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Independent reading expostion

In my book  Eragon by Christopher Paolini, I focused on the setting of the book and how it affected the story. The first part of setting that you receive is the name of the country Ägleasea and the area the book is set in is Palancar Valley. Palancar valley is a small place that seems to hold no importance at all starting the book off with a mood of. This sets up how in this small unimportant village something big will happen. This something big is the arrival of sapphires egg. In the  “The Spine was the only place  that king Galbatorix could not call his own”(loc:172)I can infer that this sets up the conflict because king Galbatorix owns all of the land except for the spine based on this quote I can infer that the main conflict will be man vs man because it shows how this one person owns it all and he owns nothing while he’s suffering as well as struggling to make ends meet. he is a normal boy excluding his hunting tendencies he becomes your average boy trying to scrape through with his family. We learn that his mother Selina died when he was a child and his father left him here with Selina’s family. Next we are introduced to salon the butcher he is a man of big stature and paranoid of the spine due to what happened to his kings army in it at does not expand in my opinion this shows that the town of Palancar Valley is a very superstitious place since Salon was a little too quick to decline the egg that looked like it could buy the town. but alas he thinks it’s cursed. At the edge of Palancar Valley is Eragon house that is occupied by Eragon’s father figure Garrow and his brother figure Roran since he was adopted into this family. In this book up into this point, we are shown that even though Roran is off to do his work after a meeting with Katrina the love of his life. After Roran leaves is when things happen 2 mysterious people arrive in dark clothes searching for Eragon. This changes the mood to one of suspense where you get more and more excited due to the two dark-clothed creatures. This ruins the setting of peacefulness of Palancar Valley and adds tension and increase the tempo of the speed of reading.



The Monkeys Paw Found Poem

This poem was created using the words from William W. Jacob’s “The Monkeys Paw” short story. The concept of my poem is how characterization and how they change throughout this story. The first line of my poem ‘Mr. white a guilty smile’ is supposed to show how he is content with his life now and needs nothing. I chose ‘Herbert concentrating on the chess board’ to show he is a normal person who is enjoying his time with his parents playing chess. This line is one of the most important lines in my poem because of the major contrast created later. ‘Mrs. White, a white-haired old lady sat knitting by the fire.’ This finishes my attempt to simulate a classic household where the old woman is knitting by the fire giving her a normal demeanor. Back to the idea of a normal household inferred in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s where the family is by the fire enjoying themselves. ‘EVERYTHING WENT WRONG’ this is the line I want to put the most emphasis on because it is the twist of this poem. This is the start of the contrast between the normal and the irregular. The line ‘Mr. white cried’ is the exact opposite of his smile in the first line showing the change no matter how good or bad it is. ‘Mrs. White went mad’ this is talking about how she turned from this average old lady becomes this insane old coot who was lost her mind because of the monkey’s paw. ‘Herbert ten days dead’ the only reason to add this is that of the contrast and add the effect of suspense and horror. Finally, why I placed my words in the way that I did was to add emphasis on the line ‘EVERTHING WENT WRONG’ using the lines and making it the center of attention. I chose the monkeys paw with the blue background to show that on the outside it looks like a god’s blessing but really, it’s a curse. I chose the contradicting colors of red and white because they are the very contradicting colors and show how white is normal and red is a disorder.

Dot ME

my life in 30 words

I, been described many ways,
naming few,
Just like others, Pop is in my head,
In front of a screen for hours- days.
Toying in rugby since 6 makes me

distinctive from you.

1. Gallant this word means to be pride-full and fearless in danger. the main reason i chose this word is that I take massive pride in anything i do and my dad always stresses the fact that i am always fearless in anything. so by combining  them, you get gallant.

2. Toying this word means essentially messing around and is a more descriptive word than playing. the main reason i chose this word is because i don’t just love to play the sport i  love to mess about while playing.

3. Distinctive this word means having a characteristic that is unique to every on else. the main reason i put emphasis on this word is because  we are all different from one another and this is how i am different form everyone.

My OCHA Profile for the Phoenix Project

S.M.A.R.T Goal

My smart goal is to get at least 8 hours of sleep

I’m going to measure it by writing it down on a piece of paper then transferring that data to an excel sheet

I will achieve it if I get at least 8 hours of sleep consistently

My goal is relevant because our topic is. BE WELL

there will be a check point every week for my sleep

Lit circle working agreement

lit circle working agreement

here are my lit circle group has made. I agree with them.

1: be respectful of those in your group

2: participate in group conversation

3: no insults (no bad ideas) don’t shoot down other peoples ideas because you think they’re wrong.

American football :One Day

For one day I learned how to play American football and filmed my experiences. Now I can catch throw punt and run simple routes. My partner Justin knew how to play and wanted to teach me for next time we go to the dome we could throw a ball around.  I did learn how to throw and catch easier. Some simple things to think about, I learned from Justin is that it is best to throw holding the grip and letting it roll off your hand and to catch go with the ball to catch so you waste no time to start running. I succeed to throw catch and punt but sadly for routes I had so many failed attempts after 21 attempts I finally caught a good throw by Justin. i personally don’t want to continue to learn how to to play american football. here is a link to my journal. to


Sugar Free torture week

The reason that we did sugar free week was because we as a 6 grade didn’t really realize how sugar can affect our lives but every warning we get we usually retort. We did sugar free week to change our minds about what is and isn’t healthy. During sugar free week i had to resist donuts,chocolate milk and other sugary delights. The real challenge i faced were my friends in grade 7 who  were taunting me which i gave em a nudge and it felt good. I got around sugar free week by going to the salad bar usually and avoiding sugar all together.

The next step is to  keep in trying to get my protein dairy and all the other types of food balanced. I will try to only have sugars on Fridays only. i don’t need anything about my family to change my mom always chose the least sugar possible and her food tastes good. at school i think we should put a limit on how many sugary delights we can have very day because most people  just have sugar for their lunch i don’t really like it.

I have learned from this PE unit that sugar makes things taste good but that means that nearly 74% of  foods world wide have sugar.