Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

The thought of another life or organism on another planet is mind-boggling for most average day humans to comprehend. The question is, should NASA invest in a  planet mission that could result in possibly finding future life, well the answer for me is yes. The Saturn orbiting moon called Enceladus“ is now a hotter-than-ever candidate for potential life”, (Source A).”The heavy presence of hydrogen suggests chemical reactions between the warm water and ocean-floor rock that could support life” (Source A). If life were to be found on Enceladus, that wouldn’t just be a major breakthrough in astronomical study, but it would humble our society knowing that we are not the center of the universe, and that other life exists, and many more civilizations could be found. Finding life on Encelatus could possibly mean the discovery of new elements,and even technology that would benefit our world for the better. Let me ask you, why shouldn’t NASA invest in future missions to possibly discover something that could be revolutionary to our understanding of life, and the well being of our society?





Source A:


“A tiny moon that orbits Saturn hints of its potential to sustain life.”
Newsela, 17 Apr. 2017,
Accessed 11 Feb. 2019.



There is no specifc evidence for the claim that life does not exist on other planets. But the thing is, humans don’t know all that much about space in the first place. We have no idea how big it is, and how many planents and galaxies there are. I think I’d be silly to simply state no life exists elsewhere, that just proves that humans are arrogant and we think we’re the best. I bet somewhere on another planent or galaxy, there is life. I think some species may be about the same size as us, some soo microscopic we can’t see them, and some soo large we don’t notice them as organisms. If we were able to find other life more advanced than us, I do hope that they would help us and reeducate the world on how important the environment is, and threaten to kill greedy businesses that refuse to listen or change their methods.

A Delighful Pita with a Falafel Mess

  Pre-Preperation Neccesary For OneDay.   


It was Monday and our group needed to decide what to do. We had a clash of ideas and no one semmed to agree on one dish. Literally after 30min of arguing, we came to the conclusion of Falafel and Pita Bread for the main dish, only because I knew how to make both and I have past experience. I was the person in charge of making the pita bread, and the falafel. I brought all my own ingredients that I would need for both dishes. I started off by making the pita bread dough at home, it was simple, I mixed warm water, yeast, and sugar and let it sit. Then after 10 min, I added flour and olive oil and then kneaded the dough myself for about 6-7 min.  This is a result of me planning beforehand, knowing I wouldn’t have enough time at school to make the dough. The dough was placed in the fridge overnight to rise slowly so I could bring it to school the next morning. I also brought many spices, chickpeas, cilantro, coriander, olive oil, an onion, a bit of flour, measuring cups, and the list goes on.

Making of The Dishes (Mozzarella Sticks)




Making Of The Dishes (Falafel P1) 


In the late morning, after we had finished our mozzarella sticks and had a break, it was time to start on the falafel mix, it would need to sit in the fridge for at least 40 min. I added all the necessary ingredients to a mixing bowl, 2 cups chickpeas, 1 chopped onion, a bunch of chopped coriander and parsley, 4 cloves of garlic, cumin powder, salt, sesame seeds, flour, and black pepper. We put in the blender (1), and when we tried the falafel “mix”, we were mortified to find out that there was too much garlic (2). I frantically tried to add more turmeric, and curry powder and when that didn’t work, I was in terror. I frantically looked up on my phone how to balance out garlic in a recipe, and it said to add olive oil to the mix, and add lemon juice to any liquid substance used. So, I added olive oil to the mix, and that helped a lot, so I put the falafel in the fridge, where it would sit for the next 40 min. (3) 


  Making Of The Pita Bread 


In the meantime, the Pita Bread needed to be made for the main dish. I took the dough out onto a floured surface. I made 6 dough balls, ensuring that each group would have one Pita Bread to try (4). Once I had six dough balls, I rolled out two, and let the rest of my group members do the rest, since they thought it was fun. Once they all rolled out I got the pan ready, I heated up some olive oil on a heavy duty pan and put my first Pita Bread inside.(5) It was required to cover it to get air inside the dough, then, I would need to flip the bread multiple times to get and evenly brown sides (5). The aroma of the bread was wonderful, and I was confident it would turn out great. Once the pita was finished, we took it out and added oregano, thyme, and tarragon leaves, given our bread a touch from the Middle East. (6) We repeated this 6 times for the other bread. 


