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2K18 Consume Reflection

What is the relationship between consumption and sustainability?

           Consumption, when you shop around the grocery or the mall you either buy something that’s sustainable or something that’s unsustainable. Sustainability means that one could maintain a life style forever without interfering our future generations ability to access the resources one uses to act the lifestyle out. To make sure the lifestyle could be maintain forever you have to view in the perspective of all 3 pillars of sustainability environment, society, and economy. You have to balance all 3 pillars in order to make your lifestyle sustainable. Let’s say that you buy 15 bananas every day. You have to make sure it doesn’t unbalance the 3 pillars. In this case  your life style won’t harm the forest near your town, your lifestyle doesn’t cost too much, and your lifestyle doesn’t affect the people near you(if they hate the smell of bananas). Unsustainability is the opposite of this, it topples the delicate balance of the 3 pillars and you wouldn’t be able to maintain it forever and you will affect the ability the future from getting this recourse your using. In order to delay our expending doom what you can do is don’t buy too much(there is always an hidden cost in buying an item. A few examples are Child labor, Low wages to workers, dangerous working conditions, and lack of management to waste from factories), don’t waste the thing you buy(water, Toilet paper, paper, Ext.), buy from companies or farms working on being sustainable, and also don’t use plastic. PLASTIC IS NEVER SUSTAINIBLE. JUST say NO! If your best friend offers you some-and trust me they always say the same thing -“Bro, try some. It’s going to be the biggest high of your life.” JUST say no!

          Reflection for Exhibition

            In the exhibition only one person came to see my fabulous video and It was a person named Devon. It was basically half demon half devil. It said that it was good and people would get my idea about consumption with sustainability and the costs of unsustainability. However it said my audio wasn’t so clear. Next time I would slow down my when I record so I could make myself more clear and elaborate more on the topics im talking about.

             The Relation Between Consumption and Sustainability and What You Can Do

           Like I said, you either buy a sustainable item or something that isn’t sustainable. Most of the things we buy aren’t sustainable. In fact everything  is unsustainable, no matter what we do  we will one day all use all the recourses in our world or die off in the far away future. However we have to delay the horrifying darkness of our impending doom. Since a lot of things we buy are unsustainable the easiest thing to do is solve that problem. Make sure your product  or choices doesn’t harm the environment, the community, and the economy. You have to think about the whole life of the product. The extraction of recourses used in the product, how its produced in the factory, how it was distributed, and how its disposed of. Make sure at every step, the companies are trying their best not to disrupt sustainability. When you buy you have to see the hidden costs in it. Did the company use child labor? Do they give low wages? Does the factory have any management in the way they letting out their waste? Do their workers work in harsh and dangerous conditions? These are all questions to think about when you buy an item.

What you can do to delay our impending doom is to buy from sustainable companies and  spread the word. Do some research about sustainable companies and sustainable farms. Try to find them near you and buy your items from there. You should also spread the word. Tell everybody about sustainability, tell them about our impending doom.




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I CHOSE THIS BECAUSE it reminds me of me. I like james corden and he reminds me of me when I was younger. SKURT SKURT.

He’s funny and awesome just like me.

Ignite Week Reflect and Exhibit IronChef-Friday

So today we used to ingredients we prepared yesterday and created our food. We Added garnish and waited for the judges to taste it. In the end we got Second PLACE!!!! In the exhibition a lot of people ate both our pasta and fritters-until we had none left.


Looking bucket the project, I realized my team and I had no arguments. Thats a First. We worked together really well, even though we almost have no cooking experience(unless we are talking about insta noodles, cereal, and scrambled eggs. But thats beside the point). While finding a good recipe I picked up many new skills for example proper cutting techniques(note Its plural, meaning more than one), now to flip food while doing shallow frying, how to shallow fry, how to mince garlic, ext. In the future these skills can really help me out. I really didn’t have any challenges except for making good looking fritter. We got lots of help from Ms.Falco and Chef Rob.




My Goals For 2018-2019 #awesome

Welcome back to Davids g’old almanac.




My academic goals:

Is to get into Algebra this year. To accomplish this, I can do more khan academy


My personal goals:


I want to know how to dribble a basket ball between my legs at winter break. To do this I can practice drilling for ten minutes when i get home from school.

