The Path of NASA

Claim: NASA’s journey to find outer space answers has finally revealed itself through a comet. I believe, that in order to succeed as an outer space organization, it is critical for NASA to go study a comet.  


Evidence: “On the article NASA targets Saturn moon, large comet for possible new mission”, by the Washington Post. The post tells us that by going to the comet, machines and instruments can examine and take these resources back to home. The scientist says, that by doing that, the elements contained inside a comet are essential for telling how us humans evolved. Other expeditions are all based on this one true passion, to find alien life on other planets. Although that would be exciting, it will not benefit our society. 


Reasoning: Using the ingredients from the comet, we will be able to evolve as a generation, as the minerals might contain elements that we don’t know of or answers that we have never foreseen before. That hugely benefits us, sure that might be selfish, but when it comes to 17.5 billion dollars spent on a exhibition, I would want it to benefit us as much as possible.  


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Reflection for One Day

What. A. Day. I think what we achieved was how were giving constructive criticism to the restaurants and gave reviews that would be extremely helpful to people around Shunyi. We learned a lot about how important the job of reviewing is, and how enjoyable it can be. There were a lot of challenges, such as miscommunication and lack of stomach room for more food. We overcame it by being resilient and open-minded. One example was when my fellow companion/ devotee was unable to communicate with the waiter, he overcame these challenges by forcing me to translate for him. One day is important, it is almost like a classroom without walls, although it is not directly studying it is about learning new skills that will help us in the future. Making reviews help us have the ability to critique people and give other people feedback. Overall, this One Day experience will be one of the greatest learning moments I will ever encounter.

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Book Music: Musical Delights of “Notes From a Small Island”


*Due to copyright reasons we cannot give you a preview on the podcast, if you want to listen to it please click on the playlist above.

The book “Notes From A Small Island” by the author Bill Bryson, is filled with cultural wonders of England. He is an American born author, that lived in England for over 7 years. During this book, he is hit with the news that he is unable stay for much longer and has decided to move back to the U.S. The book is so interesting, as it is like a tour guide, yet this book differentiates itself, as the author goes into depth of the unseen side of England. It’s not necessarily bad, but you get to know these little things about England that you didn’t know existed.

I created this music podcast, because I believed that linking songs with the topic, characters and general topics of books is very helpful in incorporating different elements in reading. Some pieces of music directly relate in the literal sense, meaning it relates to what happens in the book. Other pieces relate more to the meanings of the book, such as the culture of England and how it affects the how world. Overall, the book creates conversation around the change, culture and personality of England.

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The Irony of a Revolution

What had changed in Russia from 1905-1939? 

Policies changed, greatly affecting the people of Russia. The motives of the two “leaders”, were different, one was to benefit itself and other for its country.  


What had stayed the same in Russia from 1905-1939? 

The distribution of power was essentially the same, one person assumed absolute power. Another thing that stayed the same, was how there were still many people who were in poverty. This was extremely ironic, as the revolution, didn’t actually change anything.  


In 1939, how were Sergei’s and Alexander’s live the same or different from 1905 

Sergei was always kept fed, and always worked in an army force representing his country. Yet because of the abdication of the Tsars along with the unorthodox methods used by Lenin, made Sergei less loyal to his army. Alexander was thriving in his position, since the new economic policy greatly benefited him, but lasted very shortly. Alexander’s life always fluctuated between good and bad, as his life was always caught in the cross-fire between the powers of the Tsars and the revolutionaries.  S


Was it worth it? 

Although, most people would think the revolution didn’t actually change anything, I would arguably say that this revolution is probably one of the most essential events for our modern society. There are many aspects of “worth it”, it wasn’t worth it terms of changing the country. Yet there is a bigger message, the Russian revolution taught us that revolutions require nearly impossible luck to achieve, with the results you want.



The Cheka and I operating in Russia.

Commanding the people of the labour camps.

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The Humble Space

Claim: “The Hubble Deep Field” astonishes me every time. Wherever the Hubble Space Telescope looks, even the blankest part of space is filled with wonders from the edges of the universe. Billions of planets are in a galaxy, and billions of galaxies are in the universe.  

Evidence: The video first begins with showing us how big the universe is giving us the visual representation of how humongous the universe by giving us life footage of the Hubble Space Telescope. Also, it gives us quantitative observation, using numbers to furthermore elaborate in explaining how big the universe is. Lastly, it uses comparisons to contrast the differences of our perspectives.  

