Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Claim: NASA should focus future missions on Europa.

Evidence: Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, has been recently focused due to the possibility of hosting life. “One of Jupiter’s moons may have plumes, or geysers, spraying clouds of water vapor. In 1997, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft flew by Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to collect data.  Now, a new report suggests that the spacecraft flew directly through a watery plume. The finding is raising hopes for signs of life outside Earth.” “NASA’s Hubble Telescope had spotted repeated evidence of plumes.”

Reasoning: In human’s perspective, water is needed in order to have a hospitable envirnment for life. NASA’s Hubble Telescope had spotted signs of water. This shows the possibility of hospitable envirnment where living creatures might develop. This would tell human beings that humans are not the only living creature in this universe, showing chances of more life throughout this gigantic universe.


Yes, it is the last OneDay in middle school. This year, I choose to be an elementary teacher for a day! We went to 2nd grade classrooms and taught the kids for a whole day.

To start with, in the morning, we read our stories to the kids as they cam back from recess and ate their snacks. Then, we did our passion projects, where you could teach the kids anything you desire. I taught the kids math, and I worked on word problems (subtraction) with the kids. After lunch, we helped the PE teachers by looking after kids as they did gymnastics. Finally, we ended the day with a science experiment, and we taught the kids about chemical reactions.

I learnt that being a teacher is not an easy thing. To be a teacher, you need to plan the lesson and teach the lesson. Also, 2nd graders are very active and energetic, they are restless. I would say that being an elementary teacher is one of the hardest jobs on Earth.

It was an unforgettable yet an exhausting experience. I think now I know why teachers drink so much coffee.

Coming Soon: The Outsiders

The OUTSIDERS by Daniel

I made a movie poster explaining the external conflict of the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. In this stories, two gangs, the Greasers and the Socs fight over the course of the book. The main protagonist, Ponyboy, is a Greaser. This story sends you a message that different social class fights are not helpful for anyone.

Want to make a poster like this? Here, visit Canva!

My image citation:

MASTER OF DARKNESS: THE TESTAMENTS OF FRITZ LANG | American Cinematheque, www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/content/the-outsiders-rumble-fish.

Save the Ocean, Save Ourselves

My poem video is about plastic waste thrown into the ocean and how humans continue to destroy the ocean even they are aware of it. After making the poem and the video, I decided not to use plastic bottles, so I am currently using a reusable water bottle.


You Yourself Are the Miracle


Imagine yourself,

On a burning day in July,

In the center of a plastic soup,

You are trapped in a plastic bag.

You struggle to leave,

But soon you are choking for fresh air,

As your eyes are gradually closing.


I am plastic,

I am transformed into one hundred and sixty thousand bags every second.

Humans use me at their own convenience,

At their own handiness.


I am plastic,

I am a publically accessible nuclear bomb.

People use me even they are aware of the sea turtles,

Screaming and crying,

“Save me, I am innocent,

don’t just stand there and do nothing like you don’t care,

you evil and egoistic humans.”


Some say it is already too late to save the ocean.


It is people like them

That makes it even worse.


We, as humans,

Were able to reach to the moon,

Were able to develop the cure for Lymphatic Filariasis,

Were able to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem.



We should overcome this,


We must and can overcome this.


Even the slightest effort can help,

As little as using a reusable cup,

As easy as using a reusable bag,

As simple as at least recognizing how serious this is.



If we do not contribute the tiniest effort to the ocean,

The ocean that we took benefit of whenever we desired,

Fish are going to be non-existent by two thousand forty-eight,

And this is something much more than what we anticipate.


If the littlest changes come together,

We could save the ocean altogether.


As dramatic as discovering an oasis in the heart of a desert,

The ocean would someday regenerate,

As a response to our apologies.


“You yourself are the miracle.”


Thing Link- Opium!

DT Robot Petting Zoo: Squirtle

Quick Summary: In DT class this trimester, Theo and I made Squirtle as a part of our robot petting zoo.

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success in this project was actually being able to finish the project on time, before the exhibition day. Some other groups were not able to finish their projects on time, but we were able to finish it on time, so my partner and I are very proud of that success.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently zwould be making Squirtle interactive. Squirtle only moves and activates the sound effect only if my partner or I pressed on a button on our laptops. However, on the day of exhibition, I discovered that first graders were more attracted to intractable robots. So, if I could change my robot, I would attach an IR sensor to make it interactive.

Skills I have learnt this trimester was coding. Before, I have heard of coding, but I didn’t know anything of coding. But, during DT this trimester, I learnt how to code with Snap4Arduino app and code so that the motor would move the way I wanted.

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