honest.  She also becomes honest with her during the time when Waverly wanted to play in a chess tournament. Although she did not approve, she still wanted her daughter to be positive, so she said that it is even more shameful if she didn’t play in the tournament.   

Based on the dialogue “”Chinese people do business, do medicine, do painting. Not lazy like American people. We do torture. Best torture.”” (2, Tan) 

“”Is shame you fall down nobody push you,”” said my mother. (4, Tan)  

Along with being honest, the mother is also extremely strong willed, even when she knew that Waverly hated her being around when she is plotting her games she would still stand there for hours and hours to be a supportive mother. The mother wanted to be Waverly’s protective ally and always stood by her side. Along with this, during Waverly’s first tournament, the mother would sit by her side along with praying for good luck.  

“”Ma, I can’t practice when you stand there like that,” I said one day. She retreated… I could see out of the corner of my eye that she is standing in the doorway. “Hmmmmph!” Only this one came out of her tight throat.” (5,Tan) 

“During my first tournament, my mother sat with me in the front row as I waited for my turn.” (4, Tan) 

Although she is very strong willed and honest, she is extremely selfish. As every weekend she would go to the market, just to boast and show off her daughter. This is extremely unacceptable as a parent, as suddenly, she is boasting about something that she didn’t approve at first and now is proud since her daughter is good at it.  

“My mother would proudly walk with me, visiting many shops, buying very little. “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.”(5,Tan) 

“When we got home, my mother told Vincent to throw the chess set away. “She not want it. We not want it.” she said, tossing her head stiffly to the side with a tight, proud smile.”(2,Tan) 

The mother of Waverly is extremely honest, strong willed and selfish. After reading this short piece of writing, would you say the mother of Waverly is a good mother? 

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Found Poem

The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  – W. D. Wetherell


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My First Week

The first couple of days in Gr.8, has been the most complicated session of school in my professional 12 year career of advance educated learning. As I walk around the campus, countless students, teachers and classrooms surrounded me. I was constantly walking through mazes of corridors of classrooms and offices. Yet all my friends have supported me throughout this tedious first week and it has been a real blessing. I hope this can continue throughout the whole school year and would be very beneficial if that it did.

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What I’m Looking Forward to in Humanities

This year would be my first year in ISB, I’m not sure if I would stay here for very long, although I will make the most out of what ISB Humanities can offer. I’m looking forward in taking a leap this year for my Humanities class and taking the harder or more challenging courses to train myself in becoming a better student. I think the adversities that I would face would be determined by how hard I try, I think that the harder I try the more challenges I would face. Generally, I think I would face things such as self-doubt, being too slow in a subject and not being organised. These challenges can be faced with a positive attitude along with a lot of grit. Yet these things would only help if I learn from my mistakes. I hope this post shows what I’m looking forward in Humanities.   

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