ONE DAY 2017-Programming a game


To make a game and show how basic programming work. We want to finish the game before the day ends, if we have time then start another one. We want to do some simple programming so later on, after our first simple game, so we can do more complicated programming and make more complicated things.


8:45-9:45: Start a game (easy programming)

10:00 – 11:00: finish the first one, ask other students to play it for feedback, and change it.

11:35 – 1:05: Start another game and finish it.

1:15 – 2:15: Show each other (our partner) what we have made and give feedback. Based on feedback, we can fix little parts of the game

2:15-2:25: Clean Up/Save Project

How the game works:

You are a witch, and you want to get apple, but the ghosts are hunting you. So you need to get as much apple you can get, and dodge the ghosts. If the ghosts catches you, then game over. You can get the donut every 10 seconds, but between the ten seconds, you cannot get it.

  • The apple is 10 points
  • The donut is 50 points



  • I showed a few students my game and let them give me feed back. I changed my program a little from their advice.
  • Someone told me that the ghost was too fast, and someone told me the witch was too big, so I changed it.

I think I made a good game and became better at programming. Now I know how people create games, not just how people play.

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Pokemon’s death!!!:Sugar Free

(1 is before sugar free, 2 is sugar free week)

Morning:  An apple every morning

  1. Rice & egg
  2. Vegetable noodles


  1. Mashed potatoes, sausages, rice, and milk.
  2. Hot dog with milk.

Dinner: And apple every evening

  1. Potatoes, rice, vegetable and duck soup.
  2. Porridge, broccoli, Yogurt

In the no sugar week, we are going to test a week without any unnatural sugar, we can’t even drink juice! We did it because we want to create a balanced diet, and sugar free is healthy. I was struggling in the first day, because I drink 3 little carton of yogurt every night, but they all contain a certain amount of sugar. So that day, I only drunk water that night and asked my mom to buy sugar free yogurt. Sugar  is very bad for our body because they contain fat and they might cause certain diseases.

After the no sugar week, I learned about how harmful sugar is and how much fat it contained. So I stop drinking that much juice and yogurt. (one carton a day) But I think sugar already became apart of human life now, so I can’t continue sugar free for my whole life. Now, I have a habit  of looking at the label and see how much sugar it contain so I won’t eat as much. What I want to do is that I want to influence my family of decreasing the sugar they consume. This is because this might save their life from some really bad diseases.


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