Making Of The Dishes (Falafel P2) 


After 40 min, we took the falafel out, we only had 20 min left. I frantically shaped the balls into the dough, (7) and prepared the frying pan with at least 2 cups of oil, and lemon juice the help with the overpowering of garlic, we now had 15 min left. I threw the overly moist falafel balls into the pan hoping we had enough time. (8) After another 5 min, I realized that nothing was happening. Then it clicked, the stove wasn’t even on, it was locked, I didn’t know what to do, I was stressed, begging the teacher to help. This was a main difficulty we had, it took us another 5 min to figure out the stove, and to unlock it. We had 5 min left to fry and to plate the dish, the Pita was ready, but the Falafel made me stressed, after 3 min, I had to make the decision that we would be plating Falafel Paste instead of Falafel. I took the unfinished falafel out, and placed it next to the Pita Bread as a paste that could be eaten with bread. (6) It was I could accomplish in the time that I had. 



Presentation and Reflection


     Even though the falafel was never fried, it ended turning out ok as the paste, similar to Babba Ganouche, went well with the Pita Bread. Our dish looked good, and definetly smelled good. We put three pieces of Pita Bread on the top of our “plate” we used, then the Falafel Paste was spread on the side, the yogurt dressing went right on the side in a cup, spices and parsley were carefully placed to give our dish a nice look. We didn’t get 1stplace, but we got 2ndin taste, and creativity. I was a bit dissapointed, but at the same time I knew that I tried my best and still created a very good dish. In the future I would not choose Falafel and choose something a bit easier, simpler, and less time-consuming to make, to ensure I have more time if something were to go wrong again. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience, our team worked well together, and I learned a lot, if I had a chance to do this again, I certaintly would.













Understanding Space: How Can We Do It?

Space. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s alot of space. Space is a unimaginable unexplored area that contains planents, stars, galaxies, and so much more that humans fail to understand. It is impossible to imagine something that to us is never ending. Everything on Earth has a beginning and an end that is relatively comprehendable. But is 5,900,000,000 km comprehendable, no, and that’s just the distance from the Sun to Pluto.


To really attempt to get an idea of the size and distances (from the sun) of our planents in our solar system, we needed to scale our numbers down, so we can see it in real time. All of our planets diameters and distances from the sun would be scaled down by 50,000. So for example, Earth’s diameter is 12,800 km, we scaled it down to 0.256 cm, and we would do this for every planet. Each planet would be formed into clay and layed out on a sheet of paper, when we did this, it was easy to see how much larger Jupiter, the outer planets, and especially the Sun were to the tiny blue speck of Earth.

Secondly, we needed to understand how far away the planets were from the Sun, and from each other. As we did with the diameter of each planets, we took the distance of the planet from the Sun and scaled it down by 50,000, then converted it to meters. We went outside and we set a point as the sun. Then, each planet was placed in accordinance to its distance from the sun. This took a whole class period, but it really helped all of us to get an idea of our solar system and the planets in it. It was clear which planets were terrestial, and outer. We could see just how far away the outer planets are from the terrestial planets, and also just see how big our solar system is, and how that is only a tiny speck when compared to the rest of unimaginable space.



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The Violent Yellow Vests: Daniel Savu.

On Saturday, December 8th, some of the most horrific protesting demonstrations took place in Paris, and all around France. In Paris, around a total of 136,000 yellow vests, meaning protesters, took to the streets in Paris. Many of the yellow vests come from low or middle-class income families who struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. They have all united to ruthlessly protest new fuel tax increase proposals, and overall high costs of living to the controversial French President, Macron. These protesters were noticeably violent and unruly, as “the capital, Paris, was particularly badly hit, with windows smashed, cars burned and shops looted (“Yellow vest protests: Macron hosts crisis meeting.” BBC). In fact, “Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire described the situation as a “catastrophe for businesses, and the economy”. Though, as a French citizen mentioned, “It’s a pride that people are taking action.” (“Yellow vest protests: Macron hosts crisis meeting.” BBC) The people have spoken, the tax proposals have been canceled, but the French aren’t done, and in order to satisfy the people, more is required.

France has always had problems with workers’ rights, strikes, and high costs of living, so it isn’t surprising to me that the French would execute these harmful demonstrations. These incredibly violent demonstrations were not the right approach to the situation. There were “100’s injured, arrested, dozens of vehicles torched, and several shops looted” … the famous Arc de Triumphed defaced with hate graffiti” … “This violence has been the worst since 1968”. (“Who are the ‘yellow vest’ protesters causing chaos in France?” CNN) All this violence caused the need for police to use tear gas. This is not a civilized way to protest, an issue should be peacefully addressed first, and if that doesn’t work, then you can become violent in order to catch the government’s attention. Though, another aspect of this is that the French people have given a lot of working rights and privileges, “Workers in France are guaranteed at least five weeks off not including public holidays … and a maximum 35-hour work week” (“France: Less Work, More Time Off.” CBS News). And yet the French still complain and often lead massive strikes in the workplace. To me, it seems that no matter what the government does for its people, the French will never be satisfied. And this has proven to have negative effects on France, the “French economic growth lags far behind the United States. People understand very well that the French system will not survive long if it’s not reformed, people will have to work more,” says Marchland (“France: Less Work, More Time Off.” CBS News). In order for France to overcome this daunting obstacle and economic catastrophe, both the Government and the French people need to rethink how they can save their society, and reform their economy, for the better.

