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Project Trade-up reflection

Some interesting things I learned about are: GDPs, tariffs, and economic systems, which helped me understand about global trading. For example, The has been trading wars through the world, trade wars are wars except it would be economically, so no harm. Trade wars stop trading between both sides, because of imported goods from other places has higher tariffs. Another example would be that there would be civil wars, that would also stop trading for both sides. An example from the trade conference would be that our GDP was low, but then through trading and being an alliance with other civilizations, we made good profits.

Before this project I used to think that the driving question was to trade others for our needs, but now I think trading also involves having a good amount of GDP or else you wouldn’t have any good resources to trade to other civilizations. Also the location would matter a lot, or else how will you have a good amount of GDP or rare materials that maybe no other locations would have. 

Looking back on this Project, I realize that trading for better goods could help the GDP for societies to meet their needs, it helps to slowly develop better technology for you civilization. For example, during the trade conference at the end of the unit, our society needs were to have wheat and grain so then we could create rice for better food supply. We traded for our knowledge, like metal making for 10 units of rice so we meet our society needs. However, a big question I still have is if our civilization wants to be allies with another civilization, how can we assure that it is a trustable civilization? For example, during the project, even though Tom was an alliance with another group, he would still threaten everyone.

FML Has Diabetes

I had to put sticky notes on my computer, and tell my parents to help me to cook something that doesn’t have much sugar, so I usually have a lot of protein, fruit, and vegetable with not much sugar, which I was impressed about myself of resisting not to eat sugar.

I eat lots of sugar everyday before sugar week happened, I had a ice cream sometimes during lunch, neither pizza or noodles during Wednesday, pizza on  monday, over and over, thats what I do during sugar week.

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