NASA’s Next Mission

Claim: Future expeditions and missions in space regarding the search for life forms, should be focused at Saturn’s moon.


Evidence: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has found hydrogen molecules in the geysers shooting off one of the moons(Enceladus). A liquid ocean exists beneath the icy surface of Enceladus around 300 miles across.


Reasoning: Scientists say that Enceladus has all the ingredients to develop and support life and that the hydrogen molecules collected by the spacecraft Cassini could have been coming from chemical reactions in the water and rock, that can spark life such as microscopic lifeforms. Overall, Enceladus(and Titan) shows more possibilities of lifeforms than any other planet.

Most Important Picture Ever!

What do you think?•Is there life out there? Why or why not?


I agree because with so many galaxies out there, there is a chance(hopefully) that there is other lifeforms out there waiting to be discovered. Other images that can fall into this category can be images that deepens our understanding of the universe or pictures that proves us wrong about a certain hypothesis.

SFM Stop Motion Animation


I got inspired to do this video by a YouTuber/animator who makes phenomenal SFM videos( So I decided to make one of my own, but stop motion. I decided to do this because it’s something different from what everyone else is doing.


What did you do well?: I think that by finishing the video in 1 day is something that I think I did pretty well

What did you learn?: I learned how to use more complex features in the software to help me out in the future

What challenges did you face?: I faced a number of technical challenges, such as: glitches, data loses, overriding files that replaced all of my previous files, and many other bugs. But in order to overcome these difficulties, I had to ask numerous friends online for help and had to watch videos on how to fix these bugs and issues.

Why is One Day important?

I think One Day is important because it gives us a chance to create something that we never had the chance to.

One Day Planning


What are you planning to do?: I am planning on to do a stop motion film using SFM

Who are you working with?: I am working alone

What is your level of experience?: My level of experience is good enough for what I am doing

Goal?: My goal is to complete the film in 2 days(1st day animating, 2nd day editing)

Brightest Comet of The Year

This week the brightest comet of the year will zoom past earth. Comet 46p/Wirtanen was discovered in 1948 by a man called Carl Wirtanen. December 16 is the date where the comet is closest to earth and will zoom past. with a diameter of 3-4 miles, the comet is pretty small, and will zoom past earth at about 21,000 mph. Scientists say that once the comet is near the earth and sun, scientists can have a closer look at what its made out of as the comet’s nucleus gets revealed by sunlight.

I believe that this gives us the opportunity to study the comet and where it came from, which planet its from, and what its made of. it can expand our knowledge of the universe and space. but remember, its this week, don’t miss it!


Boxer Rebellion

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The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap. Even though they killed thousands of people, their objective is understandable. After the multiple invasions from foreign countries, wars with Britain, and multiple defeats, it is understandable to be angry. When foreigners and missionaries entered China, the Boxers saw them destroying Chinese traditions and converting people into a different religion. All the Boxers want is an independent country, not a country where 8 nations is stealing territory and converting citizens into other religions. Even though the Boxers killed hundreds and thousands of people, they were fighting for a good cause and therefor do not deserve a bad rap.


For The Liberators  picture by Chris Lynch( ), I’ve chosen a world war 2 ( ) background with two soldiers which is representing the two brothers from the book. But I crossed one of the brothers out because in the story, they get separated in training and have to fight in battle with the absence of each other and that Nick ( the main character) has to go to battle still thinking of his lifetime brother. I also chose the Allerta Stencil font to have a nice old WW2 theme that goes well with the background. I have made author’s name fairly big but not too big because I personally think that the author isn’t that famous. But the author has written a lot of books in this series and deserves a bit of recognition. I put the one sentence summary in the middle of the book cover to tell the potential reader the main idea of the book right after they read the title and the author. I have also added a review from “New York Times” and an award sticker so that the book feels high quality and can appeal to more people who only reads books that have good reviews on them.

Rising Climax

After reading part of Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz, I can understand and connect to the current conflict  of the protagonist. The current conflict the protagonist is facing is man vs self, he needs to overcome a fear, “So we have less than a week to get you over your fear of heights then?” (P84) in order to accomplish his main mission in Germany. Due to a mandatory fitness test, the protagonist’s mission success is at risk. If he does not pass this test, it will result in his target disappearing into the Nazi military and never to be found, “If I don’t pass the test, Fritz will join the SRD and I’ll never see him again”(P83).


A very similar experience happened to me recently during a school trip. I had to climb a very high rope course with a safety rope that I don’t trust. In order to reach the top, I had to overcome my fear of heights that has haunted me for my whole life. Therefor, I can connect this experience of fear with the protagonist in the book because he suffers the same fear that I do, heights. The protagonist and I both sense the feeling of falling, loss of control every time we step close to a cliff or a high location. I overcame this fear by not looking down and just concentrate on climbing and the protagonist is currently trying to overcome his fear by standing on the roof top during an air raid, trying to overcome his fear.


Dot Me


Task: Setting

My setting analysis of “Projekt 1065’s” exposition, can tell me that the chaotic environment around him, is now starting to affect the character negatively. We start off with the character informing us about a dark night, in Berlin. When the character was walking back home, he saw police men chasing Jews, houses on fire , graffiti everywhere, and shop windows smashed with graffities of Jews. The character in the story is traumatized by the setting of the this scene, but also by the police killing escaping Jews. Imagine a young kid witness murder and death at the age of 8, and he can’t do anything about it. It lefts the kid criticizing himself for being so useless at a time of need. The setting of chaos, apocalyptic all described by the character, emphasizes how shocked he was during that night . With this amount of stress, the character is starting to develop a conflict with himself, because he couldn’t do anything about it. Phrases like: “We have to help him.”, or “We can’t, love” or even “What’s happening?”, furthermore, emphasizes how caring the character is, but in the same time, how desperate and scarred he is.