For this Ignite week project, I choose  Creativity (L21) area because Riptide wasn’t described thoroughly enough to make an exact copy of it so you had to imagine how it looked. I thought I grew in this area because I actually created a pretty good sword from imagination, even though it isn’t finished. Most of my classmates complimented how cool it was. One example of how I used creativity was when I had to create the grip. Even though the grip isn’t finished yet I created a crossing design. What I did was wrapping 2 strip of leather around my sword while intersecting them together when they meet forming an X.


I enjoyed learning how to use creativity this week. I think that this skill will benefit me in the future because creativity challenges the mind to go further than anybody else. With creativity you could start a trend or something popular that would go down in history. Overall, this Ignite week helped me grow because it challenged me emotionally and my imagination. Creating a specific sword with only knowing which category the sword is from and knowing how long it is, took a lot of imagining to create finer details on the sword. It is also my first time creating a foam sword so I had to change my plans everyday and it really took away a lot of time of working from the week. Something that I took away for work shop skills is that you cant rush your final product. You probably would make a permanent mistake if you rush

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