The Mission of Titan

I think NASA should focus their future missions on the Saturn’s moon “Titan”. Because in the article it mentioned “This large, cold moon of Saturn features a thick atmosphere and lakes and rivers of liquid methane. Scientists believe that a watery ocean may lurk beneath its frozen crust.” and “It’s “an environment that we know has the ingredients for life,” said lead investigator Elizabeth Turtle.” With such a high chance of seeing liquid water, there is no way NASA should take the risk of going to other places. And also NASA has already planned the mission to its final state “The first proposal is called Dragonfly and it would be unlike any project before. Dragonfly would send a flying robot to an alien moon. The spacecraft would have a quadcopter to help it fly around, much like many commercial drones do.” Adding up all of the information we have here “Titan” will be the best focus for NASA’s future missions, because “Titan” could have liquid water, it has a very thick atmosphere and it is well planned.

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The Pale Blue Dot

The video “Pale Blue Dot” really shocked me when I first watched it. 30 years ago, the first time humans saw a photo of their own planet. looking at that planet, you can already feel how vast you are on this planet. 3.7 Billion miles, can you even imagine that? If you look at a photo of space, there will be one small blue dot that you probably couldn’t even see. Everyone you know, love, and hate is on that planet, that pale blue dot. looking at all those galaxies and planets, it is very hard to imagine there will be another planet that has living organisms.

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Buggers and the Astronauts

Ender interacted with a lot of people but Peter and the Bugger Queen had the most impact on his life. Peter is his brother that he cannot forgive for his life, but the Buggers was just finding a new home and they stopped when humans fought back. Ender felt guilty when he used the “Little Doctor” to destroy the Buggers home planet. But the Queen forgave him, he lived on as a saver of both species, he is a hero.

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There Are No Enemies Forever

The book I am talking about is called “Ender’s Game” and it is by Orson Scott Card. The book talked about sending smart children to battle school and train them to defeat the Buggers(aliens). The main Character Ender, he had lots of enemies in his life and the most important ones are Peter and the Buggers. The theme of this book is: In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. (184,3)

Peter was Ender’s enemy for so long. Ender’s only remembers one thing from when he was young, he got bullied by Peter. Whenever Ender starts to turn violent he always thinks of what Peter had done to him. I don’t want to beat Peter.” “Then what do you want?” “I want him to love me.” (187,8) Even when Peter did all of those harm to Ender, Ender still forgives Peter because he knew Peter didn’t mean it. We need to all be like Ender, let go of the past.

Another great enemy of Ender or even all humanity, Buggers. The Buggers attacked earth about a hundred years ago and millions were killed. Ender has been trained from the day he was born and all those anti-bugger lessons made him know a lot about the Buggers. “What if we just left them alone?” “Ender, we didn’t go to them first, they came to us. If they were going to leave us alone, they could have done it a hundred years ago, before the First Invasion.” “Maybe they didn’t know we were intelligent life. Maybe–” (196,4) Ender still defended the Buggers and helped their queen find a new world after the war. So they boarded a starship and went from world to world. Wherever they stopped, he was always Andrew Wiggin, itinerant speaker for the dead, and she was always Valentine, historian errant, writing down the stories of the living while Ender spoke the stories of the dead. And always Ender carried with him a dry white cocoon, looking for the world where the hive-queen could awaken and thrive in peace. He looked a long time. (250,6)

When you got to know someone, you don’t just now his weaknesses and strengths. You put your mind in their perspectives. Peter wanted to control Ender and the Buggers need another planet to live. Once you get into their perspective you then understand the meaning of all his actions. That is when you start liking them and defending them.

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Foreigner Rules

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A Bump on the Road


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The Human-Covenant War

Humans are growing stronger and stronger, conquering more and more planets. The aliens named Covenant appeared in 2525 they glassed harvest killing millions of people. The Spartans that was designed to fight rebellion were now the first defense on the Covenant. At the year 2552 planet Reach: one of the biggest human military bases was discovered by the Covenant and within days planet Reach was captured. All Spartans-III was killed and most of the Spartans-II was killed too. Only a few of the Spartans made their way back and retreated with Pillar of Autumn. This was the first major loss in human history.

