Verity, a Hero


The book I’m reading is called Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, and Verity is the code name of the protagonist. I chose the two really sad pictures that brings a devastating mood and black as background to show the external conflict of the story: Nazis interrogating Verity. I chose three quotes from the story; the first one represents the torture Nazis has done one Verity, the second shows that Verity betrayed her country and confessed. The last quote is told from Maddie’s view, showing that Verity actually kept the secret even with all the torture and was loyal to her country. This shows that Verity is a hero because even if she was interrogated and tortured, she was still loyal to her country.

If you want to make cool posters like this, go to Canva.

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What you need to do:

  • Open your Blog please
    • New Post – catchy Title
    • Category: PE, Swim, Aquatics
    • Write a brief Introduction about the unit so far. (Why did you choose it? What are three things you have learnt so far? What are you hoping to get from this unit?)
  • Find your Films – Optional: upload or screenshot a picture to use on your blog. You could create a Gallery or such if you want to add multiple media
  • Share your Focus area/s for the unit based on the conversations. This could be dot points or paragraph form.
    • Based on the video analysis I decided…
    • Looking at my film I noticed…
    • My coach and I discussed…
    • I would like to focus on… because…
  • Use specific Swim Vocabulary where you can. If you aren’t sure please ask someone to help you
  • Tag your post with three words that sum it up!
  • Publish it.

I chose this unit because I don’t feel like the other choices are that good. Also, I’m a swimmer so I could use this time to improve my technique and try to get faster. I’m trying to focus on breastroke and dive.

the dive at the end of the classes feels and looks much better than before, since my body position is straighter.

When I swim, I can feel that I am excerlerating in the water, getting faster as I swim. I can feel the contact of my arms with the water and the pressure. Whenever I go to the pool, I feel confident and included because most of my friends are swimmers and I’m in the swim team.

I think my future goals are to work on my breastroke turns since I have already done work on my dives.

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We’re takers who never give

In the future, the world we destroyed will be masked with a thick layer of polluted air, overflowing with the hideous and revolting smell of garbage.

They will find us,

buried beside countless plastic bags, tin cans, and cigarettes that we made, as mother nature twitched in pain.


In the future, the world we destroyed has no sign of life. Clear lakes where fish swam is now brimming with toxic.

Plain fields where lions chased after their prey are now crowded with dead bodies, rotten and corrupted.

And they will find us,

buried beneath piles of hornless rhinos and toothless elephants, whose lives we greedily took away.


In the future, they will find us and think, “They’re not intelligent at all. They’re takers, and they never give.”

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A Journey of Rebellion


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Just Lather That’s All

“And so, which will it be? Murderer or hero? My fate hangs on the edge of this razor blade” (4, Tellez). The protagonist, a barber, is secretly revolutionary, and one day, his enemy came to be shaved. The barber is struggling to decide whether to kill him or not.
In Hernando Tellezs’ ‘Just Lather That’s All’, our dynamic character’s, the barber, thoughts on whether to kill the captain or not changed throughout the story.

At the beginning of the story, the barber was thinking about killing the captain. “’And it would be so easy to kill him. He deserves it’” (3). He thought about killing Torres because Torres is an executioner, and he had sent countless people to their death. The barber is secretly a revolutionary, and Torres was his enemy, but why didn’t the barber decide not to kill him?

Even though the barber wanted to kill the captain at first, he changed over the course of the story and chose not to after thinking about the consequences: “But I don’t want to be a murderer. No, sir. You came in to be shaved” (4). This shows that the barber thought about killing, but second thoughts, he doesn’t want blood on his hands. Also, even if the barber kills Torres, what will he gain? Nothing.

In conclusion, “No one deserves the sacrifice others make in becoming assassins” (3), and nothing would be gained if you murder. The first to murder dies from the hands of the second, and the second would be killed by the third, and the world will eventually be filled with blood.

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Characterization of Egeus


The main idea about this magazine is about the characterization of Egeus, father of Hermia

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Are you a Humanist?

Having playlists for every type of mood can set the tone for whatever output you’re creating. Instead of playing songs on shuffle, curate mood playlists that flow well. by Mommy kiwi

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Consequences of Time Travel

If a man was killed 10,000 years ago, millions of his/her children would be wiped out of existence. Insignificant things done in the past might significantly impact the future. This is why the safari is trying their best to not change anything.

The safari takes time traveling really seriously and were really careful of what they do because they did not want to change the future. When the team got off the time machine, the safari leader, Travis, said, “stay on path, don’t go off of it!” (Bradbury 4-6) more than three times in this story. This shows how important it is to not touch anything, not even a bit of soil. The tiniest thing changed in the past can cause a huge problem in the future, even though Travis did realize this problem, Eckles did not.

Even if you step on a mouse, a whole species could be eliminated, because the effects could multiply through time. When Eckels realized he stepped on a butterfly and changed the future, he fell into the chair, “’No it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!’” (Bradbury 15). This proves that the effects of killing something in the past can get worse and worse. When you kill a mouse, all of the children of the mouse dies, and millions of creatures would die because of the chain effect.

This tells us that we should really be careful of our actions. Even though we couldn’t travel through time, our actions can severely change the lives of our future generations.

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“Because you not trying.” – ‘Two Kinds’


“’Just like you … Because you not trying’” (Tan 3). In Amy Tan’s Two Kinds, the narrator is a character who dreams to be a prodigy, but does not put in any effort to achieve it, and she doesn’t respect her mother, unlike me.

The protagonist really wanted to become supreme: “In all my imaginings, I was filled with a sense that I would soon become perfect: My mother and father would adore me  . I would be beyond approach” (1). She day dreams of her being the best, this shows that it is what she wanted the most. Even though she wanted to be a prodigy that bad, the protagonist does not try to be the best she can be. In the rising action, when the protagonist went to piano class, she didn’t pay attention just because her teacher is old and deaf: “If I hit the wrong notes because I hadn’t practiced enough, I never corrected myself” (4). This action proves that the protagonist has no integrity and does not try her best to achieve her dreams.  Also, the protagonist still remains unappreciative even for all the things her mother did for her, “Then I decided, I didn’t have to do anything mother said” (6). Her mother has cleaned other people’s houses for weeks, and she did all that to get her education, she not only is not thankful for her mother’s work, she disrespects and doesn’t listen to her.

Even though me and the protagonist are similar in dreaming to be perfect, I do try and work hard for it. When I play the piano, I’ll concentrate and correct all the mistakes I make. Also, I really respect my mom even if she makes me go to all those classes, because she does it for my good. This is why I am not similar the the protagonist.

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