Some interesting things I learned about are tariffs, embargos, and trade, which helped me understand how a society functions. A society needs to trade ideas, goods and services in order to meet their needs. It needs scholars from every where in the world. Ideas and scholars can create innovation. Goods from other countries are different from the country we live in so we have to trade to get it. Goods from other places can be different types of metals, wood, or types of food. Basically every body has a puzzle but one piece is from a different puzzle. In order to finish the puzzle they have to give each other the puzzle piece they need. Tariffs and embargos stops that trade. Tariffs slow down the flow of trade and embargos stops it. They create tension between countries that can last for centuries. The flow of different ideas also slow down, slowing innovation. When I finished this project I realized that I had good team work with my group. We were always that first to finish an assignment. For example a strategy we unconsciously started was we’d usually only used one computer together so we could talk more. Before I used to think that I was bad as collaborating but it turns out I was okay at it. We made each other feel safe in our group. For example, we supported each other in things we were unconfident. At the start of the project, Felix-a team member- had a mindset thinking that he always had bad luck and if he rolled a bad number we would get mad at him. I ensured him we wouldn’t and luck cant be bad because luck is a fifty-fifty. I forced him up to roll and he got the best roll we ever got in our group. It took maybe 2 more rolls to fully be confident but he is now a lot better. It makes me very happy to see my friend grow a bit and knowing I helped him. At the beginning of the project I thought that that tariffs stopped trade and are created because of an arrogant leader that tries to threaten other countries. But it turns out its because they have to protect their countries economy. Looking back at this project, I realize that the whole project is about trade. A good society has to trade in order to meet their citizens needs and wants. I helps the development of the society and innovations. How ever a big question I still have is, if there is a lack of recourse in the future, would people still trade and why?