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Your Team is Your Family

What is winning? Is it that you reach the end first, or do you kill all your opponents? No, none of them. You win when you survive, all of you survive. Like John in the book, he was the strongest and the fastest. He believes there is nothing he cannot accomplish, but during the “ring the bell” game, he lost. For the first time in his life, he lost. “but I won,” John protested. “I was first.” “yes you were first,” Mendez explained, “but your team came in last.” He then addressed all the children. “remember this: you don’t win unless your team wins. One person winning at the expense of the group means that you lose.” (Nylund, 42) The theme of this book is teamwork is the basis of winning.

There is a little background information about the Spartans. the Spartans were designed to give a strong ground force for the UNSC to fight the rebellion, but when the covenant attacked humanity, the Spartans became the major defense between the humans and the covenant. John was the second generation of the Spartans and because of the time and the resources used to create Spartans-II, UNSC developed Spartans-III with less required resources and time. During the war of Reach, most of the Spartans-II and all of Spartans-III was neutralized. It was a tremendous loss. The Spartans-II only have 33 alive after the experiment. John puts his team above everything.

“It is acceptable,” Mendez said, “to spend their lives if necessary.” He finally turned and meet John’s gaze. “It is not acceptable, however, to waste those lives. Do you understand the difference?” (42) this theory was printed in John’s head. All of his action in rest of the part of the book, he always thinks about this. Including after he lost his teammate, he thinks back: did he die with a purpose, or he simply died because I made a mistake? Throughout the book his there was two seances that John lost his teammate. The five-person in the blue team was John, Kelly, Linda, Frederic, and Sam. They were the first team of Spartans that destroyed a Covenant spaceship, but during the mission, something really bad happened. John always tests the unknown for the others and willing to sacrifice his life for his team, but this time his team sacrificed for him. Sam caught a shot for John using his body. His suit was breached so he cannot fly back to the ship. The nuclear bomb will detonate in 3 minutes, and John said one of the most famous lines in the book: he is not staying to die, he is staying to fight. Sam showed the Spartans and the UNSC that the Covenant ship can be destroyed and if by any chance we win the war, remember Sam guided us the way. The thing that John was most afraid of was not death or failure but losing any one of his teammates. Sam was his brother, he was their brother.

In conclusion, the theme of this book is not courage or strategies, it is family. You won’t appreciate what you have until the day you lose it. John knew the day would come, but even if he did, he still wasn’t ready for it. So do appreciate when you have your team because one day they will leave you.


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The Midsummer Nights Dream Magazine Cover

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Who Am I and Where Is This Place?

Who am I and why I am here? This single question has bothered Thomas for a long time, but not only he needs to wonder about himself he has to wonder about the things around him. There are two different types of conflict in this book for our main character Thomas. First are him and nature which is W.I.C.K.E.D. And him and himself because most of his memory is locked up by W.I.C.K.E.D. so he is not what he was used to be.
“He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air. (Dashner,1.1)” From this moment and on, Thomas’s life has changed forever. First memory of his life is in a dark room. It is the reflection of Thomas’s feeling: I want to get out of here. Then the room sends him up to an area surrounded by walls, and other people told him that this is the “Glade” the center of the maze. And what everyone in this maze does all day long is to try to get out of here. Everything was going fine until one day when the runners return, one of them got stung, So Thomas ran into the maze and tried to save them. But the door closed. The griever cached up with him so he leads it in between the walls and smashed it. “For several seconds, Thomas felt like the world had frozen in place. A thick silence followed the thunderous rumble of the Door closing, and a veil of darkness seemed to cover the sky as if even the sun had been frightened away by what lurked in the Maze.[…]Thomas leaned back against the rough rock, overcome by disbelief at what he had just done. Filled with terror at what the consequences might be. (16.1)”
“It was just so… weird. He remembered lots of little things about life—eating, clothes, studying, playing, general images of the makeup of the world. But any detail that would fill in the picture to create a true and complete memory had been erased somehow. It was like looking at an image through a foot of muddy water. (5.31)” He was looking for something a clue, an answer he doesn’t know. The only thing he knows is that he is not him anymore, the Thomas from the past is gone. What was him, we will never know, Thomas has to find out himself.
Finally, at the end of the maze, he found a video. The head of W.I.C.K.E.D. told him that the earth is under a big outbreak of a virus. It causes humans to turn into zombies. These kids in the maze are immune to this virus and that is why they trained them. She also told Thomas that he was one of the creators of the maze and he is one of the main reason that half of the kids died in the maze. He finally found out what the old Thomas was: a person that see these kids as ants and play their lives around his hands. Now the self and nature are all Thomas himself.

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