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I created a juggling video that showed skills and tricks for juggling. My successes were that I was able to juggle well and not bad since I haven’t juggled in a long time. My challenges were that I wasn’t really good at tricks since I hadn’t practiced the tricks I knew in a long time but I practiced them and got better. I think I will continue with the juggling video, but I will add more tricks and skills to show the audience how to do more tricks and skills. Also next time I might teach the audience how to juggle. My impact is that I taught people how to do juggling tricks and skills if they already knew how to juggle.<iframe

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Do you like stories that are adventurous, books? Well if you do like those types of books then you must read this book, this book is called Holes by Louis Sachar. In this great novel there is a boy called Stanley Yelnats who was wrongly accused of stealing a famous baseball player’s shoes contributed to a children orphanage. He was sent to a summer camp and all he did was dig holes that were 5 feet deep. It was hard work. He knew that the warden of the camp was looking for something and if Stanley or the others find something that will interest the warden the get the day off. Stanley finally finds this lipstick that interests the warden why? Will Stanley ever get out of the camp? Or will he stay there forever, read this book and you will find out.


I think the impact project went pretty well. I worked with two people from 5-JL. Our focus was saving electricity and leading a healthy lifestyle. We did this because a lot of people are obese and if we don’t save electricity in the future the world will be dark. Our plan was to lead a sports session on a Friday and a Saturday also we planned to everyday to close the lights for 10 minutes and go outside so we will save electricity and have a healthy life by going outside. If the whole world closes the lights for ten minutes everyday then after one year we will save 25,550,000,000 electricity. We presented this to 2 second grade classes 2-SF and 2-MM. We told 2-SF that we were having a sports session on Friday at 3:30-4:30pm and a lot of people came to the sports session and we did a lot of sports and games like soccer, tag, basketball, and dodgeball. At the end of the sports session we gave the kids a survey and asked them how they felt about the sports session and how they felt about saving electricity. We told 2-MM that the sports session was on Saturday at 3:30-4:30pm at the field and we forgot to tell them that we changed the place to the dome. Then on Saturday there was a soccer competition and a lot of people left because they didn’t know it was actually in the dome so there was only a few people that went on the Saturday sports session. If I would do this again I would tell 2-MM that we changed the location of the sports session. We also made a IMovie to tell them about what we did and how this will impact us. At the impact fair we did pretty well a lot of people came to us and asked us some questions and we explained to them about what we did and we also showed them the IMovie that we made. Overall I think our impact project went really well and we had a lot of fun.

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Book title: Inkheart

Author Cornelia Funke


Fenoglio was with Meggie in the room and they found out that there was going to be a execution 2 days later and Capricorn was going to kill Dustfinger and a maid that helped him, Resa. Capricorn wanted to bring out the Shadow a killer that only takes orders from Capricorn. But Fenoglio wanted to change the story so that the Shadow kills Capricorn. Later when Meggie wanted to bring a note to Dustfinger Basta led him to Dustfinger’s cell. Meggie saw Resa up close and she saw that Resa was Meggie’s mom. When the day of letting the Shadow come was here Mo and set a house on fire. Meggie was reading out the words and she couldn’t say the last line And Capricorn fell down on his face, and his black heart stopped beating. Then Mo appeared behind Meggie and said the last line then Meggie made the Shadow die and all the goblins, trolls, and fairies all came back. They went to rescue Resa and they camped out at night. While they were sleeping and Farid kept watch Dustfinger came and took Inkheart from Mo. Farid also followed Dustfinger.

Connection: My connection is that I have read books with fairies before.

Author Connection: Setting I think the author chose a village for a setting is because she might of lived in a village before.

