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Task: Setting

My setting analysis of “Projekt 1065’s” exposition, can tell me that the chaotic environment around him, is now starting to affect the character negatively. We start off with the character informing us about a dark night, in Berlin. When the character was walking back home, he saw police men chasing Jews, houses on fire , graffiti everywhere, and shop windows smashed with graffities of Jews. The character in the story is traumatized by the setting of the this scene, but also by the police killing escaping Jews. Imagine a young kid witness murder and death at the age of 8, and he can’t do anything about it. It lefts the kid criticizing himself for being so useless at a time of need. The setting of chaos, apocalyptic all described by the character, emphasizes how shocked he was during that night . With this amount of stress, the character is starting to develop a conflict with himself, because he couldn’t do anything about it. Phrases like: “We have to help him.”, or “We can’t, love” or even “What’s happening?”, furthermore, emphasizes how caring the character is, but in the same time, how desperate and scarred he is.

Am I a Humanist

The Monkey’s Paw

This found poem that I created, used multiple words from the poem, “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacobs. In my found poem, I used a picture of a dark night over the ocean, with the moon illuminating the horizon. I specifically chose this picture to give a very creepy, depressing mood so that when the audience is reading my poem, they can feel a sense of regret and grief from the character. I also wanted to emphasize the mood by making the background as dark as possible, but to also help the reader imagine the setting around the river in my poem. The conflict in my poem is man versus self, because the character is thinking to himself about the past and how he regrets and questioning on life, but also the isolated setting around him. The best way that I thought to express this, was to by intentionally choosing the words “cold, wet, quiet wind, pain, darkness, and misery”. The reason why I enlarged the words: wet, cold, and pain, was to emphasize what the character is going through mentally and how the environment is around him.

My Life Poem In 30 Words

Augmented but flexible, and calm.
Blood sweat endurance.
Passionate of automobiles.
Devotion of family, happiness, and
A horizon of greater things beyond.
Unperceived to the future of
infinite possibilities.

1) Augmented:
Strengthened to be greater than what it already is. The reason why I chose this is because I am strong and prepared for anything that comes at me.
2) Devotion:
love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. i chose this particular word because i wanna give the audience or reader a sense of the importance of me caring for my family, and i think that’s important.
3) Horizon:
the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet. i chose this word because it explains that in the distant, there are greater things waiting for me.

One Day-Digitally Modeled Posters

On One Day, my project was to create digital posters using a software called SFM(Source Filmmaker) because I have seen many creations others did using this software i wanted a go on it. At first everything seemed so complicated, with tabs everywhere and a bunch of options, its was overwhelming. So in order to continue with the project, I had to go and look up some tutorials on YouTube. After I was finished with the videos, I began my project.
So in the time 8:30-9:45, i was trying out the software and i created my first poster. It wasn’t really a 100% detailed image mainly because i wasn’t really trying to make it detailed since i was just trying the software.





9:55-11:55: At this point i was creating multiple posters using this software. i was utilizing the 3D models, maps, and environments to my advantage. Creating multiple scenarios and posters with models at different poses and maps different from the others.




This One Day actually went well than I expected. I got so much done in just under a hour. The one thing i would have done better would be to add more models or even animate them. The lack of group members was mainly the reason i couldn’t animate them, because the amount of work needed to animate the models was so big that i decided I would run out of time. so instead i made posters using the software instead of an animation.


For the rest of the day i worked on different posters of my choice.

In the end, i was very satisfied of what i got and will still improve on my current project.







TetraBox Lamp

This project did not go exactly as we planned. Our goal was to build a sphere shaped lamp, with triangular holes on it to make it look better. We did succeed in a way, but not the best way. We did in fact ran out of time and had to change our plan abit. Instead of a sphere, we made an rectangular lamp (still with triangular holes). Our biggest challenge was that we didn’t had enough time and didn’t have enough group members to get everything done efficiently. Our impact was to recycle wasted material and make them into useful things, like a lamp. We will not continue this project next time, because this project is a ton of work and I think we our group should try new things next year. We are now planning on to make something on minecraft next time.

The Sugar Parable (Sugar Free Week)

For this unit, our objective was to go through a week without eating any artificial sugar or juice. Each week my family and I had to think of our food choice and choose another food because of sugar that is in the food. My family found it a bit challenging because most of our food contains soy sauce, and soy sauce contains sugar.

To improve in my diet,I need to make some changes. Every time when my family buys groceries, I need to keep a look out for hidden sugar that is in the food. Second, I would eat food that has a equally controlled amount of sugar and calories. My third thing to improve is to control my food choice at school, because the cafeteria has a ocean of sugar and its really hard to resist those greatness.

Ready! Yeaaaaaaeh!

Today were exited to battle other robots because we made some extra protection. Well we are still nerves that the other robots will still push us off the ring.We think our robot is gonna do great because we put an white line in the front so when it senses the line it will back up so then we can push him off.So good luck to our robot… =D

Time for battle!!!! ;D

Today our robot beat a lot of the robots at our class for practice,and we think we are ready for battle! But we want to do a little change to our robot so it won’t run of the ring.So Joel lets do this!!!!!!!!!=D