24 Nov 2017

My OCHA Profile for the Phoenix Project

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25 Aug 2017

S.M.A.R.T Goal

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My smart goal is to get at least 8 hours of sleep

I’m going to measure it by writing it down on a piece of paper then transferring that data to an excel sheet

I will achieve it if I get at least 8 hours of sleep consistently

My goal is relevant because our topic is. BE WELL

there will be a check point every week for my sleep

23 Aug 2017

Lit circle working agreement

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lit circle working agreement

here are my lit circle group has made. I agree with them.

1: be respectful of those in your group

2: participate in group conversation

3: no insults (no bad ideas) don’t shoot down other peoples ideas because you think they’re wrong.

26 Jan 2017

American football :One Day

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For one day I learned how to play American football and filmed my experiences. Now I can catch throw punt and run simple routes. My partner Justin knew how to play and wanted to teach me for next time we go to the dome we could throw a ball around.  I did learn how to throw and catch easier. Some simple things to think about, I learned from Justin is that it is best to throw holding the grip and letting it roll off your hand and to catch go with the ball to catch so you waste no time to start running. I succeed to throw catch and punt but sadly for routes I had so many failed attempts after 21 attempts I finally caught a good throw by Justin. i personally don’t want to continue to learn how to to play american football. here is a link to my journal. https://isbdragons-my.sharepoint.com/personal/degan_cougle_student_isb_bj_edu_cn/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=%7BE52B4381-1FA6-44DA-B8B0-BEB4F80770BB%7D&file=OneDayProcessJournal2017.pptx&action=defaultt to


7 Dec 2016

Sugar Free torture week

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The reason that we did sugar free week was because we as a 6 grade didn’t really realize how sugar can affect our lives but every warning we get we usually retort. We did sugar free week to change our minds about what is and isn’t healthy. During sugar free week i had to resist donuts,chocolate milk and other sugary delights. The real challenge i faced were my friends in grade 7 who  were taunting me which i gave em a nudge and it felt good. I got around sugar free week by going to the salad bar usually and avoiding sugar all together.

The next step is to  keep in trying to get my protein dairy and all the other types of food balanced. I will try to only have sugars on Fridays only. i don’t need anything about my family to change my mom always chose the least sugar possible and her food tastes good. at school i think we should put a limit on how many sugary delights we can have very day because most people  just have sugar for their lunch i don’t really like it.

I have learned from this PE unit that sugar makes things taste good but that means that nearly 74% of  foods world wide have sugar.