ONEDAY Project: Stop Motion Piano Video

My project was inspired by an YouTube video made by Art Channel. In my project, with mostly pencil and paper, I created a paper piano that was needed as a prop. I took pictures of every single notes with color and attached  music to it. I used iMovie for an editing tool. My time was a bit more limited than others because for the first hour, I helped Gang Gang’s group record their movie.


  1. I made my paper piano out of pencil, ruler and markers.
  2. I photocopied another paper piano and colored it in with blue.
  3. I cut out the blue paper piano keys.
  4. I recorded me playing few songs on the real piano.
  5. I took pictures of every single note so that it would match the music.
  6. I edit the video and published it.
  7. Finish!

One thing that went with my project is that the time management. Even I had a lot of recordings I had to do, I managed the time well so that this project was turned out OK.

One thing that needs improvements is editing. In this project, editing is the key to success. However, i think I did not do a very good job at editing, so I think editing is something I need improvement on.

Me using Jelly cam to record– 10~11 o’clock
Editing via iMovie– 2 o’clock~ end of the day
Paper Piano– 1~2 o’clock


ONE Day 2017

What did you create?

Felix and I created a 8 minute long chess move video.

What were your successes?

We made the video and editted it on time.

What were your challenges?

Videoing the whole big chess board.

What was your impact and/or will you continue with anything from ONEday in the future?

I will continue to try my best to do ONEday in the future.

Life is Different Without Sugar (Really??)

The last 2 week was a no sugar week. The no sugar week was when I (also other students in 6 grade) had to eat no sugar, completely no sugar, for a week. We did this no sugar week since sugar is very bad for you and cause you to death. We had to eat our meals healthier and our meal had to be sugar free. However, natural sugar from fruits were allowed. I was ok with the sugar week and it was an excellent experience to have.

Can’t really see but that’s the note I took.

To do the no sugar week, I had to cut my habit of eating the granola bar, which also had bunch of sugar in it–I found it out in the video we saw in class–and had to avoid cereal, ice cream for the reason that they had a lot of sugar in them. Our family didn’t really had to change anything. Only my mom had to remove all the sugary food and snacks from my house. I had to change at school too. I had to cut off my ice tea and lemon tea habit. I found out that those “teas” had enormous amount of factory processed and bad sugar in it. I had to have a healthy choice of eating. I had to eat more green leaf vegetables like cabbage and spinach to consume more vitamin C and other good nutrients.

I learnt that even thought you don’t directly eat sugar like eating chocolate and candy everyday, you could get sugar from other places. You could get sugar from the flavored yogurt, which everyone enjoys everyday, and you could also get sugar from ice tea and lemon tea you drink at school. You need to be careful; even it says 100% no sugar, look for the disguised sugar, sugar is also known as fructose, glucose, lactose, sucrose and thousands more. In this no sugar week, I learnt a lot of useful information.


Survive was the only thing Brian thought about after a plane crash. If you want to know what happens to Brian, read Brian’s Winter, written by Gary Paulsen.

My favorite book is Brian’s Winter written by Gary Paulsen. The reason why I like this my favorite book is because survival stories are one of my favorite genres and also because the author describes using very interesting words what Brian does in order to survive The author of this book, Gary Paulsen, makes the readers want to know more, read more with great suspense and he is able to hook a reader in. Gary Paulsen is an expert of making the readers draw a picture in their head what’s going on.KHimeVSR3EWwtXy6V3KJC9kh