Reasoning: The combination of both the facts, the visuals and the comparisons really makes you feel like a tiny ant on a straight open road. The documentary also makes us question if we’re the only living planet out there. Yet the most important thing about the documentary, was to show us how beautiful space is. How we should admire and study as much as possible, because the more we know about it, the more mesmerizing.

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Colin Singleton’s Discovery of the Unpredictable

An Abundance of Katherines was a 2007 Michael L. Printz Honour book and a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. The contemporary novel gives the readers an opportunity to realise that geniuses do not have everything in the world, especially not love. Colin heads out on a road trip with his overweight, Judge Judy- loving friend Hassan. Along with attempting to find love, Colin realises that life is much more than just being smart, as he meets the love of his life Lindsey. The story also follows a main theme of the unpredictability of love and how it could never be calculated. Colin is able to give us a “real-life” example, as he creates a formula to calculate love. The result of this is him figuring out that no matter how many variables you but in, love is always unpredictable, which is how it should be.  Colin has the ability to give us the opportunity to relate to the book and does it in a spectacular way, whether it is love, school or friendships, this book has it all.


Colin plays a big role in the theme of the book, as he is deeply affected by his most recent relationship, Katherine no.19. His geeky character contributes to the plot, as he tells us that there is an astounding difference between a prodigy and a genius. The lines are as follows, “Prodigies can very quickly learn what other people have already figured out; geniuses discover that which no one has ever previously discovered. Prodigies learn; geniuses do”(10, Green). His decision for the field trip to Tennessee, was dependent of his low self-esteem in his intelligence , as he constantly reminds us about how he is “wasted-potential”. This dialogue between the father of Colin and his son, gives us  evidence in terms of the low self-esteem of Colin, “It pains me to say this, Colin, but if you wish to continue to grow intellectually, you need to work harder right now than you ever have before. Otherwise, you risk wasting your potential.”(12, Green)


At the conclusion of the book, Colin was able to create a promising formula to calculate the longevity of a relationship. Yet Colin realises that his most recent relationship with a girl named Lindsey was going to end after four days. During the fourth day, Colin was not dumped, and realises that love is always unpredictable. This is evident by the lines of a dialogue between Colin and Lindsey, “I realise the future is unpredictable”(214, Green). Colin’s development as a character from a person who believed that everything was calculable to a person who just wants to live life to his fullest, gives us huge motivational in our real lives.


During the middle of the book, Hassan was probably the only friend who supported Colin, this tells us that during a time of adversity, friendship is the only thing that will help you survive over that period of time. As a person who has gone through a lot of adversity, whether it is completing a test that determines the next 20 years of your life or studying for a big assessment. My friends are always there for me, to help me, guide me or encourage me. Hassan has been a huge benefactor for the character development of Colin and has been one of main characters in this novel.


Overall, Colin and Hassan has played a huge role in the theme of the book and gives us a relatable character that we can all learn from.

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K-19- Future of Love

This is a business article, regarding the creation of a love calculator, and how it is the future for this business company.  Although the calculator was unsuccessful in the book, it was because of the unconventional circumstances that it was used in. The company wants to utilise this equation and capitalise in the industry of the calculation of love.

The background of this magazine is a picture of Tennessee, the birth place of the love calculator. Yet, the main theme of this magazine is that love can never be calculated. Although the magazine advertises this equation as the best, there is always a margin of error, as there are a lot of different types of relationships demonstrated in the book. The quotes support this claim, as it states that love is unpredictable.

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Peking Sides

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Robot Petting Zoo

My biggest obstacle was inserting the mechanics at the front of the head. The fan had to be at an angle that would be able to make the tissue’s fly. Sometimes, I would be really frustrated since the hole I cut in my robot was not big enough for the fan. At the end, I had to measure everything and cut it correctly.

This product addresses the needs of my client, because 1st graders love dragons. Also, the blocky theme almost makes it seem like its from “Minecraft”. Although it may seem childish, kids from 1st grade love that, and that’s the most important.

One thing I’d like to change is the tail, from circular to rectangular.

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Cold Bullets

Stock, Shutter. “Bullet Falling.” Shutter Stock, 2017,

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