Causes of revolution

I think there are 3 causes of revolution, first the difference between rich and poor, because usually the rich people are really really rich but the poor people they don’t have that much money or food is not because they don’t work hard or they are lazy it is because they don’ t get what they should get and this is the second causes of revolution when the poor people work so hard for the rich people but when it is the time for the rich to pay the poor people, they don’t give it to them, but even they don’t pay what they should have the poor people still need to work for the rich because they are the low class of the society. the last reason is that the rich killed the low class, sometimes they killed them for reasons sometimes they killed them without any reasons and the poor people  can’t fight back because they are the low class.the results are: The results of revolution is that people are being kill and country will stop from developing.

Do you think revolution will happen again today:

I think it will happen again because we still have the problem of people being very rich and people being really poor, and if we keep on doing this I think revolution will happen again.

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