There are so many chances in your life you miss!

So just go home and die.


You are being watched by me.

By who? me.

I used to be an egg.

Now, I am not.

Now, I am


Artists I like..


How I feel after oneday

Oneday was just pure amazement. The project was extremely hard, but I got to finish it before lunch and make another remix of a song. The remix file, as I said on the reflection video, took way too long to upload, so it’s on my usb.

Well, OneDay project reflection vid…(warning! very crappy audio/editing skills and some blackness)

Oh well, this is my OneDay project’s reflection video. This video, as I said on the title, is very crappy and is NOT(but i do think it is) a masterpiece. The 2-hour DJ session was too big to be uploaded to dragons’ tube nor my blog, so I might put up the audio on a usb or something…. The DJ software, for people who wonder, was VirtualDJ 8(so common) and 2 Launchpad MKIIs, and a REAL turntable. Thanks!


Virtual Riot-Energy Drink

Knife Party-Bonfire


Skrillex-The Devil’s Den

No, you aren’t supposed to look at this book! No!!!!

The_Giving_TreeFine. You came here, ignoring my warning. So I will introduce you a really good book. I think you should really read the book The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. It is a very VERY easy picture book that prek3 kids can even read, but it has many meanings to it. It is about a kid and a tree that always gives what the kid wants. What? You think this is for kids? You would think differently when you finish readnig this book.


The battle today: was it good or bad?

Hmmmmmmm… I think that the battle today was good enough for Tsunade. She worked properly, and she was making other robots to backup , and that worked for other robots! But a bad point is that the other robots pushed our robot out when it was nearly the end. And you know what? I was so feeling bad when we lost. But sportsmanship! I had to blink back the tears and admit the loss. That is what people should do. There can’t be a winner without a loser! So you always have to THINK!!



The robot competition is coming tomorrow!!!! We are so exited to think about it!!! Hum………. Let’s be just fine.

Okay. The robot competition is tomorrow!!!!!!!!! We are so exited to HAVE THE BATTLE! I think that the winning is ours because the robot has the white PAPER and it could slide into any kind of pusher, so we think that the other robot will back up.

The second reason is that we have the good degrees of the pushers, so we think that other robots could climb onto our robot and be flipped over.

The third reason is that we are…………AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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