So basically, today I recreated the MARK 2 of the butternut squash fritter. But first I created the Butternut squash pasta. I learned that MSG is a chemical that makes things very salty, pun intended. I also learned that your should never ever roast cilantro. I also learned how to shape the fritters into circles. You basically scoop the mixture of squash, so it should look like a ball. Than you put it on the pan and put pressure on it. It would than spread the mixture into a circle. This is what i learned today. I also learned how to design my plate. basically there are 2 types of plates. Round and Long. With long plates your suppose to spread the food out. With round plates you are suppose to design it by building up.


The edited Fritters didn’t taste so different from the non edited. But we manage to learn how to make the fritters into a proper circle. We tried out the smoothie recipe audit sucked. It tasted to natural. Next time we should cook the squash than blend it.