Climate Catastrophe

It was a terrible time to live in Antarctica.

There wasn’t any concern for

The rising temperature or

The animals who are nearly inhabitable.

Seeing the ice melt in the once

Algid Antarctica is like seeing the

The world comes to a disaster.

Hordes of penguins stuck

on floating ice platforms

desperately trying to get off.

Antarctica is no longer

A pure land with white snow but a

Land of toxic waste that people dump

Their trash in.


If we want to preserve this unique and

Beautiful piece of land we must control

The rising sea levels and the amount of

Waste us humans produce every second.

We must let Antarctica know that

We care about her. That we hear her

Screaming “HELP!” That we could

Give her the opportunity to survive.

It was a terrible time to live in Antarctica.

The Days of The Boxer Rebellion

The top left one: I see a gate that is a monument for the dead German minister. I wonder why they built it as a gate looking monument.

The one closest to Chang An Street: I can see that that is the Hanlin Academy. I wonder what people used to learn there.

The one below the Hanlin Academy: I heard that the British Legation Center is where the British people were forced to stay. I wonder why the Chinese were so strict with these rules.

The one on the bottom: I can see that that is the German Legation Center(Same purpose as to the British Leg Center). I wonder why this Legation center is so bunched up with the other countries’ Legation centers(Unlike the British).

The one on the right: I can see that it is called the IMP Customs. I wonder what they used that place for in the past.

Lather and Nothing Else (The Barber)

Do you ever wonder how a dynamic character changes throughout the story? In Lather and Nothing Else, the author Hernando Tellez wrote about how the barber wanted to kill Torres at first but then decided not to.

The barber wanted to kill Torres because he thinks that Torres is an evil person who executed many people. The internal conflict of him trying to decide whether or not to kill him was a difficult decision to make. The barber said, “To cover my nervousness, I went on honing the razor” (Tellez 1). This shows that the barber was hesitating while Torres was coming in for a shave. People do not normally get nervous unless they face something important or challenging. In this particular case, the barber wants to use the razor blade to kill Torres while he is shaving him. Since the barber was determined to kill Torres, it was hard changing his mind; however, he thought of something else and decided to leave him alive: “But I don’t want to be a murderer. No, sir. You came in to be shaved. And I do my work honorably…You are an executioner; I am only a barber. Each one to his job. That’s it. Each one to his job” (Tellez 4). This proves that the barber has condoned Torres’s cruel acts and released him.

From all of this, we can conclude that killing someone is not an easy thing to do even if you have the perfect chance. Relating to Chinese history, many people have tried to assassinate their rulers but ended up being one of their biggest supporters. We, as humans, should not take the advantage to kill someone on any occasion if they had done nothing to you.

Mean Man Egeus

This is the magazine cover that I have created for Egeus. Egeus is the father of Hermia in the Shakespeare play “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.” I found this photo of Egeus online and embedded some quotes from the play to support my claims. Egeus is a person who is full of vexation because his daughter would not agree to marry who he has chosen for her. He wants the king of Athens, Theseus, to grant him permission to dispose of his daughter because she disobeyed him. Egeus is an irascible and cruel person. Egeus picture citation: 

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A Sound of Thunder

What would you do if you had the opportunity to travel back in time? How will you prepare yourself? In the story “A Sound of Thunder”, by Ray Bradbury, demonstrates that minor things in time traveling can be dangerous and have huge consequences if you are unprepared or unaware.

Time traveling can be dangerous if you are unprepared. In the scene where the protagonist, Eckels, asks, “‘Does this safari guarantee I come back alive?’ ‘We guarantee nothing,’ said the official” (Bradbury 1) proves that this trip would be dangerous if he was unprepared. This shows that Eckels is worried about time traveling to the past and changing history as well as possibly dying. Mr. Travis, his personal guide, gave him good tips on survival in the past and also telling him what to avoid, and what to do. The theme of minor things having huge consequences in time travel can also be due to the lack of awareness. For example, when the protagonist said, “Not a little thing like that!” (15) allows us to determine that Eckels was unaware that killing a butterfly could stir up so much trouble. The reader can see that Eckels was unaware when he did not listen to Travis and thought he was a fool to come here later on. Throughout the story, we can evidently see that Eckels is an ignorant person. He regrets tampering with time by making little mistakes and is unable to change it back at the end of the story.

Ray Bradbury told us how even one little mistake in the past can ruin the future. Because everything you do back then, will multiply with each upcoming year, and by the time it gets to when you existed, you will then realize you made a terrible mistake. We cannot afford to make the same careless mistake Eckels made in the future.

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