Troubles of Time Travel

Imagine going back in time and accidentally kill a mouse, would the future remain the same? Or will the ecosystem die because of one dead animal? During times of great caution, it is very important to follow directions and exercise caution no matter what the situation is because even little mistakes can be harmful to not only yourself but many others around you. An example of someone not doing this is in A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, when the main character ignored instructions and made a mistake that ended up affecting many things.

The safari company wants all their customers to follow directions because one small mistake could greatly affect the future. After they arrived in their time destination the hunt leaders constantly say,”’ Stay on the path. Stay on the path’” (Bradbury 8). He says this because there are many consequences as to even step on a blade of grass or kill a mouse “could start an earthquake, the effects of which could shake our earth and destinies down through time to their very foundations” (Bradbury 5). But disregarding all that, when the protagonist, Eckels, saw the tyrannosaurus rex “walked blindly to the edge of the path…stepped off the path, and walked” (Bradbury 10). Countless times the Time Safari company reminded, that “’Anything happens to you, we’re not responsible’” (Bradbury 3), and also clearly stated, “’ Six safari members were killed last year, and a dozen hunters’” (Bradbury 3). This shows the importance of the event, making it even more important to follow directions because it could get him killed. The theme of following instructions can also be seen later on in the story after Eckels goes off the path and creates more problems for the team.

Because Eckels chose to not follow instructions and try to get to safety by going off the path, but Eckels actually endangered his team and the future. Disobeying the directions 66 million years back on a hunt to kill the apex predator of the time was a bad choice for Eckels. Stepping off the path was a very bad thing because 1 one mistake accidentally killing a small thing could come back at them and change the future. And after constant reminders about the potential consequences that could happen from stepping off the path. The leader even said,” ‘you’re not coming back in the Machine, We’re leaving you here!” (Bradbury 11). Because first of all, he left his team to fend off a tyrannosaurus rex by themselves, and second of all he went off the path which could lead to endless possibilities and endless consequences depending on what he did or stepped on while he was off the path, therefore even more so endangering the entire future. This clearly shows how much danger he put his in danger when he left his crew to fight off the massive dinosaur and walked off the path, that is also bad because stepping on a mouse and “’what about the foxes that’ll need those mice to survive?…infinite billions of life forms are thrown into chaos and destruction.’” (Bradbury 5). And despite all, he stepped on a butterfly and the entire future changed because of one irresponsible selfish mistake.

Therefore, learn from Eckels mistakes, and don’t ignore instructions during dire situations because, for him, a single butterfly changed the entire future.

How to Spot—And Protect—Trees from Lightning. 19 July 2016.

Band. Post.

This musical phrase is from the starting line for etude on the snare drum. I think it sounds solid, no sloppy mistakes or uneven noise differences because there were no accents. But throughout the entire song, I get kind of lost because I have to play twice as fast as the conductor so it’s confusing so I hope to get better at that.


Humanism by daniel

Healing the Scar of Shame

It takes a bad heart to make a small mistake and let it grow large, it takes a big one to stop and make it right. In Amy Tan’s “The Scar”, Nuyer (The protagonist’s mother), although she is disgraced by her family for leaving them, she is actually a caring mother.

