Trade Up Reflection

Some interesting things I learned in this project are: The structure of different kinds of economies, why China opened itself to trade, and why countries have trade wars. Learning these things made me better understand the world today though economics. I now understand the importance of trade, what’s going on right now between US and China, and why the Opium War actually had a positive effect on China-opening it to trade.  Before this project, I use to think wars are horrible, mean, and cruel. Even if that’s true, I now understand war can also have a positive effect. The Opium war slaughtered a lot of Chinese citizens but it also opened China to trade. China became more developed and advance through trade, they learned new skills that really benefited their economics.  Looking at Project Trade Up, I realized that civilizations meet their needs through allocating their resources and trading. I also realized that economics is not boring, it’s actually a lot of fun. Civilizations can’t produce everything, and that’s why trading is so important. Countries use division of labor as much as we do. Another big question I still have is how did we come up with racism and slavery, did the first civilizations decided that we will treat people unequally, and why did they decide to do that?

Zero world hunger starts with reducing waste.

The future is so far away yet so close. The population is projected to increase to 9.6 billion by 2050. How are we able to feed so many people? I also wanted to give my extra food away. Every time I don’t feel like eating, I want to magically teleport my meal to someone that needs it, but I know that was not possible. Food waste has and will be with me everywhere. Every time I’m at a buffet, every time I got out to eat etc. I wanted to create something that could reduce food waste at ISB, so we created the pay by weight system. At first, we also wanted to change the ingredient in the sandwich bar to more sustainable ones, but we found out that was not possible. Throughout this unit, I’ve learned the benefit and harm of agriculture, and the harms that will happen in the future if we keep ignoring food waste. Will the future full of with starvation, poverty, and plastic, or will the future be full of happiness, sustainability, and sunshine? We decide.

Let the Phoenix fly free!


ONE DAY 2017-Learning with experiments.


ONE DAY 2017 –


learning science with cool Experiments; My goal for one day is to learn science by doing experiments found online and learning about why those reactions happen.


What we learned:

We learned a lot of stuff for example: when we did the floating egg experiment I learned that salt water is denser than ordinary water making the egg float. Also for the leak-prove bag experiment I learned that the polymers in the plastic bag can bend around the stick so it wouldn’t leak. For the glowing water experiment, I learned that the black light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum also includes infrared, X-rays, visible light (what the human eye can see) and other types of electromagnetic radiation. And of course there is more! I learned a lot of things on one day! And I also learned how to fast forward a video in Imovie!



Were the experiments successful?

The experiments were all successful except for the Glowing Water. But it was ok because we found out what was wrong with it.


If we did this again what would we change?

We would double check if we have all the experiments materials and maybe find more experiments to do that would take a longer time.


Overall how was it?

It was fun and enjoyable!


My powerpoint:







On Monday I ate sandwich at the cafeteria.

  • Tuna
  • Latus
  • Cheese
  • Tomato
  • And BBQ sauce

Drink was water.

On Tuesday I ate:

Salad, tomatos, eggs, 


Soup, all kinds of veggies.


On Wednesday I ate:

  • Noodles,
  • In the noodles was egg
  • Meat
  • veggies.
  • Half ice tea I can’t manage but at least I didn’t drink it all.

Snack on Friday:

sweet potato, and an banana

I didn’t take a lot of pictures but i did record my food.


What was it about?

This week in P.E we did something very challenging and hard but i think it was worth it.  This week in P.E we did something called the sugar free week and it was exactly what it sounds. We had to try our best to not eat sugar and for a whole week, Of course i failed because there is sugar in everything, or most of the things we like to eat, one example is ice tea at the cafeteria.

What was different or same this week?

I use to eat ice tea all the time, and after school i’ll get a cookie or some sweet bread. But this week i tried to just drink water and eat fruits at snack times. It was challenging and you see i did drink some ice tea. What was same was i still ate the same things at lunch for main dish, salad, sandwiches and rice. Even though they did have sugar in it i still ate it because they were the yummy food in the cafeteria. I did get some help this week as well, my mom told me about the email Ms. Hamada send her and whenever i tried to eat something sugary she often reminded me.

What would I need to change? What might need to change in my family?

I think I was already quite healthy but i could improve in some places. Drink less ice tea. Eat less sweet stuff at snack time and my mom said from now on she’s going to make me cookies from now on try to put less sweet stuff in it. She did a good job, her cookies were good and tasty but not too sweet!

What might need to change at school?

I think we should have water at school, along with all those kinds of drinks because sometimes i want to drink water but i forgot my water bottle and there isn’t any cups around so i just grab an ice tea.

Well this week was surely interesting i’m still quite glad it’s over, sometimes you need a little sugar but too much is never good. I’m going to try to eat more balanced now!



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