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A Sound of Thunder


Would you like to go on a time machine and change the past? In the short story “A sound of Thunder” the theme is small things can make a big difference.

Eckels the main character stepped on the path and changed the past and he just made a huge mistake when the Travis the antagonist told him not too. During their hunt for the dinosaur Eckels the protagonist stepped out of the track and change the world. “don’t look at me” cried Eckels I haven’t done anything” (Bradbury 234). Travis said to Eckels many times that to not step out of the track but Eckels still stepped on the track. This one little step that Eckels took just changed so much of the future that it was way beyond their knowledge. The theme continues when Eckels stepped on the track and at that Travis realize the mistake but didn’t realize how big the mistake was. Eckels realize the mistake they made and all of them froze they thought it was just a butterfly but it was way more than that. For example, in the short story when Eckels realized him mistakes “Not a little thing like that!” (236 Bradbury). And the topic of not just a little thing came up a lot of times on page 364. From a lot of pages, the author talked about not doing things you weren’t supposed to do and a small thing can make a big difference and when they finally realize it was very serious. In conclusion, the author wants to send the message to us that small things can make a big impact and that it can really make a difference.


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Fish Cheek vs Amy Tan?



Are you the kid who tries to blend in with the group? In the story Fish Cheek Amy tan wants to blend in with the group/ American culture and she is a shamed of the Chinese culture. In Amy Tans personal story Fish Cheek, we see Amy Tan as a person who is a shamed because of her culture and the differences with the other culture, but her mother thinks she should stay true and be herself.

Amy Tan the protagonist is a shamed of her Chinese culture. As we can see Amy is very shamed of the culture because that Roberts family has a different perspective to their family and according to the text “Offering me the tender fish cheek. I wanted to disappear”. But on the other side her mother thinks “she should say true and be herself. When the mother told Amy “the only shame is to have shame” and the mothers tells her she can be American on the outside but in the inside she must stay Chinese, and I think that the mother understands the feeling of Amy a lot and is telling her the right thing to do by Amy’s actions. To conclude I think that we should stay true and be ourselves from the inside and don’t matter what other people will think about you.



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Passion or Girl?

“The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D.Wetherell, and this is the short story I’m using for my found poem. I used the text from page four for my found poem. The conflict is man vs self-conflict between the antagonist the bass and himself and the protagonist himself, the climax is when the boy cuts the rope in half. It’s about the boy trying to make two super hard decisions, and the decisions are choosing a girl or catching the biggest bass in his life and both of the choices tugs his heart but he must choose one. In the passage it explains his passion to the bass and fishing and it explains his passion to Sheila Mant, he asked the girl out and on the lake he saw the biggest bass in his life and try to catch the fish but the girl hates fishing so he has to make a decision but at the end he cut the line in half. In conclusion the boy had to make a decision and resolved the problem and learned a lesson which is follow your passion don’t give up on your dream.

HATCHET by Gary Paulsen my reflection

The book I was reading was Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and this book was about this boy that has an Adventure in the woods and the only tool he has was a HATCHET that his mom gave him. He was on a trip to find his father because his parents divorced and when he was on the plane with the pilot, the pilot got a heart attack, which made the plane crash and they landed in a forest in Canada. He is trying to survive on his own his the forest by finding food, and always keeping track of where his shelter is.

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Science Gardening

 This was before I cleaned the garden  


v   This was after I cleaned the bed


Lit circle working Agreements

Lit circle working Agreements

Here are the agreements my lit circle group has made. I agree with them.

1.Contribute to conversation, example ask questions

2.Stay on task, actively ask questions

3.Refer to notes and book when needed

4.Try to make connections

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