Wellness goal:

I want to run the400 meter sprint under 1 minute at the end of track season. I am already working on this goal by doing the Cross Country team.





My course through feed the future

Through the  course of this project i learned a lot more about sustainability. I also learned the best ways to give a top quality pitch. Most of our food that is produced today is due to agriculture. Agriculture gives a steady source of food when compared to hunting.  We get more time to explore and learn. But it also has bad qualities too.  Some examples are diseases, war, and the factor of sustainability. Even though lots of bad qualities were created because of agriculture, is still think agriculture is something that humans needed. Technology advancement and the advancement for living conditions are all here because of agriculture. In the past 300 years, human population has grown 6.8 billion. It is suspected that the human population will grow by 4 billion in less then a century, so how do we feed the future now? For feed the future our driving question was “What sustainable solutions can we create to feed our growing population?” My group and I love tacos, but they aren’t sustainable and we wanted to change that. We believed that the beef and dairy product(Cheese) was the major factor obstacle from sustainability.  We researched the ways to replace the cow products, what ingredient should be used in tacos, and the information about the ingredients. I learned that many factors decide a crops sustainability, for example the types of pesticides normally put on the crops also affects the crops sustainability and the location where it is grown might cause the use of oil to be transported long distances. Our group countered many communication and collaboration problems but we managed to to stop at the middle of the project. We had multiple pitches. on the first one i stuttered a lot and took many peeks at my notes. But on the last one I learned to memorize it, make it sound like a conversation, and also take as little peeks at the notes as possible. The research i did on my pitch allowed me to connect more in the Sci-fi story i made. For my Sci-Fi story that was placed in the time 2050, my story was engaged in a dark world. The story was follows a brother who just wants to get out of this messed up world due to the collapse of the government. In my world people didn’t care about the warnings that were given. The warnings about sustainability were ignored and soon there was a lack of water and land for crops. civilization as a whole crumbled instantly, but it still had a foundation giving hope for a redo in history.

My journey as a entrepreneur

our driving question was how can we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet global or local needs. A Social entrepreneurship is the use of start up companies and other entrepeneur to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

For the entrepreneur  unit I teamed up with shockien and tom. We dicided to sell t-shirts and sugar free healthy orange juice soda.  We then focused on who we were going to donate our profit to. We focused on 2 groups, Smile week and kiva. Smile week is a charity to babies with cleft pallets and kiva is a charity who helps people who make who live in poverty.  Cleft pallets are a serious disadvantage to a child, it affects them both physically and mentally. Due to the child’s appearance society will be likely to turn he or she down. Our sustainable developing goal or SDG’s are health care, equality, jobs and building up national relationships.

We spend around 216 on shirts and on soda. We made and got close to 200 RMB as profit.  For the first 2 days of our sale we sold the orange soda. It was going okay but we wanted more customers and sold jello.  We sold our jellos in a 2 piece batch for 10 RMB. We also sold a whole bowl of it for 30 RMB. But what the people didn’t know is that one bowl only cost us 1.5 RMB to make! Lost of people bought it no knowing that they were ripped off.  But we weren’t as successful as other people. Every body spend there money on the sweets and games. I learned that everybody liked to by food exceptional sweets not t-shirts or other cosmetics.


One Day Out of the blocks 2000+10+8

For One Day 2k18, we packed up and went on to our journey to find the mythical and wise old people. We fought giant snakes, fought a cyclops,
blew up a planet, went through deserts and the waste lands of the PEKING. Until we finally arrived across the street. well the real story is also kind of the same but without the cyclopes, planet, and the giant snakes….. we just interviewed them.

I learned how do use a lumix which was a black thing that has a tube that can capture your soul short terms camera. I also learned good camera angles and that we can put sounds from the area as the background music. we also got to meet and learn about new people. Another tech thing i learned was that there were 2 type of microphones. one is for a big room. Like to get a big range of sounds, and the other mic is for interviewing. so its focused on one or a few voices.


I found out that most of the seniors thought that nothing was blocking there happiness and that they felt that can’t be even happier. they also had lots of siblings and had a big family. they all commented that biggest difference of china now and 40 years ago was the life styles, buildings, and pollution.


In conclusion i felt like this was a good one day project because I got to learn new things and meet new people. i also get to be famous, kind of. So next year i recommend to take this course.

Where should we move to, Chengdu or Datong? (with David Guo)

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