Project Impact Beijing Reflection

This activity helped me to understand deeper about how pollution is harming our nature and what is causing pollution and what is pollution. At first, we went to the Wen Yu river to collect trash and then sort out the garbage, then we used the data that we collected to creates a graph to show the amount of each kind of the garbage. Then we went again, to get the water of Wen Yu river to test and get the data of the water that got polluted. When I saw the result of the water sample, I was surprised, the sample was so bad! Second, we needed to write an argument essay, so the first thing we needed to is to collect notes. When I was collecting my notes, I found out many things about pollution, like, rain absorbs water-soluble, compounds it contains some are highly toxic create a harmful stew, leachate. Then when we were writing the essay, we had to make a claim and then get the evidence to support the claim, I think the writing helped me to know how to connect claims and evidence. After that, we started our final project, I did some bookmarks to support the PowerPoint, but at last I realized that the ink is made out of plastic, I also did a cardboard box to support the PowerPoint, so I used the notes that I took for my writing, so that it was really easy for me to collect my evidence. All thing was very fine when I was doing my project. Finally, when we were presenting it was all good, I got many suggestions so I think it was all good.

this is my       powerpoint:file:///Users/hannah.yang/Desktop/

ONEday 2017- make a model of a dog house

ONEday 2017

GOAL IS: Make a model of a dog house in 5 hours.

What did you create?

I created a model of a wooden dog house and painted it. It is 1/8 size of the real life dog house. Then I used brown, blue, white, gold and silver.


What were your successes?

I am successes of I cut the wood by myself. I used a saw to cut my own wood.


What were your challenges?

My challenges are measuring all the data of the pieces. Some of the wood pieces’s edges wasn’t exactly 90 degrees so it is hard to measure the data.


What was your impact and/or will you continue with anything from ONEday in the future?

I will try to build a real life dog house for next year. the correct size of a dog house.

here is the pictures:

photo-on-1-25-17-at-1-21-pm-3 photo-on-1-25-17-at-12-38-pm

photo-on-1-25-17-at-1-22-pm-4 photo-on-1-25-17-at-12-00-pm-2