About Leonardo Da Vinci

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Are You a Humanist

Humanism in the renaissance played a huge role in how things turned out. We studied what humanism means to people and how it affected the renaissance. Lastly, we rated ourselves on how much we believe in humanism.

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The Conflict and Personality of Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher hates his older brother Erik yet still a really friendly and a good soccer teammate at the same time. For example, when the temperatures were dropping, Paul helped his friends by tending the tangerine trees. “What do you say we go help them fight the freeze?” (209, Edward Bloor) I have chosen to use a fake messaging website to showcase how Paul would talk to others and his personality. It also shows conflict with Paul and his brother Eric. “Paul Fisher’s older brother is a high school football star, but to Paul, he’s no hero.” (blurb)

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The Mind and Personality of Chess Champion Waverly Jong

How does chess impact the personality of the player? The personality of a chess player is critical to how they play and ultimately lead to whether the player is successful or not. Waverly is a champion chess player who is usually smart and positive even when she loses but how does she think and what she does in order to prepare herself for tournaments?

After playing chess for a few days with her brother, Waverly learned that there has to be a plan going into the game in order to winI learned about the middle game and why tactics between two adversaries are like clashing ideas;”(Tan, 3) She sees the plan of the opponent and finds a way to stop the attack and at the same time, make it into an offensive push. She sees how to game will play, how it will end and tries to stop it if the game will not end well. She keeps pushing if the game will end the way she wants it. “I discovered that for the whole game one must gather invisible strengths and see the endgame before the game begins .” (3)

Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes but it is important to learn from them and analyze what went well and what didn’t and how the person can improve on those things. Sometimes, it’s not always just learning from one’s mistake but to look at how your opponent plays. “I went to school, then directly home to learn new chess secrets, cleverly concealed advantages, more escape routes.”  (5) When she learns all the moves of her opponent and can beat that person easily, she looks for another opponent to expand her knowledge of ways chess can be played. “I lost many games and many Life Savers. But over the weeks, with each diminishing roll of candies, I added new secrets.”  (3) She doesn’t mind losing if it meant that she can improve even more. It is probably something that pushed Waverly Jong to the top of the chess division.

This may not be the same for every chess player, however, for chess champion Waverly Jong, this strategy has helped her succeed. But playing chess had changed Waverly’s personality from being a sly girl “One day, as she struggled to weave a hard-toothed comb through my disobedient hair, I had a sly thought. I asked her, “Ma, what is Chinese torture?” My mother shook her head.” (1-2) to be a smart and strategic girl. If everyone started playing chess, how but better will the world be from the benefits of chess.

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Found Poem


From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

Poem written by Evelyn

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My First Week of 8th Grade

The first week of school was fun. I missed half of the first day due to a violin exam. The first two days was just about getting to know our core teachers. It was kind of fun to just get used to how 8th grade will work compared to the other grades. On Wednesday, we started going to our scheduled classes. I had Science, Art, Humanities, and enrichment. It was nice to get back to learning new things. We did something similar on Thursday. I hope next week will be similar and be as productive as this week.

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Grade 8 Humanities Gaols

  1. What are you looking forward to learning in grade 8 this year?

This year, I am looking forward to learning how to make my writing better. I would also like to learn how I can come up with good ideas for writing.


  1. What challenges will you face?

A challenge I will face is coming up with a good idea to start an essay or story.


  1. What is your plan to meet those challenges?

To get past that challenge, I will try and be creative.

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OneDay 2017-Bird House

My partner and I made a bird house. Our goal was to make a birdhouse to have the experience with wood. I learnt that working with wood includes using many tools and you need to be really accurate with the wood because if it is too big, you need to cut again and if it is too small, you need cut a new piece. Both ways includes wasting wood. Cutting the circle went unexpectedly well. Next time, I would make sure the pieces are the right size.evelyn-onedayprocessjournal2017

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Hello world!

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