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Science Nasa

Nasa Should Focus on going  to explore Jupiter and it’s moon.

Nasa believes that they have found water in europa which is one of the moons for Jupiter and that scientists believe that there is water and life on the moon, which the scientist are very interested in. They believe that living things are on the europa and that water is a key to this. I think finding another planet that is like earth that has water and maybe life could help scientists learn more and that water is good for all the everything and that this key for humans to know because humans cannot live without water.


One Day final Project

I worked on making a beat by using a launchpad and the app Abelton. It was a tough experience  for me because the app for very hard to use and the launchpad was pretty hard to use, it was way harder than I thought it would have been. I think the most I took away from this is how to use the app and the launchpad together. The app Abelton is a app for making music for the pro people. There were so many effects and all the different sounds there were on the app.

One day intro Blog

One day

One day is a day where students gets the do something for there choice for one day and my choice is making beat. I going to make some beats using a launchpad and the app Ableton on the computer.  Making beat is fun and it will be fun to make beats with the Launchpad.


The Hubble Deep Field is a better for inspiration video to watch than the Pale Blue dot.

During the video of Hubble deep field at 2:10 the video gives number and stats and shows evidence and reasoning of the universe. At 2.49 it shows evidence and pictures of the universe and explains, in the pale blue dot it does not have picture like the one it does in the Hubble Deep field. In the HDF video they have the best pictures ever token from space and explains the pictures in detail so they watchers can understand better. Hubble Deep field is better than Pale blue dot is because in the Hubble Deep field shows scientific images that are true and you can get a better understanding about the universe in the Hubble Deep field video. The HDF video gives a lot of number and stats for you to digest and learn about.


Swim unit was the unit I chose and that when I joined this unit my plan was to improve my breaststroke and when I did filming I realized that Diving was a big problem for me.

During this unit I learned a lot. At the start of the unit my goal was to work on my breaststroke and parts of how I would do that was to improve my diving skills. I thin I have improved my diving technique a lot by practicing. “Practice  makes perfect” but I can still improve more on my diving. This unit was a start to my improvement., and I will keep on working on my areas of improvement.

During my period of improvement I have improved a lot and that when my legs are straightened and bring them high to have a pretty perfect dive. Before i would have a good dive about 1/5  but now I think I can do 3/5 which is a big improvement, because reflecting on the limited time period we had during this unit.

Writing VS Baseball


My Poster is about the book “Shakespeare Bats Cleanup” by Ron Koertge a boy who loves baseball and he got injured so he started writing and then he healed so he wanted to do baseball again, which meant he had to give up writing and he meets a conflict there.

Swim Relfection

The unit for PE I chose is Swimming and for this unit my goal is to improve my 100meter breaststroke by improving the dive start because I realize that my diving start is terrible.

I notice when I dive I dont go foward and I dive straight down which why I need to work on this diving.I would like to focus on my diving start and improve it so that when I improve my dive and that can make me improve on my personal best.

Plastic Ocean

Our Plastic Ocean

Our Ocean the ocean we use to love and we admire,

Humans has dumped all the litter in our beautiful ocean,

fishes cannot live in neither can we breathe in the water,

it’s a shame seeing our loved ocean turn in to plastic ocean and turn into a tragic ocean of plastic. I told my friend about the ocean.

He agreed and added “soon turtles will no longer have shells and us, fishes we no longer propel.

And the admirable ocean, the one we use to love. Looking like a manufactured plastic ocean filled with plastic and smell of something we never tasted before.”


“Plastic Plastic be careful”

As my friend looked away,


He was stuck in a plastic bag, and he yelled with a desperate voice.

Seconds later he passed away


As his head got stuck in the plastic bag. No longer could he breathe. No longer was he here with me just one plastic bag can do such.


Plastic bottles, and plastic bags,

I hope humans would not have dumped them in the beautiful ocean there was.

Only would you know if you were down here with me

In this world conquered by plastic and we are only part of the game,

Played by plastic.

Sometimes when you look up, you only see plastic bottles and bags

It’s crazy how much there is, eight million tons of plastic dumped every year into this ocean

The ocean we use to play and entertain in.

Humans create the mess

But Humans can turn around and head the right way.

Jim Rohn: you cannot change your destination overnight but you can change your direction overnight.

This Poem is about the plastic and how the ocean is like from the perspective of a fish and his peers and about how they feel about the ocean with all the plastic that is dumped in the ocean.

Boxer Rebellion Map

Seventh Grade

Are you a boy trying to pick up girls at school? And joke about it with your friends and realize how dumb you were. In the story “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto the dynamic character is Victor the protagonist.

In the beginning of the story the protagonist Victor has a crush on this girl called Teresa and him with his friend came back from vacation and is joking around about how to get girls and make good impression of them and isn’t being his self. “…They would sit at a dinner tables, cool drinks in their hands and scowl…”(Soto4). In this section of the story Victor and his friend tried to act cool as it said in a book his friend read from. During Victors french class he tried to impress the girl he had a crush on called Teresa and tried to speak french but he couldn’t really and some of the kids were laughing at Victor during the french class.” Victor was too weak fro failure to join the class…” (Soto 53). He was trying to impress his crush and kind of failed and he felt kind of bad but his crush came up to him and asked for help. In this story “Seventh Grade” the author wants us to stay true and never try to be something or someone else.


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