Chinese culture revolution

The historical context of the novel

Red scarf girl written by ji li jiang

This book is set in shanghai and it is talking about the life of ji li jiang, she lives through the Chinese culture revolution, when she was still a child the Chinese culture revolution started and at her school the teachers ask ji li jiang and her classmate to write da zi bao, and at the end of the story ji li jiang’s father is arrested and she need to make a choice but she choose to stay on the same sides as her father because they have a very good relationship, so she moved to the united states.


An analysis of the theme

If you choose to not agree with the government, you are wrong

In this story ji li jiang‘s father is not supporting the ideas that the government believe in so he have been arrested and have been separated with his family and it is not only getting him in trouble it also make the other family members in to trouble and it included ji li jiang and she need to make a h

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