OneDay 2017: Nature Themed Origami and Drawing Collage.

January 26, 2017

During this OneDay project. I worked with Jenna to create a Nature Themed Origami and Drawing Collage. We had fun while working on this project. I think this project was a success because we finished it on time. Although if we could do this project again I would stop rushing as much because we thought we wouldn’t have enough time to finish. We were fine though, we even had some extra time to make it even better. We had one disaster when i spilled the glitter all over the floor. It was a mess, but fun. Well Jenna didn’t think so. During this project we learned about collaboration and how to organize our time efficiently so we would finish on time but also at the same time not finish too early. I think I will try something new next year to continue on to discover new hobbies I might enjoy.


Suddenly sugar dissolves…….

December 8, 2016

I think the main reason that the no sugar week challenge was to teach us kids about how much sugar we actually eat per day. This week we learned about how different types of sugar affect us and much more. During the no sugar week challenge we were allowed to eat natural sugar, or else I think I would have died without eating fruits!!!!! Also to help us realize how difficult it is just to spend a single day without having a single grain of sugar. For example, everyday I would feel the icy sweet fluid of ice tea slowly drip into my mouth. During the no sugar week challenging, I would always have that craving for ice tea. I could even imagine that cold sweetness! It was just too hard to resist! When that happens, I would be in a bad mood at the end of the day, and usually get mad at my friends, “don’t blame me” (Hands up surrendering) I was really proud when during the first day, my friend who wasn’t in it gave me some sugary chips, I was just about to take it when my other friend warned me not to take it. So I just stood there with the snack in my hand. After a few seconds I finally made my choice as I handed back the sugary snack to my friend.2

If we ever get to do no sugar week again I would make a plan beforehand. I didn’t know what I was thinking before! Right before the no sugar week challenge I asked my dad to bring me back chocolate from his business trip! If I had remembered that no sugar week was next week I wouldn’t have told my dad to buy chocolate! I mean no sugar week was livable for me, but seeing my dad bring home 3 boxes of chocolate was just too much to take in!!! If I could have told me dad about no sugar week that may have been better. I honesty could not eat dinner with him while he was eating all those sugary stuff! Also I wish the school had some more healthier choices to chose from! Nearly everything they made was filled with sugar, which left us which only a small variety of food to chose from. Which was very hard as we had less choices so we won’t be able to have a healthy meal, with all the food group food! Our school provides a really weird portion for each person half of the meal is grain, 1/4 is protein, and 1/8 or less is vegetable! That is exactly the opposite of what we want! Though the school does offer the right amount of fruits and dairy for the food group.

My experience was of no sugar week was really interesting. There had been lots of proud moments where i made the right choice. Also moments where i would like to improve in the future. It interests me how I had more mood-swings during the course of this project, and also had more stress and depression. The weird thing was that many people expected me to change after this experiment. Though not much happened. Right after no sugar week, I just got a lot of sugar and ate it. Though i did notice one thing. I tend to eat more now! I think this is because now i eat less sugar, i can’t fill up my stomach as much as before, therefore i need to eat more healthy food to make up with all that space the sugar has used before. I think this is a improvement because now i understand about what i’m eating, what is right, and to be careful. I’ve learned an important lesson.

“Sugar can be cunning and mischievous,                                                                          

  You never know just when you get tricked,                                                                        

BEWARE!”-Erica Pan


Sorry no sugar week and normal days aren’t separated….






August 22, 2016

Darkstalker                                                                              By Tui T. Sutherland


This is my favorite book out of my ten other favorite books from the Wings of Fire series. I enjoy this book very much because this is the legend starting from the beginning,  it gives and view to why things happened from books 1-10 in the series. It shows how the ancient artifacts are made, or how and why they came to be. I recommend this book and series to junior readers that enjoy reading animal fantasy because this book and series is about the different tribes of dragons, and how sometimes peace does not exactly come to be that easy. This book may not exactly be perfect for little kids as it involves violent but splendid descriptions of the war. It also involves magic that can be used for cruelty and hatred, not just for good and peace. So it may cause nightmares but as I said I can’t be completely sure. But once they grow up, definitely give them the 1st book and let them wander of into the world of dragons.

Hello world!

February 3, 2015

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