Wright Flyer

Nowadays when people do things, they give up too easily. In The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane, by Russell Freedman, it shows how the Wright brothers persisted and kept on going no matter how hard the task was. I think the theme for this book is don’t give up, even though the task is hard, you will eventually get some kind of reward. Wilbur and Orville Wright were two really persistent people who put everything they had into inventing the airplanes. “That day Wilbur made about a dozen flights. His best glides lasted between 15 and 20 seconds and covered 300 to 400 feet.” (Freedman,38) This quote was the first time their airplane rose off the ground and started to fly in 1900. That first airplane they made only lasted in the air for around 15 to 20 seconds and they spent a great deal of money and time into it. ““we doubted that we would ever resume our experiments,” Wilbur wrote later, “when we looked at the time and money which we had expended, and considered the progress made and the distance yet to go, we considered our experiments a failure.” (44) Even though the Wright brothers spent a lot of money and time on an airplane model that wasn’t really a success, they continued. “the Wright Flyer takes off on the world’s first successful airplane flight at 10:35 a.m. on December 17, 1903. Orville is at the controls, while Wilbur runs alongside. Estimated distance and time: 120feet in 12 seconds.” (79) This quote shows that after all the time and money they spent into the experiments the outcomes are great. After they successfully had an airplane flight, they didn’t stop there. “In the spring of 1905, the brothers completed Flyer III, an improved model of their powered aircraft.” (85) “That one flight was watched by an estimated one million New Yorkers, almost none of whom had ever seen an airplane in the air before.” (108) From these two quotes, you can tell that that the age of flight had finally come and these flights demonstrated that the Wright Flyer III was the world’s first truly practical airplane. From this, I could see that if you persist and keep going, eventually you will get some kind of result.

I started learning figure skating when I was 4 years old. Every time I go to the ice rink, I would have to wake up really early in the morning and drive an hour to get there. My coach was really strict to me, every time I practice, she would have very high expectations. When I was around 6 years old, I entered a young figure skater competition. I practiced for around 2 years to get ready for the competition. Every time I go to the ice rink, I wasn’t exactly happy, but I knew that I had to keep on practicing for the competition. The days passed, and the day of the competition gradually approached. My coach got stricter and made sure I got every single move and timing correct. When I was practicing, I’d always want to give up and back out of the competition, but I knew that I at least had to try. On the day of the competition, we set off early and I was really nervous. After an hour, I arrived at the ice rink. My coach came over and told me the things I needed to pay attention to during my routine. Finally, it was my turn. I took a deep breath and skated onto the middle of the ice rink. After I finished my routine, I got back out and waited for the rest to finish. In the end, I got second place in the competition. The competition involved every young skater in Asia, so to me, getting second place was really great. This experience showed me that whatever you’re doing, don’t give up, because eventually, you will get some kind of reward or result.

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Russian Revolution: 1905-1939

A lot has changed for Russia since 1905 to now, 1939

First of all, the political system changed from monarchy to communism to socialism. Russia now offers better education and healthcare. There are also new family laws. For families, it is difficult for them to divorce, but those who have bigger families got better treatment. Everyone had to worship Stalin instead of religion, even the arts have to be dedicated towards him. Russia also made sure that individuals could improve their status and living standards.

Some things also stayed the same. We still had an army, and people still had to work.

Sergei was definitely a different person. He was still in the army, and life in the army was similar to before. But he went through the war, and that was a huge change for him. Other than that, Russia just switched the leaders.

When Sergei was with the army before the revolution

Sergei with his brother after the revolution

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Do you know anyone who can hack into a system even when adults can’t? Someone who can get away most of the time with the pranks he pulled? Someone who is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the world? Knox is a rich patron, and Syd is the indebted proxy who receives punishment in Knox’s place. Mountain City is divided into the Upper City, filled with people living in luxury, and the Lower City, where people live in slums and struggle to repay their debts. Proxy is a book by Alex London. One of the main characters in the book is Knox. He is smart, cunning, and brave.

Knox is a smart teenager. He can hack different systems that even some adults can’t hack. One quote from the book states, “I was just trying to get away and I heard you could hook me up with ID.” (119) This was what Syd said to Knox after he accidentally found him. When Syd was still back in the Valve, where the poor people lived, his friend Egan told him that there was this teenager in the upper city who knew how to hack into different systems and make new IDs for people. This shows that even in the valve, Knox was famous for being able to hack systems and make new IDs. Another quote from the book is “You weren’t supposed to be able to turn it off, but Knox had yet to find a security system he couldn’t hack.” (2) This quote shows how he can turn off the auto-drive system, unlike other people. The auto-drive system was from the best company in the city, but he still has no trouble hacking it.

