ISB 2017

One Day 2017

We successfully finished the middle sections of ISB, including public spaces like the swimming pool, dome, soccer fields, gyms, etc.


Challenges we faced:

  • Scaling-Where everything is in real life needs to be exactly where it is in Minecraft.
  • Time-Our time was a strong enemy, the project is huge, with no time to play nor goof around.
  • Controlling Everyone-Working on something in Minecraft for 6 hours is extremely hard, often distracted and led off track.
  • Building the Lights-It was really hard. The school is very big, so lighting is an important issue we must accomplish. Unfortunately, we did not finish our lights.

Next time for one day, I will choose a slightly smaller project and finish it, rather than a huge one and not being able to finish in a day. We should also plan harder because the plan collapsed at 1:50 because what was expected to finish did not.

If you want to join, please tell us your Minecraft username.

planet x459 simulation reflection

We got a new member in our group. His name is Nathan, and he and he is as pro as me. But then we got a disease and milk is the only cure. 3 Iron can make a bucket and we have a lot of iron. The government said we need to donate 10 buckets and another group will donate 10. But the other group didn’t even donate one and we have to donate 20. I asked them why do you don’t donate he said that too bad if I don’t donate you have to donate 20 buckets. That is unfair so we charged 1 iron for one bucket of milk.  I gave them some buckets and others need iron.

Planet x459 Week No.1

In 4PR, we are learning about governments. We used Minecraft as a tool in our unit. You may ask why? Its because we are pretending Earth is destroyed and  sent us to build a new community in a planet called x459. But, we need to first decide who is the leader,  and we voted Chief Choi to be the leader of the group. After that, we voted Councilors to help write the constitution, (laws) then we need to ratify it and make sure nothing is bad. We also have taxes. we need to pay wood and food (weekly pay).

Now, we built some houses and divided us into groups, and live in a village called 4PR’s Awesome Village. I think the next step is to make some kind of a jail because there are some people who didn’t follow the laws.