What Lies in the Futures Stomach?

I believe that sustainability will play a key role in the future. Our population will sky rocket between 2025 and 2050, bringing the number of humans on earth to a staggering 9 billion, because of this massive growth the need for clean water and food will also become more urgent. I believe that sustainable products will allow vast amount of food to be created and grown within the space of months all year round, meaning that people all over the world will not have to starve. I think that agriculture is both a good thing  and a bad thing, it is a bad thing because agriculture has allowed out population to grow to unreasonable sizes over the last hundred years, but it is also a good thing because it has help the human race take large leaps in both civilization and innovation. While pitching and planning for the pitch I learned many things, one of which was using hand gestures and body language to make a point or fact seem more important or dramatic. Over this unit I was given the chance to write Sci-fi story set in the future, inside my story society has collapsed and people are barley surviving because of the polluted air, water and the lack of food, my own out look upon the future of the earth is fairly dark but that is simply because I don’t see the human race changing anytime in the future.

From One Home to Another

What It’s really made from

Project Driving Question: How can we use evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing?
Your reflection: I can use evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing Over the last month of research and preparations for this project I have learned many things. I believe this to be true because as you can see, I gradually began to see thinking of a way that I could help thus, creating the idea for my project. The idea for my project was based off art made by Gilles Cenazandotti. My art represents the fact that for every 50 pieces of trash you throw away 500 marine animals die no matter how large or small, but it also sends a message that if we recycle we can save these animals. My message is supposed to tell you that there is both a dark side and a light side to our way of life, the light is that if we do recycle then we can save the animals that I have portrayed but the dark show that we are killing the animals I portrayed in my model. I used my research to show my learning when I explained how we are destroying the earth and its animals.

Flip n’ Snap – Sensory Devices

I created a fidget device created from silicone that I thought would be sturdy enough because it was supposed to be a bracelet.

I succeeded in making my device by the deadline and  I was able to create a fidget device that

My largest challenge was making my art look realistic and not cutting my self everytime I tried to make something using wire.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

The Golden Compass

Golden compass is about a girl named Lyra and how she is destined to save the worlds but she must never be told or that could affect her decisions that will all lead up to her saving the worlds. This book has magic and witches, angles and daemons which are soul animals that don’t appear in there permanent forms until you meat your true loves or you go throw puberty. This is my favorite book because its about a girl who has the burden of all the worlds on her shoulders and yet she always has a smile on her face. She also goes on a quest to save her best friend and in that cores of time she saves hundreds of children.

The first book is about the children being kidnapped and how Lyra saves them and stops her mother from splicing, splicing is when you separate a daemon and its human most subjects die after. Her father betrays her by killing her best friends Roger by splicing him.


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