One-Day: Precious Plastics

We did Precious Plastics for One-Day and we made earphone winders. Along the way, we had some bumps but we found ways to get past that and achieve what we wanted.

Oneday Precious Plastic Presentation


Firstly, if you read my first blog post about this topic, we were thinking of making one earphone winder circular and the other squared. However, we couldn’t find a mold that was the right size. It was either too big or too small. We then found a mold of a hexagon that was approximately the right size.

We first melted one of our tops of the earphone winder and I’m pretty sure we kinda burnt it a bit because when it came out, it was a little brown. On top of that, when it cooled and we tried to get it out of the mold, it took a while to take it out. We tried various tools but we kept trying and finally got it out.


We also modified the centerpiece of plastic holding everything together because we didn’t really want to file it down that small. it would be too time-consuming. We also didn’t want to laser cut it because there was only one teacher who knew how to operate the laser cutter and she was not around most of the time. So we just used tiny cupcake molds to make the middle piece.


After making all the pieces, we used a file to make everything smooth. It took some time but finally, we got it where we want it to be. Assembling the pieces together was pretty easy. we just hot glued everything together. This is how we made our final product: two earphone winders.


Overall, this experience was really good. It increased my skill around making things and using the design process to make things better. Also, this was all for a good cause. It decreases the amount of plastic thrown out into the ocean and breaks down into microplastics that animals eat and when we eat the animal, we also ingest the plastic. It turned waste into something we could use. This way, we are able to use the plastic for longer before it degrades.

I did this project with Stephanie L. Go check out her blog post about this project here.

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Project One-Day: Precious Plastics


For One-Day, we decided to do precious plastics and wanted to make an earphone winder. It was something that we thought would be very useful and eco-friendly since we are reusing plastic. We are planning on making a square and a circular one. The diameter of the large circle would be 5cm and the dimensions of the square will be 5cmx5cm. They will both be 0.5 cm thick. The inner cylinder will have a diameter of 1 cm and will be 2cm long. We will add in notches of the outside piece to hold the earphones in place.

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Sergei’s Dairy Entry: 1939

It is the year 1939 in Russia. The government has changed yet again. This time it was even harsher than when Vladimir Lenin ruled. Joseph Stalin is now the leader and he should not have been the rightful leader. I thought Lenin was bad but the people had asked for him and respected him. However, Stalin just stepped up and killed anyone that stood in his way from getting power. Our government has changed drastically from autocracy to communism to dictatorship. I now understand why the rebellion had started in the first place. People were treated poorly and wanted change. I regret not joining Lenin in his army and helping him make Russia an overall better place. I am now living my days in a Gulag where we are forced to dig holes for nothing. Every single day, a few people were chosen to be shot dead. Stalin is absolutely cruel. I still was the Tsar back but anything is better than Stalin ruling.

However, some things have stayed the same. People are still hungry and unhappy. People fought for a better life and died for it. But people were still poorly treated and people were still dying. This had been useless fighting.

I am now on the same level as most other people. No advantages. I also heard that many pheasants had a few family members die. I can connect with that since Aleksandr died trying to stop all this.

Us working in the Gulag.

Joseph Stalin quotes

Joseph Stalin’s solution to all problems: killing everyone.


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Who Says You Can’t

Our society is divided into two groups. The ones who are successful and those who are not. But what makes someone successful? “Who Says You Can’t? You Do” written by Daniel Chidiac explains the secret of being successful and how you can be successful yourself. The brain impacts your actions and it can make you successful. The brain is the reason why your life is the way it is.

Your brain impacts your actions. “The power of the mind is everything, and any successful person will tell you that.” (54, Chidiac) What makes someone successful? Of course, it is their actions but what makes them more successful than others. If you are mentally strong, nothing can get in the way of getting what you want. “Everything you ever do or create is a result of your thoughts.” (54) Rio Olympic Swimmer, Camille Cheng said that the best and most successful swimmers are the one who bounces back after having a bad race and refocusing. If you don’t bounce back, it will also impact your next race. This shows that if you are not mentally strong, you will have more chance of having a bad result from what you do.

Using your brain can ultimately make you successful. If your brain is always telling you to do something later or to wait for the perfect time, it is not going to happen. However, if your brain telling you to attack it and to never give up, you will be more successful than a person who does not use their brain to their advantage. This can be connected to the most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps. After the 2012 Olympics, he retired but he got arrested in 2014 for DUI (Drunk Driving). He lost control of his brain and wanted to kill himself. He went into rehab and he decided to go to the Rio Olympics and went on the get another 5 golds and a silver. This can also be connected to Olympics gold medalist Ian Thorpe from Australia. After not finding any fun in swimming anymore, he performed poorly. This was because he was not thinking about the health of his brain. Rather, he was thinking about how many press conferences he could do.

If you want to be successful, you will need to use your brain. Think positively. “Who Says You Can’t? You Do.” Is the ultimate guide on how to be successful in anything. It explains how your brain can truly change your life and how you can implement that into your daily life. In other words, if you are looking to having a successful life, this book can help you get to that goal.




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Science Astronomy CER

The most humbling video we watched today in class is the one where Hubble had a shot of a lot of different galaxies.

There were so many galaxies and with each planet in that galaxy, there is a chance that there is life. Also, that was only a tiny part of space. Who knows how many other planets out there that have living organisms? I was also stunned at how small our planet actually is. We think we are a pretty decent size and whale and elephants and gigantic while ants are tiny. But in reality, all of us a tiny.