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Boxer Rebellion ThingLink


The Boxer Rebellion:

The Boxer Rebellion took place around the 1900’s. It was a time when many Chinese individuals felt that the foreigners were destroying the Chinese culture, and the sovereignty of their state. The visual you see is above gives brief descriptions of important places during The Boxer Rebellion. Many of these places include the legations of foreign powers, which were under threat of the Boxers. In my opinion, the Boxers deserve a bad rap. Although I can see their standpoint, the Christian values could have benefited China in the future, and possibly even prevented the Cultural Revolution and some of the other horrible events in China. The Boxers were also not smart to fight against the foreigners, because they failed to understand that they were waging a war against the whole entire world. I see why the Boxers did what they did, but if they had been more educated and aware of the affects it would cause, then China could have been more prosperous.


for: The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street 

Book Details:

The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street by Lindsay Currie

Print Ad 1:

For first print ad, I used a special technique called Bandwagon, it is where you convince people that they are missing out on something if they don’t read this book. I show this in the title that Halloween isn’t complete without this book, but also I have quotes of what “people” stated about the book; both convincing people that everyone is reading it. The gravestone with Inez Clarke? , symbolises the main conflict of the story.

Print Ad 2:

The second print ad is pretty straightforward, I used a technique called Promotions where you offer a prize to someone who reads the book. In this case a random winner will get $1000, but first they have to read the book and take a quiz on it; forcing them to buy the book, if they wish to enter the contest.

Print Ad 3:

The third print ad is using a technique called Claim, where the seller makes a claim about what a product could do. In this case I claimed that no other author could keep you as intrigued as Lindsay Currie, which is obviously not true. But that claim persuades readers to buy the book. The book is faded in the dark background conveying to readers the tone of the story.

Additional Information:

If you wish to find out more about the advertising techniques used in this task, then visit.

Magazine Cover: Egeus from MSND


Forceful, haughty, fearsome, and inconsiderate are definitely the words I can use to describe this pitiful father, Egeus. In today’s time, Egeus would be considered cruel, and his actions would be arrogant. In the Renaissance, arranged marriages were quite normal; contrary to today where it considered unacceptable in most European countries. My magazine covers intends to convey the superior oppression shown in MSND; and even connect to today, especially in places like India and Nepal; where arranged marriages are still common.

The immense, intimidating face of Egeus shown at the top of my magazine immediately shows how some fathers in the world think they have full possession over their daughters life.  Egeus says, “As she is mine I may dispose of her”. Below is a demonstration of an arranged marriage ceremony taking place, along with other article titles that could possibly be listed in the magazine; such as “How Arranged Marriages can Ruin a Person’s Life Forever, and How You Can Avoid It. The last picture shows a modern-day arranged marriage ceremony, better enabling a connection to the audience, and what their life might feel like if it occurred to them. The last quote conveys how Hermia is feeling within this hectic chaos.



巴黎的初夏得阿天最好。六月道中九月最好。巴黎的六月道中九月的天气常常是小云,有时候下雨,有时候晴天。白天是从13到16个小时。巴黎的气温从14度道25度。可是,请注意,巴黎的天气无法预测 。下雨是50应厘米道60应厘米. 你可以穿短裤和衣服,我觉得你可以带来毛衣,雨衣,和长的裤子。巴黎的六月到中九月的天气有时候下雨,有时候有点儿冷 。我在六月去了巴黎,天气很好;我觉得你也会喜欢巴黎。



莫斯科的晚五月到早九月最好.莫斯科的晚五月到早九月的天气常常是晴天。多云很小,白天很长。14到17个小时左右。下雨是50应厘米道90应厘米. 莫斯科很全年干燥。莫斯科的气温从 12度道22度。你最喜欢莫斯科的科的晚五月道早九月,因为,气温很好,和白天很长。 莫斯科的下午有时候有雷暴。你可以带来冬天和夏天的衣服,因为莫斯科的天气无法预测。人给我说,莫斯科是华丽的市。