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Humans of ISB: Create and Improve

In project Humans of ISB, I learned ways to interview other people neither I know or just met, with more tips on how to take photos or how to catch a good photograph of the people we interview. From taking pictures of the people that we interviewed in black and white font, I had help tracing out the face with some wrinkles, the eyeliner, etc. From there on we start filling in the face with black charcoal and white chalk, also making sure the shades in the photo are included. After finishing and before exhibiting our project, the main L21 skill I learned was problem solving, because throughout the project, I independently choose and use different strategies when trying to solve a problem. Especially drawing the portrait, I made many mistakes, for example, I usually accidentally color the wrong places on the face, making the portrait look strange, however I problem solved by continuously shading white or dark to make the color match with the black and white photo. However, I need to improve on my creativity and innovation, because of the many times I couldn’t think of extra details to make the portrait even better, but to ask for some suggestions from others.

Humans of ISB: Develop and Plan

After defining and creating through this project, and taking pictures of the people we had interviewed, I started to create a portrait of the supply room staff, Ms Jullian, using charcoal and white chalk. The portraits took on the phone are in black and white, making our portrait simpler to draw. Black charcoal and white chalk could create some colors, however can create many details combining those colors, so I created a scale of the values of colors that could be created from black and white.



Humans of ISB: Define and Inquire

Throughout this project, my job is to interview people about their personal experiences with questions like “What was the happiest moment of your life?” or “What was the most challenging moment of our life?” I get to choose what type of people in ISB I get to interview, for example english teachers, support staffs, etc. I chose support staffs, because I thought they had more experience into the past activities and good memory of their childhood. I was able to take note of ways to take photographs of people that we interview and what good tips should be used when interviewing. Our inspiration, Brandon Stanton, showed diversity throughout New York by interviewing different people in the streets and put their descriptions onto a series called “Humans of New York”. I chose to look for support staffs for ISB, my first idea was to interview a security guard at the west gate of ISB, however his answer was not so deep. I chose to interview another support staff, she was a staff for the supply room, and her happiest moment of her life was when she was able to see the ocean. When she was 7 years old, she lived in Beijing for her life and was never able to see the ocean, however when she went on vacation on the east coast of China, for the first time in her life, she was able to see the ocean.

My Avatar

This avatar shows me that I am a person that talks a lot, thats why my mouth is wide open. Im always very attentive to my surroundings, unless its like a conversation that isn’t interesting to me, I always listen to it, thats why my ears are up.

Make It: Final Presentation

We have finally shown and organized how we could go from one another to other places using public transport, also known as the the Beijing Metro/Subway. Our driving question throughout this whole project was how could we use public transport to explore Beijing, through all of our planning for where and the best tourism places for mostly tourists to go, we have already chose what sports venues we were going to, explaining about the metro basics, the main attractions of Beijing, and what good restaurants tourists should go. We have shown that on our travel outside of school, using all we know we made traveling in public transports easy. I have improved from the L21 on my problem solving because I have shown that I could plan out how I could solve unplanned situations outside of school with my partner that I always stick to.

Make It: Create and Improve

When we took the subway, what worked was that we were be able to not lose each other, and if something goes wrong, we have our social media to contact each other during trouble. But what was challenging was that when we were at the starting station, we didn’t think through because it was rush hour, there was too many people and we didn’t plan which groups would go first. Unplanned, some people just went in without taking any note to others. So now we took note of how we would solve that problem during the actual subway project.

Make It: Develop and Plan

Now that we have practiced how a whole 16 people group into public transport, even during the rush hour, we can find a way to organize how we can all get to the end point. We didn’t need any techniques to do that but we did need a lot of planning. Before our trip, we sorted out who would be roll calling to see if all of the groups were together so we wouldn’t leave any people behind, that would be critical if tourists were at Beijing using public transports. I wish all tourists could apply using that strategy so then nothing goes wrong. It just takes time to plan out and think about how we can avoid from any trouble. We had a padlet for our whole group to plan out, we all had different categories and we put all the ideas together. 

Make It: Define and Inquire

Throughout the project, the question is how can we use public transports to explore Beijing? My group was responsible for helping find the locations for sporting venues. I think our group had successfully accomplished what we were supposed to do, we were able to define the top 4 sports that were best played in Beijing and find the location of the stadiums to watch the professionals or even play at the court. Also for tomorrow’s planning, I have planned out with another group to  see how much time it would take to arrive to the forbidden city, and what lines to take so we could have a fast and comfortable travel to the forbidden city. All of this information will be informed to the tourists that visit Beijing, know where to go and how to transport there using public transportation.

Project Trade-up reflection

Some interesting things I learned about are: GDPs, tariffs, and economic systems, which helped me understand about global trading. For example, The has been trading wars through the world, trade wars are wars except it would be economically, so no harm. Trade wars stop trading between both sides, because of imported goods from other places has higher tariffs. Another example would be that there would be civil wars, that would also stop trading for both sides. An example from the trade conference would be that our GDP was low, but then through trading and being an alliance with other civilizations, we made good profits.

Before this project I used to think that the driving question was to trade others for our needs, but now I think trading also involves having a good amount of GDP or else you wouldn’t have any good resources to trade to other civilizations. Also the location would matter a lot, or else how will you have a good amount of GDP or rare materials that maybe no other locations would have. 

Looking back on this Project, I realize that trading for better goods could help the GDP for societies to meet their needs, it helps to slowly develop better technology for you civilization. For example, during the trade conference at the end of the unit, our society needs were to have wheat and grain so then we could create rice for better food supply. We traded for our knowledge, like metal making for 10 units of rice so we meet our society needs. However, a big question I still have is if our civilization wants to be allies with another civilization, how can we assure that it is a trustable civilization? For example, during the project, even though Tom was an alliance with another group, he would still threaten everyone.

FML Has Diabetes

I had to put sticky notes on my computer, and tell my parents to help me to cook something that doesn’t have much sugar, so I usually have a lot of protein, fruit, and vegetable with not much sugar, which I was impressed about myself of resisting not to eat sugar.

I eat lots of sugar everyday before sugar week happened, I had a ice cream sometimes during lunch, neither pizza or noodles during Wednesday, pizza on  monday, over and over, thats what I do during sugar week.

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