Logger Pro Project

I learned how to utilise logger-pro in a real-life situation. It relates to the functions and quadratics that we learned about. We did very well in adapting to our situation since it was very hard. Some challenges we faced was the technical difficulties we had. We could improve on the quality of the work. We could make it more high quality by adding more attention to detail.  

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Capstone Video: The Mother and the Son

The current issue of traffic congestion in Beijing has a unforgiving impact. The families, jobs and lives it has affected is undeniable. Unless the public and the government will come to a general notion to fix this issue, the aftermath of this event will be catastrophic. “The Mother and The Son”, gives us a more relatable story, in order for the audience to connect to and to understand more in depth.

The documentary gives us multiple examples of the victims of traffic congestion. As well as  informing the audience about how out of hand this situation has become and how the government needs to put major resources in order to stop it.

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Journal Entry #5

Claim:The bio-plastics polymer was the most successful polymer to be both water proof and durable.

Evidence: We utilised a stress test for the bio plastics. Which was how well could the bottle hold water with the polymer on and how long will it take to fall apart. After 2 days of waiting, there was no evidence of leakage and spill. Along with this, even if the polymer breaks, it is completely bio-degradable and edible meaning it will do no harm to your stomach and the environment.

Reasoning: In order for the polymer to be as strong as possible, we needed to ensure longer chains of polymer are produced. Along with this, we need to ensure a denser polymer as it has to be water proof. Yet it also has to be malleable at the start, as we would have to mold it.  The bio plastics polymer has all of those characteristics therefore is the best polymer.


Reflection: Throughout our project, I have learnt a lot about design, I have inquired about how we should improve about our polymer. Along with developing new ways to design our polymer and creating it. I thought that our product pitch was very good and very creative. It was interesting, when the judges poured water into our broken bottle and it actually worked. Our project was aimed around sustainability, we insured that our polymer was 100% bio-degradable and saving broken water bottles is sustainable by itself. I believe that as a team, we did the best in sustainability but we could improve our presentation a lot more.


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Journal Entry #4

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“Money is the root of all evil”-Ice Cube

The novel “Proxy” by Alex London, begins with a reckless teenager named, Knox, who suffered and caused a heart-stopping car accident while with another teenage girl. He survived, the other one was not as lucky. Yet the modern dystopian world, people who have deeper pockets tend to have the greater privileges, including the right to a Proxy. Proxies are people who owe debts to business enterprises. Healthcare, education, shelter all require money, as proxy’s start owing debt to the enterprises before they could speak the alphabet.  The protagonist, Syd, is a proxy who suffers the sins of Knox. Even at a young age, Syd would have to take EMD shots for Knox’s sins. As this time, Syd is charged with murder and has to spend the rest of his life in labour camp while getting the deceased name branded on him with hot iron. Welcome to the world of “Proxy”

Yet in this novel, the author explores an interesting claim about how money cannot pay for everything, especially love and friendship. As Knox realises that his wealth is irrelevant to his happiness and begins a quest with his proxy, Syd, to install a virus into the debt system. Along with this, Syd use to think being a person from the Upper City was key to his success, yet after going there he finds it not as amazing as he once imagined. “The only people who couldn’t understand the brutal lengths others would go to for money were the people who’d never been without it. ”(410, Green). In this distorted modern world, having money meant everything, as people could physically change and get cured for incurable diseases using gene editing. The novel warns readers about the future of what money leads to, greed.

Marie, the girl that Knox supposedly killed, was actually part of a publicity stunt made by Knox’s father to teach him a lesson. Furthermore, the readers can infer that Marie does not appreciate the unjust system of the Upper City. Because of this, she aids Syd and Knox in their journey to freedom. “Jubilee,” said Marie. “The day when all debts are forgiven.”(293). As the wealth gap increases, so does the urge to initiate Jubilee, as Syd discovers that he is the carrier of this virus and needs to spread via an electronic machine that only the Rebooters have, which are present day protestors who have a more violent approach to things.

As the world develops, readers have to be reminded that money can never buy you happiness. Debt is only a conception, a wall to stop you from succeeding in life. People all over the world are restricted in access to sport, academics and many others opportunities because of their socio-economic status.

In conclusion, the novel “Proxy”, gives us a plausible, alternative future if society continues to this path. From this, readers need to know that money is not everything and does not make us more happy or more loved. This is why society needs to take a different step towards the future and stop the common notion that money is everything.

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The Valve

In the novel, “Proxy” by Alex London, two of the main protagonist paths cross when they reach a retro themed party in the Upper City. The picture gives the viewers a visual representation of what it might look like in the world of “Proxy”, as the picture is staged in one of the retro parties that the Upper City held. The headlines of the multimedia piece gives us key moments of the story, along with giving us further evidence for the theme, you cannot pay for love. As the magazine portrays this theme using a gossip manner, giving us multiple points of view for each of the key events. The two quotes also give the readers more in-depth perspective of what happens in the book and how each of the articles relate with the theme.

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Pingyao: City of Wonders

I learnt about the personal lives of my friends and bonded with them more on the train. As we progressed with the trip Adit utilised Darren’s hair gel on my hair and I learned about the effects of the overdose of hair gel. Lastly, I learnt about how to turn a chair on the train. During the trip, I learned about the diverse culture that Pingyao has created throughout their history. I also was enlightened with the great history that Pingyao has, as there are multiple examples such as the historic buildings that are present. The successful aspects of the Pingyao challenge was generally our amazing ability to work together as we completed it with amazing speed. The funniest moment of the trip was when I went to the fish massage and my friend Adit started crying. The most challenging moment, was when I had to sleep and my roommates were still very excited. The most memorable experience was when I bought a very amazing water bottle and all our group got bucket hats. I would recommend to make the trip longer so we could enjoy it more.

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The Developing

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Polymer Journal Entry 2

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Polymer Journal Entry 1

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