Knox was a cunning boy, he pulled lots of pranks and stole different things from different companies and people. But he can sneak away with it about half the time. “Hell, I only got caught for half the stuff I pulled. You got off easy”. (257) This quote shows that Knox only got caught for half the things he pulled, which shows how sneaky he is.  Another quote is “A few more waves through another datastream holo and the window slid open.” (170) this quote shows that even when his father, who owns the company, SecuriTech which provides security for the whole city, locked down all the windows and door in their house, Knox is still able to open it and escape, by hacking into the system and getting control of the lockdown.

Knox is a brave teenager, he is willing to sacrifice his life for the good of the world. One example is, “And then, without warning, Knox leaped from the ledge and wind-milled his arms through the air. He hit the sloping landfill below and rolled.” (172) This was when Knox and Syd were trying to escape. When Knox climbed out the window, he checked his datastream glasses and got a height reading from the ledge to the ground. It was a dizzying number, but Knox still chose to jump in order to save Syd. Another quote from the book is “He let his weapon clatter to the floor, took one step backward into the chamber, and slammed the machine door shut, sealing himself in alone.” (376) This quote was at the end of the book when Syd was supposed to transfer the virus in his blood into the system to delete all the debts, but during the process, he will have to die. Knox didn’t want Syd to die, so he went in for him because he also had the virus in his blood. This shows that Knox is willing to sacrifice himself for all the other innocent people in the world.

All in all, Knox had shown, smartness, cunningness, and bravery throughout the book. These three characteristics have proven to be of good use in the book, without Knox, Syd won’t have survived, and Mountain city would have stayed unchanged and people will start owning each other more and more debts. Therefore, thanks to Knox the innocent people from mountain city were saved from having to get malaria, stab wounds, nerve damage and so on for the rest of their lives.

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Check out my  iMessage conversation!

In my multimedia, I am showing the theme of the book Proxy by Alex London. In the book, it shows that nothing is fair. The moment someone is born, the rest of their life is basically mapped out before them. If you were a proxy you’d probably be one for the rest of your life, and if you were lucky enough to be a patron, then you probably would be one for the rest of your life as well. Just to clarify, a proxy is someone who owns a debt and has to pay it by representing someone else to receive the punishment for that person. A patron is someone who has a proxy to receive a punishment for him or her. The system was simple, the patron purchased the boy’s debt and when he broke the rules, the proxy was punished. In the book Proxy, the patron is a rich boy named Knox while his proxy was a boy named Sydney, Syd owns years of debt because of getting rescued from a refugee camp. A patron was never supposed to meet his or her proxy, but in this case, Knox did. This system denies both the proxy and patron their childhoods. The patron by a smothering excess of privilege, while the proxy by none at all.

In the first and second iMessage I made, it shows Syd talking to Knox, Syd was very poor and didn’t have enough money to get his birthmark checked or any other unhealthy or unusual things. While Knox, on the other hand, had everything he’d ever wanted, every night he can go to parties with his friends while Syd had to work every day after school just for survival. The third iMessage shows Knox and Egan, Syd’s friend, comparing Syd’s life to the one his patron lives. It shows how unfair their lives are, just because Syd was rescued from a refugee camp he has to live most of his life with malaria, stab wounds, nerve damage and so on. While Knox, can just get anything he wants and get away with anything that he did wrong. In the fourth iMessage, it shows Knox talking to Mr. Baram, Syd’s boss and “father”. The message shows that if they activate the virus, it would also kill a lot of innocent people while it saves other people. So this shows that they would just sacrifice the lives of other innocent people to save others. This shows what the book is trying to tell the readers, which is nothing is fair.

  • The quotes from the first and second iMessage are from page 256-257
  • The quotes from the third iMessage are from page 272-273
  • The quotes from the fourth iMessage are from page 362-362

Created using iFakeTextMessage.com

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The Rebellion of the Boxers

This is my Boxer Rebellion Documentary.

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A Scale That Never Balances


Scales of justice equaling races without prejudice or racism. Clipping path       included. 123RF, www.123rf.com.cn/       %E5%B9%B3%E8%A1%A1%E9%BB%91%E8%89%B2%E5%B9%B3%E7%AD%89%E9%87%91%E9%87%91%E8%89%B2       %E7%9A%84%E6%91%84%E5%BD%B1%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87_46906126_123RF%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87%E5 %BA%93.