Nuyer is a mother who is a disgrace to her own family because she made very bad decisions that hurt herself and her family. After her husband died, she left the family to marry another man (which is a chinese taboo). When she came back, during the rising action of the story, her family disrespected her so much that her own mother wanted her children to forget about her: “so [An-Mei] knew [Nuyer’s mother] wanted me toforget about my mother on purpose” (Tan 1). And many different times her family says, “’You are the son of a mother who has so little disrespect” (Tan 2), and: “Now [An Mei] could imagine my mother, a thoughtless woman…” (Tan 2). This shows how disrespected she is. After she left, the whole family despised her, even their servant who” hurried away with a displeased look” (Tan 3) when she came back. It’s pretty obvious that her family doesn’t like her, her mother wants her kids to forget about her and her own daughter thinks she’s just a thoughtless woman. Many times this is the final kick that stops all runners from making it to the end, but notNuyer.      Nuyer is also a caring mother that seeks forgiveness from her family. After Nuyer asks An-Mei, “’An-Mei you know who I am’” (Tan 3), except An-Mei doesn’t answer. After Nuyer “began to cry… she cried with a wailing voice that was so sad” (Tan 3) And later on in the story during the climax, when Popo was ill she gave one last chance to her mother:” I saw my mother on the other side of the room. Quiet and sad. She was cooking a soup… And then I saw her pull up her sleeve and pull out a sharp knife… my mother (Nuyer) cut a piece of meat from her arm. Tears poured from her face and blood spilled to the floor, my mother took her flesh and put it in the soup… She opened Popo’s mouth… and fed her that soup” (Tan 5). That night Popo passed away. In this section, Nuyer expresses how much she actually cares for her family. Not only did she cry because her daughter barely remembers her because she finally wants to be back in her life, but she also cut a piece of her arm for her mother to give her some of her youth and spirit. With all the disgrace she’s caused she sacrificed great pain for her family: Even though [An Mei] was young, [An Mei] could see the pain of the flesh and the worth of the pain” (Tan 5).

In most aspects, I am not like Nuyer, I am not a pretty woman with her white skin over face…long white neck” (Tan 3). And I have never left my family and children to marry another man disgracing me and my family and have disrespect casted upon me from my family members. But like Nuyer I have made mistakes, I care for my family and want the best for them. One time, my parents handed out chores for me and my brother on a sheet of paper, I lost the sheet and didn’t do my part of the work. My parents started blaming my brother and arguing, I saw what I did wrong and admitted to it and as punishment to myself, I did all the rest of the work. When I realize my mistake I try to make it right just like Nuyer when she cut off meat from her arm and fed it to her mother regardless of the pain that came with it.

In many cases, her mother deserved the disgrace and disrespect her family casted upon her, but in the end, she made things right. Although scars may never go away, they can still heal, and that is what Nuyer did:” This is how a daughter honors her mother. It is shou so deep it is in your bones. The pain of the flesh is nothing. The pain you must forget. Because sometimes that is the only way to remember what is in your bones. You must peel off your skin, and that of your mother, and her mother before her. Until there is nothing. No scar. No skin. No flesh” (Tan 5).

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Battle for the Bass

The found poem was taken from The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant by W.D. Wetherell, Page 4. In my poem, it shows the external conflict of man vs. nature. The protagonist, the boy is struggling to reel in the antagonist, the bass. Near the climax of the story, the boy hooks up the biggest bass of his life while going on a very important date with someone who hates fishing. This lead to the boy making a hard decision for either love or the biggest catch of his life. After trials of trying to keep both, he finally decides to let the fish go. In my poem the struggle is him trying to bring the fish back, both fighting, I think the struggle between the two characters symbolizes the struggle of the boy’s mind making the decision for either love or passion. The conflict in the poem leads to pushing the story forward more. Him catching the bass leads to a deeper understanding that he cares more for his passions and pushes the story forward. Hopefully, this conflict teaches him that passion is better than pretending to be someone you’re not.


My Winter Book-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by j.k jowling

Harry Potter is the main character in the book I read this winter, he is a curious kid in his second year at his wizarding school. Throughout the school, he gets in messes in and out from crashing into the whomping willow to being accused of paralysing and hanging a cat and not only that is he is blamed for a school-wide terror. It started when they got away from the whomping willow incident and found themselves in a weird moment when they saw Mr filches cat hanging stiffly on the wall, with a sentence that they do not get painted right by. At the moment the entire school walked by that hallway and caught them right by it assuming he “killed” the cat. After they got away from the troubles and detentions on Halloween they went to there house ghosts deathday party he heard a whisper he followed. and at these points, if I heard that I wouldn’t go near but Harry is a very curious person so the story goes on as he figures out the true cause of these problems and the meaning of the sentence and proves his innocence. Throughout the book, at most times he is accompanied by his two closet friends that help and support him that helps him get through the problems.

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