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My journey as a entrepreneur

our driving question was how can we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet global or local needs. A Social entrepreneurship is the use of start up companies and other entrepeneur to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

For the entrepreneur  unit I teamed up with shockien and tom. We dicided to sell t-shirts and sugar free healthy orange juice soda.  We then focused on who we were going to donate our profit to. We focused on 2 groups, Smile week and kiva. Smile week is a charity to babies with cleft pallets and kiva is a charity who helps people who make who live in poverty.  Cleft pallets are a serious disadvantage to a child, it affects them both physically and mentally. Due to the child’s appearance society will be likely to turn he or she down. Our sustainable developing goal or SDG’s are health care, equality, jobs and building up national relationships.

We spend around 216 on shirts and on soda. We made and got close to 200 RMB as profit.  For the first 2 days of our sale we sold the orange soda. It was going okay but we wanted more customers and sold jello.  We sold our jellos in a 2 piece batch for 10 RMB. We also sold a whole bowl of it for 30 RMB. But what the people didn’t know is that one bowl only cost us 1.5 RMB to make! Lost of people bought it no knowing that they were ripped off.  But we weren’t as successful as other people. Every body spend there money on the sweets and games. I learned that everybody liked to by food exceptional sweets not t-shirts or other cosmetics.


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