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Book Title: Inkheart

Author: Cornelia Funke

Summary: Mo, Meggie and Elinor were in prison. Dustfinger then came and unlocked the prison door for them. They also unlocked the boy’s prison door. When they were driving out the village their tires deflated. They came out and saw that Basta and Flatnose came to look for them. So they hid downhill and waited until Basta and Flatnose came and then they went uphill. They trudged along and found this shack and rested there. When Basta and Flatnose came they brought dogs with them. Mo grabbed Basta will Dustfinger tied the dogs up and also Basta and Flatnose. Then they walked to the nearest village. They stayed in a hotel. Then Elinor left and she gave Mo an address to the person who wrote Inkheart. So Mo went over to his house and brought Dustfinger with him and Meggie. Dustfinger said to Mo for him not to tell the person who wrote Inkheart about him and Mo said yes. The storywriter’s name was Fenoglio. Mo told him everything even Dustfinger. Mo asked if he could stay for the night and Fenoglio said yes. And then Mo had to pick up Elinor because her books were burned down by Capricorn’s men. Then Meggie was captured by Basta and they also took Fenoglio with them. Mo went looking for Meggie but Dustfinger went to and he did not let Mo go in and save Meggie because he said it was a trap.

Connection: I’ve read books with fairies and goblins before.

Extension-Setting the setting was a village that Capricorn took over


My system was the digestive system. The digestive system was a fun system to study. The digestive system is a system that helps you digest the food you eat. The digestive system is made out of tubes that connect with each other.

I did my presentation alone. For when I did the audience participation part I made them split into 2 groups and build the digestive system. I thought my presentation was pretty successful but I was really nervous during the presentation. My presentation was successful because nothing went wrong with the presentation and everything worked out.

When we were learning about all the human body systems in the rotations I thought my favorite system we learned was the nervous system because Mrs.Dawn showed us a cool nervous system video. I thought the digestive system was pretty cool when we dissected the pig heart, but I wished when Mr.Daw blew the lungs it would work. I liked all of the rotations and I didn’t like any of them.

I thought puberty was pretty fun but I don’t think it was that disgusting. I didn’t really like when the doctor came because I didn’t really get her because her english was not really god.

I think learning all the human body systems and puberty will really help because in the future you might become a doctor. Also when you go through puberty learning about puberty will help you to get through puberty.

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Book title: Inkheart

Author: Cornelia Flunke

Summary: Meggie has a father called Mo short for Mortimer. There mother had disappeared when Meggie was three years old. One night Mo was bringing Meggie to her bedroom to sleep when Mo left Meggie saw a shadow of a man and told Mo. Mo said it was his old friend Dustfinger. Dustfinger said that Capricorn a evil person was in the north so they should head south. So they headed south to Meggie’s aunt’s house, Elinor. Elinor let them stay an they found out that Dustfinger could eat fire. One night when Dustfinger was showing Meggie fire tricks Mo got captured by Capricorn’s men because Mo had a important book that Capricorn wanted. The next day Dustfinger said that Mo was captured by Capricorn’s men and they were at Capricorn’s village farther to the south. Dustfinger agreed that he would take them. They drove a long way to Capricorn’s village it was night and Elinor was afraid to drive. But Dustfinger insisted to keep going. When they got there they realized that Dustfinger betrayed them and the guards threw them in prison and they saw Mo and Mo told them about what really happened to Meggie’s mom that she got accidentally read into the book Inkheart by Mo by accident.

Character: Meggie, Meggie is a not selfish kind and nice person. She care the most about her father and would do anything to get him back

Connections: I’ve read fantasy stories where there are fairies and other creatures.


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1.  Explain why you think it is important to know how to find equivalent fractions with common denominators.
                      Because if you don’t you will not know how to add with different denominators
2.  What is one part of this unit that you really learned well.  Why?
                      Adding and multiplying fractions because before I didn’t know anything and now I know how to add subtract and multiply
3.  What is something you are still struggling with from this unit?  How are you going to get better?
                       Multiplying mixed numbers and mixed numbers I am getting better by practicing more multiplying.
4.  What do you think should be next and why do you think this?
                        I think dividing fractions because we all ready learned multiplying, adding, and subtracting but we haven’t learned division of fractions yet