Bard and Brawl – Exhibition

looking back to this project, I learned how to play around with stage combat. I have learned more about jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, I have also added Shakespeare insults into that play I have choreographed to make the show have more of a sense of humor and show the audience what I have learned throughout the week. After knowing the skills that I’ve learned, I can have more contact with stage combat that is another type of drama, and I can also protect myself out in the society based on the Mua Thai skills that I have discovered. However, in practices, mistakes are unavoidable, and the biggest mistake that I had was the napping. Making the right sound at the right time that could make the audiences believe in you that the combat scene in real. So me and my partner Britney found out the way, in different angles, use different people to do the napping to that the audiences can’t see. The idea was a success. I am so proud of myself participating in the ignit5e week project bard and brawl, I can have more self-defending skills and Shakespeare language that I may use in the future.

Here is the performance down below.

Bard and Brawl – Create and Improve

During the practice and rehearsals of bard and brawl, there were many points that needed improvement. Example as, the napping. With no hesitation, I would tell you that napping is definitely the hardest part of the whole stage combat. I would always forget to do it, you also need to make the proper sound at the proper time. So I always wanted to find a way to achieve the goal , so I was trying the whole time, through the practice that we did, my partner Britney helped me a lot. to let the audience believe in us, sometimes, when she is doing her movements I needed to do the napping, and when I was doing some movements she was doing the napping in another angle and that made the whole napping part way easier to do. There were also some insults that we needed to say during the fight sequences but it wasn’t that hard for me to find the right time to say it. Basically, there wasn’t many problems throughout the process of producing the stage combat, the only one was the napping and we found a way to deal with it. The final show went amazing, I am so proud of me and my team.

Bard and Brawl – Develop and Plan

Through the process of the choreography of our stage combat scene, we made many insults to pair with it. Example as, twangling puppy-headed popinjay, shallow cream-faced shrimp, unpolished long-tongue bug etc. I also added many different Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu skills that I  learned through the days. Like kicks, punches and several jiu-jitsu moves. But before all classes start, the teacher would always say that martial art is all about respect and discipline, so when u are competing with another person, you would know how to treat them. there is also a very important thing I learned that stage combat needs to have: control. you always need to control the power that you put on your partner, you can’t hurt them because it’s stage combat, however, your partner need to react to the move you did to make it look real.

here is the group photo of our jiu-jitsu

here is the class of jiu-jitsu

Bard and Brawl – Define and Inquire

For Ignite Week: Express it, I  choose Bard and Brawl for my project. In Bard and Brawl, the student’s goal is to design and perform a play that involves stage combat and Shakespeare in it. The mains audience of our performance is the whole FA, so basically we are performing the show and trying to let them trust that it is a real fight, not stage combat. The big problem that we are facing is we need to make the show look real, and we need to let the audience think that the combat was real. However, I believe that it is hard to accomplish because we need to have good reactions and make good sounds to let the audience believe that it is true. I was inspired by the picture down below, the combat scene that Shakespeare designed.

The Flower

In One Day, I decided to join the Chinese embroidery group. Because I never had an experience of doing traditional Chinese hand crafts and I wanted to try.

My inspiration actually came fromthe internet. We first started to search designs that we liked and find out if it is to hard or not, then the teacher would buy it. When it comes over, we can start. Here is to link to my inspiration.

I choose the pattern of the manjusaka (彼岸花)Because it is my favorite kind of flower, in Chinese, it has the meaning of graceful and pure. Though, in different countries, there are different meanings. The flower has of color of red, and has many small features surrounding it.


In One Day, I believe that I did well on learning how to do different types of Chinese embroidery, and showing them on cloth. However, throughout the process of doing embroidery, I found everything challenging. How to handle to cloth, how to do different types, how to tie a not without it dropping out. So basically, I found embroidery mentally, physically and spiritually challenging for me. I usually find One Day relaxing and fun, but this time, I gained many different unique experience of embroidery.

(I don’t have a final product, NOT FINISHED!)


Pool School

Being able to join in the swimming unit was a great pleasure for me. I learned many useful swimming skills during this unit and also have successfully improved my freestyle stroke and flip turns. Every time I walk into the PE hallway, I was so excited because I know that I was going to swim. The smell of chlorine, the warm and moisturized air blowing into my face, the satisfying bubbling sound of the pool all makes me happy. Every time I slide into the pool, water makes me sober in one second, the water is cold at first, but when you start to swim, you get warmer. Such a fun experience! However, the whole time was not just for us to have fun, we had to set goals. my goals were to improve my freestyle stroke speed, diving and also flip turns. But I realized that to increase my speed, I needed to correct my strokes, so eventually, I turned my goal into correcting the posture of my freestyle stroke. I also didn’t achieve the goal of diving, mainly just because I was not brave enough. On the other hand, I successfully achieved the goal of being able to do a correct flip turn, I felt like it increased my speed and decreased my time on 50-meter freestyle. Nevertheless, at last, I did increase the speed of my 50-meter freestyle. At first, the time was 50 seconds, now, my speed is 46 seconds. I am very happy that I’ve improved on my speed, and I also hope that I can be faster in the future. after all of the effort that I put in, I, fortunately, improved on all the skills that I wanted. I love swimming!


the first picture is my freestyle               the second picture is the flip turn.

Butternut Squash!

