January 8, 2018

HATCHET by Gary Paulsen my reflection

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The book I was reading was Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and this book was about this boy that has an Adventure in the woods and the only tool he has was a HATCHET that his mom gave him. He was on a trip to find his father because his parents divorced and when he was on the plane with the pilot, the pilot got a heart attack, which made the plane crash and they landed in a forest in Canada. He is trying to survive on his own his the forest by finding food, and always keeping track of where his shelter is.

November 24, 2017

My OCHA Character Profile for the Phoenix Project

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August 25, 2017

Science Gardening

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 This was before I cleaned the garden  


v   This was after I cleaned the bed


August 23, 2017

Lit circle working Agreements

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Lit circle working Agreements

Here are the agreements my lit circle group has made. I agree with them.

1.Contribute to conversation, example ask questions

2.Stay on task, actively ask questions

3.Refer to notes and book when needed

4.Try to make connections

Lit circle working Agreements

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Here are the agreements my lit circle group has made. I agree with them.

1.Conbribute to conversation, exp ask questions

2.Stay on task, actinity ask questions

3.Refer to notes and book when needed

4.Try to make conections

June 6, 2016

Impact Unit Reflection[

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For this unit we learned  lot of how we could impact the people and who did a impact.

For our project my partner was patrick and we did a impact project on life saving in water because we see kids drown and were both in the swim team.We first had to research and then we ask mr.Daw if we could use the pool and we made a little video when we were at the pool and a lot of kids under stand and some asked some questions.

At the impact fair we had a lot of people that came because they all played the game and but still a lot of people came to listen the presentation.

This unit was pretty fun

April 15, 2016

Reading Jounral

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Alvin Ho

This book is very funny and it’s about Alvin,he afraid of everything, and he has a brother a sister and a dog. Alvins mom was about to have a baby and Alvin was so scared. Alvin always cried at school. One day he came back from school and his brother and his sister was wacthing TV and when he came back the news was reporting on a attack at people house by a thief and he was stealing stuff.Suddenly Alvin got scared. One day after school he felt like he was sick and the next day his stomach looked like it was going to explode. On the bus people was teasing him and after he went to school the teacher told the class it was going to be fine. They went to the library and they were looking up people having baby. So somehow at lunch all the boys was eat a lot of ice cream.

I connect to one days at a swim meet I ate 6bags chips and my stomach was like his stomach it was super big.

Character:Alvin is afraid of everything like in the story he was afraid of the storm and he’s afraid and he doesn’t lie to other people, he’s very nice too.

April 13, 2016

Student led Conference

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Student led conference went pretty well but we didn’t have enough time.We talk about the learning 21 witch include LEADERSHIP, COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATION and other but I kind of rush though the LEARNING 21 I talk about learning 21 with the 5 curriculum areas and we did e poster,it was fun making them but it took a long time to make it.My parents really liked it and they enjoyed it.I was very happy when it ended I talked about all the things that I had to but just a bite to fast.

If I could change something then I would use more time for the first to part.

My report grades was pretty good and I was happy for the whole S L C,and my goal is to get better at everything.

April 12, 2016

Human Body Reflectioni

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It was a pretty fun unit.

I learned about the digestive unit because I researched about it.It was a pretty fun unit and I learned a lot and I learned how to keep it healthy,that was the most important thing I learned.I like the final project I worked with Dylan and he was a pretty good partner.If I would change something then I would test the game out and I didn’t test it so it would work out better.

When I grow up I don’t want to be a doctor because the some system is pretty disgusting.I didn’t really like the puberty  but I like the project making it was very fun and I love the dissection of the pig heart.

The hole project was good but the game didn’t really go well we didn’t explane the rules really much and when we did the game we did it in a rush,I will do better next time.


March 3, 2016

Math Unit8 Reflection

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1.  Explain why you think it is important to know how to find equivalent fractions with common denominators.
         Because if theres a question that have different denominators then it doesn’t work for adding and subtracting fractions.
2.  What is one part of this unit that you really learned well.  Why?
         I learn well about converting the fraction from mix number to improper fraction and from improper fraction to mix numbers.
3.  What is something you are still struggling with from this unit?  How are you going to get better?
           I know everything because it’s very easy to learn and I learned all.
4.  What do you think should be next and why do you think this?
          I think we should do negative number dividing and other because in fraction there is negative and positive.

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