These things make me feel humble because we are so insignificant compared to the whole space. We used to have wars just to fight over a tiny part of a pale blue dot and it actually puts in perspective how small we really are and how insignificant we are.

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Trustworthy Friends

In the book, “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry, the Nazis are taking over Denmark and taking Jews into concentration camps. Although Annemarie Johanson is not a Jew and is not heavily affected, her friend, Ellen is a Jew and the Nazi Soldiers have been looking for Ellen and her family. Ellen has to trust Annemarie and the Johansons to protect herself and her family in order to survive and hope that they will do anything to protect them. Ellen and Annemarie’s friendship bond is strong and they could trust each other. Friends should be trustworthy.

One example of friends being trustworthy in the book is when Annemarie swore that she will be the bodyguard of Jews and her friend Ellen after knowing about the story where a boy told a German soldier that the whole of Denmark will be the bodyguard of the Denmark King Christian X. Now that King Christian is helpless and wants to help his people, the citizens of Denmark should now take care of the Jews like how they used to take care of King Christian. “Well, now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguards for the Jews, as well.” (Lowry, 23) Peter, a friend of the Johansons also told Annemarie to keep a close eye on Ellen. “But keep an eye on your friend Ellen. And stay away from the soldiers.” (22) Friends should be trustworthy. Even if it is not to this degree.

Annemarie also risked her life for Ellen to reach freedom and to be safe. There was a mysterious package which was supposed to be given to the Jewish because, in the package, there were handkerchiefs which included a drug which would wipe out the dog’s sense of smell. When Annemarie’s mother twisted her ankle, she ran into the forest and met up with four German soldiers who looked her over and she was forced to act like an immature girl who would get mad if the soldiers stopped her. She was very scared but she kept going and took a risk in order to help in the mission of sending the Jews to Sweden. “Then they were there, in front of her. Four armed soldiers. With them, straining at taut leashes, were two large dogs, their eyes glittering, their lips curled”(95) Taking risks lets you learn more and experience things you normally wouldn’t experience. For example, if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and do the same thing every day, you will get bored and you won’t learn anything and you possibly won’t be able to find happiness. If Annemarie hadn’t risked her life for Ellen, she would likely regret it later on and feel really bad for not helping. But now she is relieved and happy that she helped in a way saved Ellen’s life even though she could have gotten killed. The most successful people take risks and are successful in them. But taking a risk for your friend to save her life is truly remarkable.

Do you trust your friends as much as Ellen and Annemarie do? Friendship bonds are really important because you never know when you will need help from them.

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Aquatics Unit: End

Over the course of the last month, we had a swim/aquatics unit for PE. We chose what we wanted to work on and now the unit has come to an end. This blog post is documenting what I have been working on and the progress.

When I am in the water, I feel connected to it. After a good practice, I feel that I am relaxed and happy. A good practice is when I feel connected to the water and I feel that I am working with it and not fighting it. I am used to the smell of chlorine and whenever I first jump into the water, the coldness of the water kind of shocks my system to being calm. That is why I love the water.

The goals I set for this unit is to work on my freestyle technique and dives. I wanted to work on my freestyle cuz my stroke was not efficient. I wanted to work on the dives because I wanted to have that better beginning speed in a race. That would be a huge advantage in a 50 or 100-meter race.

I improved my freestyle technique and my arm is more relaxed during the recovery. For my dive, my body position is more flat meaning I can go further rather than higher. This is a video my technique before and after:
I would still like to work on technique. Specifically, the technique of other strokes (butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke) I would also like to work on my underwaters because it would help a lot if they were more efficient so I can gain more speed into my stroke from every single wall. Something I would still want to look into is my distance per stroke and stroke rater ratio. Should I have a more powerful stroke which is long and slow, a fast stroke rate but not that efficient, or somewhere in between?

This unit has helped me a lot as a swimmer. Since swimming is such a tough sport where we have to spend 98% of our time on strength, endurance, and a little bit of flexibility, we don’t really have the time to work on technique. However, the technique is still a very important part of our sport because if you have a lot of strength and endurance but a very inefficient stroke, it will be hard to beat someone who has medium strength, endurance, but has really good technique. This PE unit has given me and my coach time to work on something so vital to being successful in our sport.

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WANTED: Ellen Rosen


In the book, Number the Stars by Lowly is a story based around the Nazi’s invasion into Denmark. Ellen Rosen is a Jew and is wanted by the Nazi’s. It tells the tale of how the Jews escaped Denmark. I chose to make a wanted poster because it gives an idea of what the Germans thought about the Jews and gives a little more information on one of the characters.



Poster made with Piktochart.

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8th grade PE aquatics unit has been really helpful and fun so far. For the first few classes, I worked on my freestyle technique because my stroke was really fast but not very effective. We also worked on my dive so I can have more of that initial speed off the blocks. We also did some high-intensity training where we go fast but we have quite a lot of rest. I first chose the aquatics unit because I swim a lot and I needed extra time where I can just work on technique. Moving forward, I think I should solidify my freestyle technique and my dive. If we have time, maybe I can work on turns and underwaters.


Focus Area:

  • Based on the video analysis, I decided to work on my freestyle catch and dives.
  • Looking at my films, I noticed that I would turn my hand on the freestyle catch and not push the water and I needed to flatten out on my dive.
  • My coach and I discussed that I should work on more technique and to refine my freestyle catch and dives.
  • I would like to focus on solidifying my freestyle catch and dive and work on underwaters and turns.

(I would post the videos but the file is too big)



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Boxer Rebellion Documentary

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