My First Week

As the first Friday approached the horizon, we were prompted to acknowledge questions that we did not think about as we stepped foot in the school. In this first week, getting over the fact that I’m finally in 8th grade, reality hit me on how hard I’ll have to work. So it didn’t take long before I learned something in 8th grade. Not only did I learn Mr. Fidler’s name (I’m relatively bad with names), I learned that after 8th grade, 3 teachers with the last name Fidler (belonging to the same family) would’ve taught me throughout my nine years at ISB. Nevertheless, it was great to be reunited with friends again, having been traveling the world and each with their own adventures to tell. I’m looking forward to 8th grade where I can overcome challenges with my friends and celebrate our successes with each other.

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Insecurities and Things I Look Forward to In Grade 8 Humanities

  1. What are you looking forward to learning in Grade 8 this year?

I am really looking forward to learning about the Revolutions that have happened throughout history because I have always had a strange curiosity with wars and their fights for independence. Revolutions are something that I’m curious about and would like to know more of, but I am also looking forward to all the writing I would be able to do.

  1. What challenges will you face?

I think I will face quite a few challenges throughout the year, despite the fact that I have loved Humanities ever since the first grade and found that I was actually quite good at it. My confidence in some areas like public speaking isn’t really something I’m too comfortable with doing, at least compared to writing and reading. Being an ambitious person, maybe I’ll have a hard time choosing between options that both appeal to me.

  1. What is your plan to meet those challenges?

Since I have always struggled with my confidence in certain areas like public speaking, I tried to do debates and took a summer course in public speaking, so it has helped a lot. Continuing to meet my goal of being a confident speaker, and working on my confidence in general, I feel that I just simply continue to debate and do speeches, and believe that it is good quality work, even though it might feel uncomfortable speaking it at first. And in terms of my struggles with choosing just one when both appeal to me, I could perhaps try and do both but lean more heavily upon one? Or I could do the one I know less about so that I could learn more in the process and satisfy my curiosity needs towards Humanities.

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OneDay 2017-Continuing Hunger Games Fan Fiction; Improve my Writing

For my OneDay project, I wrote my Hunger Games fan-fiction that I had previously started. On, I edited the story, and made another chapter, although I’m not done yet. I think that I made a success on the amount of pages I wrote, and the ability to describe characters and what happened throughout the story. I think I did a pretty good hook, which is something that I wanted to improve. One of the challenges that I faced was having access to which was extremely hard. Before, at school, accessing Quotev wasn’t possible, but after accessing the website, it made everything easier. I would definitely continue this project because I like writing, and I don’t think I can finish this story anytime soon. Even if I finish this piece, I still have another story that I can continue. screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-8-49-29-am

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Sugar Tears 2 (Sugar Tears Sequel)

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Last week, Grade 6 did a no sugar challenge for a week, where students try to eat low-fat and low-sugar foods. From breakfast, lunch and then to dinner. I don’t eat sugar a lot on daily basis, so it wasn’t so hard. Doing the sugar challenge for a week isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I think I would have to change the thought of ‘why can they drink this while i can’t?”. Its been a bit of a problem because in the cafeteria, other students were buying ice tea and other sugary drinks, but I had to restrain myself. It was quite tempting. I think that what must be changed most in my family is that my mom gives me a even harder challenge; to watch her eat sugary stuff and talk about how good it tastes. At school, I think they should sell healthier drinks, especially during No Sugar Week, because we didn’t know what to drink except for water. I think maybe fresh 100% fruit juice will work. Also, the amount of food in each food group isn’t balanced in the school cafeteria. Sometimes there might be too much grains, to less proteins  and vegetables, and fruits. The food groups should be balanced.

It was quite interesting how much I learned in the Health Unit. Because we couldn’t move around and stay active in the Health Unit, two times a week I would go swimming for around one to two hours. I also did other exercises  to maintain the amount of body exercise in PE that we are missing right now. I think that the Health Unit was very useful to the students because we learned how to have a healthy lifestyle.

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Hello world!

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