NO Sugar!!!!!!!!!

In my P.E class we are doing this unit called Health which the first part is  about sugar. we did it because we should learn about sugar and that eating a lot of sugar is really bad for you. last week we were doing the sugar free week challenge which we can’t eat any sugar, it wasn’t hard for me since i don’t really eat sugar.

   Monday  cereal, egg


Pizza Rice, vegetables Milk, medicine
    Tuesday Croissant, congee, egg


Rice, meat, broccoli Rice, meat, vegetables Milk, medicine
   Wednesday Congee, egg, croissant


Spaghetti  Fried Rice, fish, vegetables Milk, medicine

Croissant, egg

Pasta Rice, veggies Milk, medicine


rice, meat broccoli  rice, fish  milk, medicine

we would have to choose healthy diets every day this graph on top shows what i ate during last week. me and my family didn’t really have challenges of not eating sugar since normally i never eat sugar. at school we need to have  less drinks that contain sugar since now we don’t have any water except a water fountain in the cafeteria. for the healthy diet we had to have low sugar, low sodium(salt) and low fat.

in the cafeteria i noticed a lot of people are drinking ice tea which contains sugar, we should start to drink water more which is healthy and doesn’t do any damage to you. we also saw a sugar movie in class which showed a man who hasn’t ate sugar in a long time trying to eat sugar again and to see if it actually does any damage, after the challenge it showed that sugar makes you fatter and it messes with your brain which sometimes which when you don’t eat sugar for a long time you would feel tired, once you started to have that feeling it will be hard to cancel eating sugar.

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I’ve got a bunch of favorite books but I only remember a few and one of them are called Extra Credit. I’ve read a lot of Andrew Clement’s books in 4th grade when we were doing the unit called author’s study, and thats when we had to choose an author. Read his books and have sticky notes which has questions or comments on it and sticks it in the book. I like Extra Credit because its really interesting, its about a boy in india  or some where near india sending mails to his pen pal which is a girl in US. they’re supposed to write to each other to get Extra credit. both of them has bad grades so they want Extra credit. i borrowed it from the ES library in 4th grade so i was able to bring it home and read it and most of the times i wasn’t able to stop reading.                                                                                                       images

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About The Robot Battle Day

Tomarrow ( Robot battle) I am exited about it because i want to find out that which robot will win our whole class. Tomarrow i am nervous about mabye our robot will not be the winner of our class because today we are testing on the sumo ring and sometimes our robot runs off of the sumo ring. I think that our robot is not going to do so well because today our robot runs off the sumo ring sometimes i don’t know why but i think it run off the sumo ring because one of our sensor doesn’t work.

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My group’s Robot isn’t ready for the robot battles because our robot falls out the ring by its self sometimes, i think the right sensor dind’t work because today i putted my hands under the right sensor and the wheels  are still turning the the same way so i think that me and my partner needs the change the right sensor.

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The Experience That I Have With My Robot Now.


the experience that i have with my robot today is that me and partner builded it really fast because my partner’s dad is a robot builder so my partner is really good at technology and today we are almost done with our robot, i am very happy that we builded our robot so fast because I never had builded a robot before and this is my first time building a robot and my first time me and my partner builded the robot fast. I think that my partner has more experience building a robot because his dad is a robot builder and I think my partner has more experience building a robot because his dad tought him some strategys.

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My Robot Blog

Welcome to my robot blog. Ronan: I think that next time we just need to hot glue the right side protection on, then I think we are done whith our robot. Do we still need to change anything? I think we dont need to change anything on our robot. I want to ask you that why sometimes our robot keeps on running out the the sumo ring?  do you Know? I don’t know. Do we still need to add the grabber part? I think we are fine with our robot now. I think our pusher is fine. do you think that our pusher is fine? and next time we have to make sure that all of the things dont fall of.

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Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my robot blog. My partner is Ronan and my name is Haojia. our sumo robot is called Neptune. now we are almost done building our robot, before we want our robot’s battery pack at the back but we changed the battery pack to the side of the robot. Now we still have to figure out why sometimes our robot run out of the sumo dohyo( sumo ring).

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