Foosball table

For one day, Tina and I decided to make a foosball table, at first we thought we couldn’t accomplish the table, because it was hard. we had some trouble making the holes for the sticks to go through, since the cardboard was very hard.

when we were carving the goals for the balls to go in, we had to take it apart because we couldn’t cut through the hard cardboard.

the hardest part was putting the sticks into the holes we made, and sticking the players onto it. because first the sticks weren’t long enough so we had to cut one stick into four pieces and attach it to the other four sticks. Then another problem was the hot glue we put on it were not strong enough, so we had to tape it a couple of times. The tape we wrapped around the stick couldn’t fit into the hole because it were too thick. we had to make the holes bigger. Finally we got all the sticks into the holes.

After we managed to add the sticks, we stuck on the players, we made one team red and another white. The red team of players kept on breaking but we managed to stick it on.

Finally, we drew the court onto the board. I learned that if you try your best, you will achieve what you want to do.

Reading Reflection-Variant, Robison Wells

In Variant, the main character’s name is Benson Fisher. he went to this new school, where he later found out that he was stuck in. Everyone in that school lost both their parents, and has no friends. No one has ever escaped the school before, but even if they do, they got caught later on. The school had people who wants to escape like Benson, and people who want to stay there. inside the school there are no adults, so all the classes are taught by students. There are three gangs in the school, the Society, the Havoc, and the Variants, they are each in charge of different duties. In school, not all people are human beings, Benson later finds out that some of his classmates are robots. If the students broke any of the rules, they get punishments. If they break any of the MAIN rules, then they get detention, which according to the students means death.

cup insulator reflection

for our science and engineering class, we designed a cup insulator to keep our teacher’s coffee warm. our cup insulator’s body was made out of purple wool with cotton inside it. our cap was purple wool with a cotton ball sticking on top for hand hold, and under it we have two layer of bubble wrap to stop the warm air from escaping. for the bottom of the cup insulator, we also have purple wool but with two layers. also we have a strip of white wool to tie around the body to keep it together incase the hot glue isn’t strong enough. for our first test the base line temperature was 86.2 then the temperature after ten minutes is 71.1. then we thought to improve our project. so for the second try we added more cotton to our body and we also added velcro to connect the two ends of the body so you can take it off. before we added the velcro it was just a line on the top so we can take off any time, but we thought velcro was better. then for our second test, our baseline temperature was 75.7 and after ten minutes it was 71.5. so we improved since the temperature lose from the fist test to the second test was better. if we get to do this again, we would add some designs to make it look more interesting.

One Day 2017

My goal was to teach my friend Joyce how to play badminton. It was hard, because sometimes I understand something but don’t know how to explain it to Joyce, but most of it went successfully. I taught her a lot of skills and I also rated her from beginning to end. In the end, Joyce improved a lot, and learned a lot. I also learned how to teach people badminton and different ways of explaining things. If Joyce would like to continue learning badminton, I could teach her in the future.