For One Day 2k18, we packed up and went on to our journey to find the mythical and wise old people. We fought giant snakes, fought a cyclops,
blew up a planet, went through deserts and the waste lands of the PEKING. Until we finally arrived across the street. well the real story is also kind of the same but without the cyclopes, planet, and the giant snakes….. we just interviewed them.

I learned how do use a lumix which was a black thing that has a tube that can capture your soul short terms camera. I also learned good camera angles and that we can put sounds from the area as the background music. we also got to meet and learn about new people. Another tech thing i learned was that there were 2 type of microphones. one is for a big room. Like to get a big range of sounds, and the other mic is for interviewing. so its focused on one or a few voices.


I found out that most of the seniors thought that nothing was blocking there happiness and that they felt that can’t be even happier. they also had lots of siblings and had a big family. they all commented that biggest difference of china now and 40 years ago was the life styles, buildings, and pollution.


In conclusion i felt like this was a good one day project because I got to learn new things and meet new people. i also get to be famous, kind of. So next year i recommend to take this course.