Protein Story

This is the link to my protein story

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Leonardo Da Vinci

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Four On the Run

They have been on the run for their whole life. They can only be killed in numeric order. Numbers one through three are dead. Number Four is next. John Smith, also known as Number Four has been on the run his whole life, hiding from Mogadorians who will kill them at first sight. He is a brave, independent and intelligent young man.

John Smith is a brave person. “I’ll get her out of harm’s way and then I’ll get back to Henri and we’ll leave.” (Lore, 345) John risked his own life for Sarah when he went back to save her. Even when he knew the danger he’s in, he still goes after Sarah to save her. This shows that he is brave and he dares venture back to where the danger is to save someone, even though he knew the people hunting him down might be there. “My dad’s been captured, Sam.” (215) Once John noticed that his dad hasn’t come home for a few hours already, he considered that his dad might have been captured. He is willing to go save him, and that shows that he is brave. He knows that the people hunting for him might be there, but he goes anyways.

John Smith is an independent boy. This shows that John is very independent and that even when he’s hurt and fighting a hunter twice his size, he can still get a little advantage. What he says shows that he has gotten stronger and he is ready to fight the Mogadorians (the hunters). “The four of us, together, heading for the next town.” (440) This show that John is ready to start all over again, without any guardians or adults watching over them. He thinks he is ready to take on the job of finding others like them and saving the earth with only the four of them. With no adult or guardian or any more experienced people to guide them.

John Smith is an intelligent young man. “It’s not your fight. You have to stay hidden, no matter what!” (379) This quote shows that he knows when it is right to do a certain thing, and when he needs to tell people to back down in order to keep them safe. “Sam, I say so that only he can hear, I’m going in.” (311) This shows that John knows what to risk and what to save, in this case, John is resistant to fire but he knows that Sarah isn’t, and if he doesn’t risk his life to go save her, she might lose her life. He is also aware that if he goes in and saves her and people find out that he’s an alien, then the Mogadorians that are hunting him down will definitely find him and kill him. One connection I can make is to the Red Queen series. In the series, the main character Mare Barrow sacrifices herself for her friends and family. Even though she once said that she would never go back to the prison she was in before, she still sacrifices for her friends and family. This shows that like John Smith, she knows when she needs to sacrifice and when she needs to back down, and who she needs to save.

John Smith is a brave, independent, and intelligent young man, based on these traits, he is able to survive and run from the Mogadorians, all the while training to defeat them.

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Am I a Humanist?

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Chinese-American Parent

In the story “Rules of the Games” by Amy Tan, Waverly’s mother is a typical Chinese-American parent. Like most Chinese parents, Waverly’s mother makes lots of rules and embarrasses Waverly, but she is also really proud, no matter how strict or how many rules she makes, she still cares for Waverly.

First of all, Waverly’s mother is really strict. For example, “”Bite back your tongue,” scolded my mother when I cried loudly, yanking her hand toward the store that sold bags of salted plums.” (Tan, 1) That shows that she doesn’t want her daughter to behave in a certain way. Also “”Next time win more, lose less.”” (4). This shows that she is strict and she wants her daughter to be better even though she is already really good at chess, and can beat a lot of older people who are more experienced. One connection I can make to that is, a lot of Chinese moms want their child to be “perfect”, no matter how good their kid already is, they would want more. They set a lot of rules and make sure their child follows it. like Waverly’s mom, she wants Waverly to lose less in the chess tournament, even though Waverly already won, and is exceptionally good at chess.

Second of all Waverly’s mother is proud. For example, “”She not want it. We not want it.” she said, tossing her head stiffly to the side with a tight, proud smile.” (2). That shows that she looks down upon other people’s things that are broken or not whole, and she is too proud to use them. Another example is, “My mother would proudly walk with me, visiting many shops, buying very little. “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.” (5) This quote shows that Waverly’s mother is really proud of how Waverly won one chess tournament after another.

Third of all Waverly’s mother looks out for Waverly, no matter how strict she is, she still cares for Waverly. For example, “I raced down the street, dashing between people, not looking back as my mother screamed shrilly, “Meimei! Meimei!”” (5) This shows that she cares for Waverly, even when she’s angry at her. “When my mother finished her shopping, she quietly plucked a small bag of plums from the rack and put it on the counter with the rest of the items.” (1) This shows that after Waverly has done something good, her mother cares for her, so she gives her a little prize, to show that she approves of what Waverly did and is satisfied with that.

All in all, the evidence from the story shows that Waverly’s mother is strict and makes lots of rules which restricts Waverly from doing much. She is proud which sometimes embarrasses Waverly, and still looks out for Waverly at the same time.


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The Loss

From The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  – W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

So far 8th grade has been interesting and full of new things. New grade, new classes, new teachers, new activities, and new classmates. For the first week, we learned new rules for different classes, and got to know each other better. For me it was really fun getting to know all my teachers and classmates, I even made new friends. After the first few days, school gradually started to go back to normal. I am really looking forward to the rest of the school year, and I hope it will be as great as the first week of school.

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Interests and Challenges

  1. What are you looking forward to learning this year?

I’m looking forward to learning about the different revolutions, and what caused them, and how they affect us today.  I am also looking forward to learning more about how to write better stories, and to improve my writing skills along with other skills.

2.What challenges will you face?

There are some challenges that I will face during 8th grade humanities, one of them is to push myself to complete work as best as I could, because of all the other work from other subjects.

  1. What is you plan to meet those challenges?

My plan to meet this challenge is to remind myself of my goal, and try my best to complete all the work with my best effort.

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Foosball table

For one day, Tina and I decided to make a foosball table, at first we thought we couldn’t accomplish the table, because it was hard. we had some trouble making the holes for the sticks to go through, since the cardboard was very hard.

when we were carving the goals for the balls to go in, we had to take it apart because we couldn’t cut through the hard cardboard.

the hardest part was putting the sticks into the holes we made, and sticking the players onto it. because first the sticks weren’t long enough so we had to cut one stick into four pieces and attach it to the other four sticks. Then another problem was the hot glue we put on it were not strong enough, so we had to tape it a couple of times. The tape we wrapped around the stick couldn’t fit into the hole because it were too thick. we had to make the holes bigger. Finally we got all the sticks into the holes.

After we managed to add the sticks, we stuck on the players, we made one team red and another white. The red team of players kept on breaking but we managed to stick it on.

Finally, we drew the court onto the board. I learned that if you try your best, you will achieve what you want to do.

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Reading Reflection-Variant, Robison Wells

In Variant, the main character’s name is Benson Fisher. he went to this new school, where he later found out that he was stuck in. Everyone in that school lost both their parents, and has no friends. No one has ever escaped the school before, but even if they do, they got caught later on. The school had people who wants to escape like Benson, and people who want to stay there. inside the school there are no adults, so all the classes are taught by students. There are three gangs in the school, the Society, the Havoc, and the Variants, they are each in charge of different duties. In school, not all people are human beings, Benson later finds out that some of his classmates are robots. If the students broke any of the rules, they get punishments. If they break any of the MAIN rules, then they get detention, which according to the students means death.

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