My Winter Book-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by j.k jowling

Harry Potter is the main character in the book I read this winter, he is a curious kid in his second year at his wizarding school. Throughout the school, he gets in messes in and out from crashing into the whomping willow to being accused of paralysing and hanging a cat and not only that is he is blamed for a school-wide terror. It started when they got away from the whomping willow incident and found themselves in a weird moment when they saw Mr filches cat hanging stiffly on the wall, with a sentence that they do not get painted right by. At the moment the entire school walked by that hallway and caught them right by it assuming he “killed” the cat. After they got away from the troubles and detentions on Halloween they went to there house ghosts deathday party he heard a whisper he followed. and at these points, if I heard that I wouldn’t go near but Harry is a very curious person so the story goes on as he figures out the true cause of these problems and the meaning of the sentence and proves his innocence. Throughout the book, at most times he is accompanied by his two closet friends that help and support him that helps him get through the problems.

My SMART Goal for Being Well

My SMART Goal for Being Well.

Specific: My goal is to sleep at least 8-10 hours every night. My routine I want to do is to go to sleep at around 10 o’clock PM and wake up a 6 o’clock AM for a good night of 8 hours of sleep.

Measurable: I will look at the time every night at around 10 o’clock before I go to bed so after I note it I can go to sleep, in the morning (at around 6 o’clock) when I wake up I will also look at the time and note it down do track my sleep record.

Attainable: I will achieve my goal by setting an alarm/reminder every school night to sleep at around 10 o’clock and another reminder at 6 o’clock to wake up. and every time noting down the times in my notes.

Relevant: If I want to be well and healthy, sleeping is a big role in that play. In order for me to stay healthy and have good nights sleep with energy for the day, I will have to sleep a number of hours are recommended for kids my age. And for 12-18 year olds, the recommended time of sleep is from 8-10 hours.

Timely: I will achieve my goal by noting the times I go to sleep and wake up in my phone notes so I can evaluate how many hours I slept. I will try to do this everyday so it becomes more of a routine for me.