What are polymers and how are they made?

Polymers is everywhere a lot of things are made up by polymers some part of our body are made up by polymers your plastic water bottles are made up by polymers and the DNA in our cells are made up by polymers. Polymers are made up by building blocks bond together and those parts are called monomer. The molecules are very big, so the scientist call them macromolecules, those polymers chain can include thousands and hundreds of atoms. Normally the longer a polymer is the melting and boiling point will be higher and the reason is those types of polymer have a bigger surface area which let them stick to neighboring molecules. there is a particular type of polymers called amino acid normally a person or an animal will have 500 different amino acid, but they only use 20 of them to construct their proteins. Chemical bond holds the atoms together. There are two types of polymers one type of polymers can be very soft the other type of polymers can be very stiff.


Polyvinyl alcohol mixed with borax or laundry starch

Slime is a very good example of polymerization it has the same processes of making plastic. PVA glue is a polymer PVA stand for polyvinyl alcohol, PVA is a long chain of carbon atoms and it is a liquid but mixing the PVA with Borax (sodium tetra-borate) chemical change happens the chain of the atoms get together and the new substances is a solid.

Characterization blog

Characterization blog post:

The story maze runners are set in a place called the glade, people lived in the maze they have no idea about where they come from, why they are here and who are the people that put them in here. They need to find out the way to get out of the maze, so they choose the people that are the fastest and trained them in to runners, the runners run in to the maze every day and try to figure out the way to get out of the maze. The runners are Thomas Galley Minho etc.… the book maze runner is written by James Dashner.



Thomas is a very brave person.  When Thomas first arrived at the maze he is very dirty, and because he is new he doesn’t talk with other people, but when time past he started to fit in, and Thomas is actually the person that find out the way to get out of the maze. Thomas is really close with Minho and have a friendly relationship with all of the other runner except a guy called Galley, Galley hate Thomas because he used to be the best runner in the group and everyone like him, even though he is not the leader of the runners, but everyone treated him as a leader, but when Thomas arrived everyone started to like Thomas and Galley is very jealous. There is a girl called Teresa she is the last person that arrived at the maze. “Teresa turned toward him. I don’t know something about before we came to the maze something about us it is all very confusing right now, but I know you are my friend.” This shows that even the people have clear out all of their memories but in Teresa’s mind she knows that before both Thomas and herself were being send to the maze they were friend.


Thomas is a very responsible and friendly person, he cared about his friend a lot. In the maze Thomas have a really close friend call Chuck, When Thomas first arrived at the maze Chuck is the first person that started to talk to Thomas. Both of them are hoping to get out of the maze as soon as possible. “Don’t give up, Chuck. We are gonna solve this thing, get out of here. I am a runner now I promise on my life I will get you back, and Thomas meant it he felt it burn in his hear.” This is what Thomas tole Chuck on the first day he became a runner and he did what he said, figure out the way to get out of the maze, but when the two of them are just about to get out of the maze chuck is dead. “Chuck, he screamed; his voice felt like acid ripping through his throat. Chuck!”  Chuck was Thomas best friend and he was one of the motivation that make Thomas go in to the maze every day.

Chinese culture revolution

Causes of revolution

I think there are 3 causes of revolution, first the difference between rich and poor, because usually the rich people are really really rich but the poor people they don’t have that much money or food is not because they don’t work hard or they are lazy it is because they don’ t get what they should get and this is the second causes of revolution when the poor people work so hard for the rich people but when it is the time for the rich to pay the poor people, they don’t give it to them, but even they don’t pay what they should have the poor people still need to work for the rich because they are the low class of the society. the last reason is that the rich killed the low class, sometimes they killed them for reasons sometimes they killed them without any reasons and the poor people  can’t fight back because they are the low class.the results are: The results of revolution is that people are being kill and country will stop from developing.

Do you think revolution will happen again today:

I think it will happen again because we still have the problem of people being very rich and people being really poor, and if we keep on doing this I think revolution will happen again.

Chinese culture revolution

The historical context of the novel

Red scarf girl written by ji li jiang

This book is set in shanghai and it is talking about the life of ji li jiang, she lives through the Chinese culture revolution, when she was still a child the Chinese culture revolution started and at her school the teachers ask ji li jiang and her classmate to write da zi bao, and at the end of the story ji li jiang’s father is arrested and she need to make a choice but she choose to stay on the same sides as her father because they have a very good relationship, so she moved to the united states.


An analysis of the theme

If you choose to not agree with the government, you are wrong

In this story ji li jiang‘s father is not supporting the ideas that the government believe in so he have been arrested and have been separated with his family and it is not only getting him in trouble it also make the other family members in to trouble and it included ji li jiang and she need to make a h


Book Cover

This book is call Descendants written by Melissa de la cruz.

This book is talking about 2 girls and 2 boys named Mal Edie Jay and Carlos they are the children of the bad characters for example Mal is daughter of the evil queen that have killed snow white with an apple. Everyone that are “bad” are living in a island  away from the normal world they have everything they need everything they want except they can’t use their power anymore. Mal Edie Jay and Carlos they want to explore the world they have never seen the “real” word. Where they can use their power etc. So they started their adventure and a lot of things happen. I think the theme of this book is that not everyone is bad maybe their parents or family members have done something wrong before but it doesn’t mean that they are bad 

The Forbidden Wish

1.Connect with the protagonist. Write a text-to-self response in which you compare yourself to the protagonist. Show understanding of character development–what it means to be a dynamic or “round” character–by identifying a passage or two that mark changes in the character. Support your words by including MLA formatted quotes from the text. Then compare yourself to the protagonist using specific examples from your own life. (Be the first to write an exemplary response for this prompt!)


The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury

The main character of this story is Zahra is a brave and cowardly girl, the reason I  say she is brave is because the author have wrote some evidence about her in the book for example : “when saving herself means betraying him she choose to save Aladdin, she seizes the opportunity to save Aladdin.” She always choose to save him(because she love him).Why I think she is cowardly is because in the book the author have wrote : “what am I doing?”I whisper. I know where this road leads for I have travelled it before. I don’t dare follow it again, no matter what.” She is scared of following the road because something bad have happen to her when she is following this road before and she is not brave enough to follow the road again.



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