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Trust No One

The theme for the book King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard is don’t trust anyone, because betrayal might be just around the corner. One example is “She looks shockingly calm for having just murdered four of her own.” (Aveyard, 298) This quote is from after Evangeline murdered four silvers, who were supposed to be her allies. She then helped Mare, who is supposed to be her enemy, escape. Another example is “You promised, I whisper, trying to tear him apart without moving a muscle.” (502) This was after Cal betrayed Mare by breaking his promise that he would always stay by her side. This quote also shows that betrayal can happen even with a person who you’re really close to. For the book cover, I put a cage in the middle to show that anyone can put anyone inside a cage if they want to. Which shows how different people were betrayed in the book, even by the ones closest to them. I also put the words trust no one, is on there, along with all will burn. I wanted to show that if you start trusting people you shouldn’t, then everyone will burn in the fire of betrayal.


Enig, Sam. “Birdcage.” Pintrest, za.pinterest.com/pin/452752568762200363/.

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Prison–> Freedom

A girl who is bitter, brave, and intelligent survive the terrors of living in a “prison” for months, and experienced betrays over and over again. Kings Cage, by Victoria Aveyard, is a book full of exciting twists and turns. The main character, Mare Barrow shows this by being bitter, brave, and intelligent at the same time.

Mare Barrow is a bitter girl. A few examples are, “And who’s fault is that?” (Aveyard,166) “not your father. Not Cal. And certainly not me.” (280) These quotes show that Mare is bitter. The first example shows that when Maven tells her that he has lost every single person he ever loved, Mare shows no sympathy instead, she simply retorts back with “and who’s fault is that?” When Maven jokes about the dead futures, the futures that would never come true, Mare suddenly takes things really seriously. The second quote shows that she doesn’t understand Maven’s joke and thinks Maven is trying to get her to feel sympathy towards him.

Mare Barrow is really brave. Without courage like hers, she wouldn’t have survived the months in “prison”. “I weave towards the treasury, the last place I saw Maven and his sentinels.” (304). This quote shows that Mare is really brave because she knows that if she were to find Maven, there are going to be lots of sentinels guarding him, and she probably won’t stand a chance. She just escaped a prison she was in for a few months, and she knows that if she got captured, Maven won’t let her get away that easily again. “My feet move of their own accord, intending to follow.” (474) The second quote shows that during the war, Mare instinctively follows the people who have a more dangerous job other than staying with the safer people, which is what most people would do. One connection I can make is to the Harry Potter series. In the series, Harry and his friends are daring and courageous, just like Mare. They face the dangers as if it were nothing, and chooses the more dangerous path instead of the safer one.

Mare is intelligent, especially when she is reading people’s emotions to certain things, or putting on a mask to stop people from reading her emotions. She is also constantly looking for holes and mistakes and leaks in a system that is impenetrable to most people. She is constantly reading between the lines and understanding the unspoken and hidden messages where most people can’t. For example, “I rely on my real confusion to create the mask I want to wear.” (197), this quote shows that Mare can use anything to make a mask so people can’t tell what she’s feeling. “you’re always watching, looking for information you will never get to use.” (199) The second quote is how Maven thinks of Mare. Maven, as cunning as he is, describes Mare as always watching and looking for everything, even information she will never get to use. This shows how she is always alert and looking around for hints of clues and hidden meanings in words spoken by the Royals in court.

The title of the book, King’s Cage shows that Mare is trapped in a king’s “prison” because of the boy king’s obsession. In the book, it tells you that even the most important people in life might choose a different path and leave you for something better. In the whole series, Cal has been asked to choose Mare instead of power twice, and each time Mare believed that what she had done to Cal would be enough for him to choose her instead of power and a kingdom to rule, but every time it fails. All in all, it is good to remember that even the closest people in life could leave you for something better.

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1641608_orig-1. https://tamrisworld.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/

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School+Paradise=I am Number Four!?


image sources

“6 – I Am Number 4 – I Am Number Four – Welcome Sign – By Ang Pass | Story Board – I Am Number 4 – I Am Number Four | Pinterest | Number.” Pinterest, www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/445786063095694229/.

a school. I am number Four, jhillisiamnumberfour.weebly.com/setting.html.




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