Leonardo Da Vinci — His Life Story and Legacy

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Am I a Humanist?

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Sheila Mant or the Bass?

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A Strict Mother Isn’t Always A Bad Mother (Blog Post)

Although Waverly’s mom can often be perceived as a horrible mother, her actions had a positive impact on Waverly’s development, therefore her way of treating Waverly can be justified. Waverly’s mom, even though having a bad personality, served as a great mother, by always being strict, teaching lessons, and setting her negative figure as an example to Waverly for what she should not follow.

Waverly’s Mom’s strictness was a fundamental driver for Waverly’s success. Her strictness taught Waverly to be a persistent and hard-working learner who can overcome the many hardships on the way to success, whereas a kind mother would spoil Waverly, and Waverly would not be regarded as the nice, hardworking person that she was in the story. When Waverly would cry aloud that she wanted candy, her mom would tell her “‘Bite back your tongue,’… ‘Wise guy, he not go against wind.…” (Tan, 1). Apart from exhibiting discipline on Waverly, she also talks about valuable truths.

Furthermore, Waverly’s mom always taught Waverly lessons from traditional Chinese truths, her teachings contributed towards building Waverly’s personal qualities which made Waverly successful. These truths often represented discipline, respect, and morale.

Finally, Waverly’s mom’s personality sets her up as a negative figure to Waverly, a role model of what not to become in the future. An example of one such trait is showing off in public and embarrassing Waverly, “My mother would proudly walk with me, visiting many shops, buying very little. ‘This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,’ she said to whoever looked her way.”

In a nutshell, Waverly’s mom was not a great person but was a successful mother. Her discipline and teachings made Waverly very successful, and her undesirable personality made Waverly refrain from becoming. Therefore, she was a great mother.

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My First Week

Throughout my first week, I made many new friends, found old classmates from my last school transferring to ISB, and became familiar with my new classes and teachers. We did many grade-level activities and homeroom activities and had lots of fun meeting up with our new teachers. I look forward to working with my awesome classmates for the remainder of the year!

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Grade 8 Humanities learning and challenges

1. What are you looking forward to learning in Grade 8 this year?

I look forward to learning world history, especially revolutions. I have especially inquired and researched about revolutions in the past year because I wanted to know the ideology driving a revolution. I also want to acquire skill in making smart, informed decisions that result in a positive impact, because it is particularly important throughout Grade 8, and it is a lifelong important skill.

2. What challenges will you face?

One of my main obstacles barricading me from finding success in Grade 8 is Organization. I often find it difficult to manage my time, causing my tasks and assignments to be past due date, even if I can finish it with exceptional quality. After a long period of time, I seldom find myself organized, all my worksheets will stack up into piles and piles that I never find time to organize. This creates a vicious cycle between my lack of time management and lack of organization and the unsubmitted assignments will eventually pile up on me.

I also find it difficult to write/type anything more than one sentence, because I will eventually focus more on the grammar, sentence structure, and looking up vocabulary words in the thesaurus than the actual essay.

3. What is your plan to meet these challenges?

Throughout Grade 8, I plan to keep my desk (at home, where I prefer to pile up schoolwork) and my computer desktop clean and organized at all times. I will also perform a routine backup on my time machine to prevent loss of my work. Finally, I will frequently check Dragon’s Exchange (DX) to make sure I have finished all my assignments

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Hello world!

Welcome to ISB Blogs.

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