I Am Number Four Reflection

I Am Number Four is a book about a boy named John. He, though, is not a “human” from Earth, but an alien (one of the nine Loric) from the planet called Lorien. John’s planet was wiped of his kind by the Mogadorians, but 9 Loric have escaped, for the future. The Mogadorians are now searching for them one by one… Read more →


The photos above are from before pulling out the weeds and dried/dead plants. In my ‘box’ there were two dried sunflowers and a few unnecessary plants. Then after the greenhouse was opened and we received our tool, then started to pull and dig them out. Read more →

Lit. Circle Agreements

Here are the agreements me and my lit circle made, I definitely agree with ’em: Contribute to the conversation, Example: Ask question Stay on task, actively question peoples thoughts/ideas (respectfully) Refer to notes and books when needed evidence Try to make connections, from book to book, book to movie, book to reality. Read more →

Oneday 2017 Passport Wallet Project

  This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. For Oneday my project was to recreate the passport wallet I made during my sewing enrichment. The passport wallet is created to store family passports or anything needed at the airport. Through this experience, there were successes and challenges. One of the success was completing my project to… Read more →

What Should You Read?

   Do you like novels? Something that’s sad, loving and heart moving. Well If you do you should read, If I Stay by Gayle Forman. The story that ends with one choice Mia has to make, stay or leave. One morning in winter she and her family drive to their friends and grandparents house with their rusty old Buick, but… Read more →

Impact Unit Reflection

This impact unit was very fun, but before it got fun we needed to do many things just to get prepared. First we had to choose what kind of impact we were going to make. Our group, Arianna, Sveva and I, decided to make an impact on the high schoolers in cooking. Everyone knows cooking is a basic skill everyone… Read more →