Define and Inquire

My audiences are the head of school and the MS principles. The biggest challenges that we faced is that we had to add butternut squash to everything we did.  Butternut squash is very sweet after it’s cooked, so that made us face a huge challenge in making salty dishes. First, we tried to add less of butternut squash. The plan didn’t really work out because we need to have it as a main ingredient. we also tried to add more salt, even though that it wasn’t going to be that healthy anymore, it turned out pretty well. So we added salt. Another big problem is we didn’t know how to control the sweetness as well. We tried to taste as we go and to changes, well that’s always the best way! I’m mainly inspired by my dad and got the recipe for ravioli. However, I think that it would be challenging to know the taste at the first time though.


Develop and Plan

We always needed squash all the time, but we also added potato, onions, carrots, and some celery into our soup that we made, and in the pancakes, we mostly added dough and mashed squash and cinnamon. I think that the main skill that we focused on cooking and using the knife safely. People that tested our recipe all gave our group effective feedback and gave us many suggestions about what to change.


Create and Improve

The most challenging part of our group’s prosses is the butternut squash soup. The first time that we tried, the soup was too sweet because of the butternut squash, so we added salt. On the other side, I still thought that the ravioli that we started to make was hard, mostly hard because I can’t control the timing when I am boiling the ravioli. But even though that we all faced these problems, my group still performed really well. Therefore, I still struggled with making the pancakes, but we perfectly use the feedback that our costumers gave us, and we changed it a lot. By the way, we made many prototypes to test out our food, and people all said that we did a pretty good job.



I am very glad that I choose to be in the ignite week project “iron chef” it was such a pleasant experience, I had so much fun with my teammates ( Filex, Sally ) There were many highlights in this week, A big example is that we could stay together. We cooked, we were surrounded by laughing smiling and happiness. We overcome many difficulties and enjoyed this. I like how our teacher designed this process, it was really fun. The skills that I had to develop are mainly cooking and creativity, we cooked a lot and we had to create our own recipe focused on butternut squash. To sum it up, I really had lots of fun in this unit.





The True Cost

Overview of the project

During this project, we learned about different types of plastic and how it affects the three pillars of sustainability, environment, society, and economy. We all picked a consumable product single-use plastic and researched about it, mainly about the type of plastic is used. Also, we learned about how is plastic made, and the impact on the three pillars of sustainability of oil extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal. For our final project, we made a video that shows the relationship between consumption and sustainability.

Feedback reflection

Some important facts that people take away after this project was single-use plastic are really bad and we shouldn’t use it that much as we are using now. Many people were surprised about how plastic was made and the impact on people’s bodies of the chemicals that making plastic can produce. I am pretty capable of changing people minds about single-use plastic after they would watch my video. I used a pretty unique way to tell them to refuse single-use plastic. After people would watch my video, I think they would know the hidden cost behind producing plastic and the damage of plastic to our environment, society, and economy, I would try to shorten my video on parts because, in the middle part of my video, it seems to turn a bit boring to people.


Reflection on the driving questions

One thing that I found surprising was how related was consumption to sustainability. Which made me think what you consume can highly affect the sustainability of this product. For example, the packaging choices of the company of your product can relate to sustainability also. Because of the point that plastic is now not sustainable, so if you are consuming a product that has a plastic packaging, then you are not only affecting the environment, you are also affecting the society and the economy of our own country. Plastic is not sustainable because it uses oil and oil is not going to be sustainable by the consumption of plastic now. that means that after generations, people or humans can’t have this resources to use anymore. Also, before this project, I didn’t have a clear idea of what plastic can do to the three lends of sustainability, the environment, society, and the economy, now I knew that plastic has a huge impact of it. For example: when the plastic is thrown into the ocean, the plastic never decomposes it, it only breaks down to smaller pieces, and if fishes eat it and we eat fishes, that is somehow equal to we are eating plastic that we hade used before. and that point relates to society and the environment because humans and animals all get affected. And on the economy side, the oil extraction of the plastic system can highly affect the economy, examples as of how often the oil extraction factories would happen oil spills. The government would have to coat a lot of money for people who die and rebuild the oil extraction oil rig, and oil spills can highly affect the environment too, the oil would float on the surface of the ocean, forever. The three lends of sustainability are tied together, and all lend impact us! Looking back to project consume, I realize that sustainability is highly connected to consuming, and every single question that the world has started with us. Now I would think more about using plastic because I learned about the hidden cost and the three lends of sustainability.

Ms.Yang’s Aquatics

I choose the unit swimming as my PE unit mainly because I can’t do other sports because of my hurting knee, and also that I didn’t like other units, not good at them either. swimming is a fun unit, at least until now, I have learned much, I’ve learned how to use my head and my arms collaboratively in breaststrokes, I’ve learned how to swim faster in freestyle and I also learned how to use my legs in breaststrokes. even though I have learned so much, I still want to learn more about diving, improve my speed on breaststrokes and start learning to swim in the butterfly. I hope I can fully know how to swim in freestyle, and breaststrokes, I would also like to know a little of butterfly and diving.

  • Also, according to my video, I decided to focus on freestyle.
  • I should focus on my technique and after that, I can go on to my speed.

My New Avatar

My new avatar is pretty much like me, it has long hair drifted down her face and headphones, I love to listen to music while doing anything. It makes me calm. and she wears a hoodie, I wear hoodies all the time, it is very comfortable and I can do sports with it. Small eyes and long eyebrows represent me.