A Sound of Thunder


In the story A Sound of Thunder, it gives us lessons that there is a reason why others do not allow you to do certain things and that not following an important rule would lead to a serious consequence.


Other people restrict you from doing certain actions for a reason. In the story, the Safari leader Travis repeatedly reminds Eckels and other teammates not to step outside the path since it might affect the future in many ways: “Don’t touch so much as one grass blade… Its purpose is to keep you from touching this world of the Past in any way” (Bradbury 225). Travis said this in order to bring everyone on the trip safely back. It is evident that ignoring this advice and stepping outside the path would be foolish since certain consequences would follow for sure. This shows Travis is a careful and remindful person. With Travis being so careful and remindful, it stopped the future world from changing more than what actually happened. This relates to Eckels’ foolishness.Disobeying important rules precedents a serious punishment or a penalty.During and before the trip Travis repetitively reminded Eckels of the possible risks and punishments of violating some important rules, “’They might change everything… I’m warning you, Eckels, I might kill you yet!’” (234). Despite the endless reminders of Travis, Eckels broke a crucial rule, eventually killing a butterfly, that lead into a big change in the future. Eckels was very terrified after seeing all the change he has made because like I did too, he would not have ever thought about “Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly!” (236) could have adjusted the future that much.This action done by Eckels lead to the change in the future such as the language used. This all happened because of Eckels that lacked good judgement.


In conclusion, in the story A Sound of Thunder, it gives us lessons of why others do not permit you to do certain things and that not following an important rule leads to a serious consequence.


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Humanism is Me!

Only Two Kinds of Daughters Exist!

“Only two kinds of daughters exist!” Jing Mei’s mother shouted. Jing Mei is the main protagonist of “Two Kinds”, written by Amy Tan. Jing Mei is rebelling character thought by the mother yet a cynical character. This is because the mother demands Jing Mei to be someone what she does not want to be herself.Firstly, Jing Mei is cynical. Definition of a cynic is “person who believes that people are purely motivated by their selfishness”, according to dictionary.com. It is evident that Jing Mei, the narrator, is cynical: “Why don’t you like me the way I am?… I won’t be what I am not” (Tan 2-3). It illustrates that Jing Mei does not want others ordering what they want her to be. In this case, her mother is trying to make her a genius in anything. Jing Mei thinks that her mother is trying to make her a genius because the mother was eager for fame. This concludes the belief of Jing Mei that her mother’s actions of trying to make her a genius is motivated by her selfishness. Additionally, the mother thinks that Jing Mei is rebelling. Seeing the rebelling Jing Mei, the mother claimed, “’Only two kinds of daughter exist. Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind’” (7). As the mother insists Jing Mei to be a prodigy, Jing Mei rebels against the mother, showing being a genius is not what she wanted to be. Reacting to this, the mother claims that Jing Mei is not obedient, but rebelling. Jing Mei is being rebellious because she is going against the mother who is insisting Jing Mei the opposite of what she wants. Therefore, the mother sees Jing Mei as a rebelling character.  Similar to Jing Mei, I am also rebelling. Rebelling means that I stand up against what is not right and what I do not want to be. For example, when playing a video game, some of my peers encourage me to hack or use money to buy certain items. But since I do not want to be a hacker or use money on a game, I do not listen to my peers when they try to make me do certain things that I do not want to. Therefore, similar to Jing Mei, I am also rebelling. In conclusion, Jing Mei a rebelling yet a cynical character in the book, “Two Kinds”, written by Amy Tan.


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Found Conflict

My found poem was taken from a short story “The Man, the Bass and Sheila Mant” written by W.D. Wetherell. The poem illustrates the man versus nature conflict between the narrator, the protagonistand the bass, the antagonist. The words of my poem were taken out from page one through four. In the climax of the story, this conflict shows the narrator’s tough decision to cut the fishing rope because the narrator was eager to impress Shelia Mant. This shows the narrator had chosen love over his true passion, which is fishing for the reason that Shelia, his love, alleged that fishing was dumb. He gave up his true passion for a fake love.

ONEDAY Project: Stop Motion Piano Video

My project was inspired by an YouTube video made by Art Channel. In my project, with mostly pencil and paper, I created a paper piano that was needed as a prop. I took pictures of every single notes with color and attached  music to it. I used iMovie for an editing tool. My time was a bit more limited than others because for the first hour, I helped Gang Gang’s group record their movie.


  1. I made my paper piano out of pencil, ruler and markers.
  2. I photocopied another paper piano and colored it in with blue.
  3. I cut out the blue paper piano keys.
  4. I recorded me playing few songs on the real piano.
  5. I took pictures of every single note so that it would match the music.
  6. I edit the video and published it.
  7. Finish!

One thing that went with my project is that the time management. Even I had a lot of recordings I had to do, I managed the time well so that this project was turned out OK.

One thing that needs improvements is editing. In this project, editing is the key to success. However, i think I did not do a very good job at editing, so I think editing is something I need improvement on.

Me using Jelly cam to record– 10~11 o’clock

Editing via iMovie– 2 o’clock~ end of the day

Paper Piano– 1~2 o’clock


ONE Day 2017

What did you create?

Felix and I created a 8 minute long chess move video.

What were your successes?

We made the video and editted it on time.

What were your challenges?

Videoing the whole big chess board.

What was your impact and/or will you continue with anything from ONEday in the future?

I will continue to try my best to do ONEday in the future.

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