Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

NASA should focus future missions in our solar system on Saturns moon Enceladus

Evidence:On Enceladus, scientists discovered a liquid ocean beneath the icy surface, clouds of water vapor spray from the cracks, researched found carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the photos the space craft took

Reasoning: For Enceladus, scientists found hydrogen molecules, They think these molecules could be coming from chemical reactions deep in the ocean. These reactions between water and rock could spark life for microscopic living creatures. and when scientists find hydrogen its a good sign for life meaning that there could be chemical reactions happening between the water and the rock that could support life. scientists also found hydrogen and carbon dioxide, this could mean that undersea microbes are producing methane gas and is what microbes do deep below Earth’s oceans.

One Day Food Review

For Breakfast, i chose to go to a Chinese breakfast, so we went to jia yi bing ding, its a Cantonese restaurant. In the Cantonese restaurant, i ordered a bacon and egg sandwich, and a lemon ice tea.

Rating: 2 stars

Environment: there arent a lot of customers, theres not a lot of warm air inside the restaurant, it feels cold.

Comments: The whole sandwich kind of needs more flavor except for the bacon, the bacon is quite soggy and should be crispy, and there are very little amount of bacon and egg compared to the amount of bread.

Feelings: I wouldnt really recommend it because, it doesnt taste really good, i think that there are definetely better sandwiches with around the same price as this.

Waiting time: 10 minutes.

Price: 31 RMB for the Drink and the Sandwich

Taste: The bread is crispy, The Bacon is not very crispy, and the egg is very bland, theres not a lot of flavor in the egg and the bread

For Lunch, I chose to go to a western Lunch at a restaurant called Manna. At Manna, i ordered the eggs benedict.

Rating: 5 Stars

Environment: The restaurant looks very clean, The environment is warm, the room is heated and has the correct temperature.

Waiting time: Around 7 minutes.

Servings: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bread, a lot of bacon

Taste: The eggs benedict tastes very good, the flavor is great, the yellow sauce is good, the bacon is crispy, and the bread is crispy.

Price: FREE 

Comments: Theres a lot of bacon on the bread, and the serving size is just right, i was full after finishing the whole thing. the presentation of the dish is great.

Feelings: I would eat here again, the environment is great, and the food is also great, the food tasted great

I decided to do food reviews because i have never done anything like this before, and also my inspiration was watching a lot of gordan ramsay doing food reviews.


What i did: We ate breakfast and lunch and did a review for them, for breakfast we ate at pinnacle plaza, and for lunch we ate at shine city. For Breakfast we ate at a cantonese restaurant called jia yi bing ding, and for lunch we ate a Manna, a western restaurant.

Why I did it: I have never done food reviews before, so i wanted to try something new.

Something i did well: i ate all the food that i ordered, i didnt waste food.

What did i learn, writing food reviews is still quite hard because you have to include a lot of things, and describe what you felt. and i learnt how to write food reviews and include what i felt.

Challenges: Because i ate breakfast before doing the reviews, i was kind of full when we ate breakfast, so i wasnt able to eat everything i wanted to eat. and the challenge for me today is eating everything i ordered. i overcome those challenges, by forcing myself to eat until im full.


Why is One day important: It lets student experience new things, things they haven’t done before. and when students try new things they learn new things. and learning is very important for students, they get more experience on more things.





Swimming unit in PE

In this Unit, i worked on turning most of the part. and in other parts, we made our own swimming practice and also our own warmups. we also did a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

I dont really like to swim except for going to water parks. I use to swim 3 years ago, and i never really liked swimming. I did swimming because i thought that it would help my endurance during basketball (my main sport) Because i found out that people that swim happen to have better endurance than others.

My goal for the unit is to improve my turns and also endurance

My got better endurance and also better turns.

From my videos, i can tell that, in the beggining, after my turn, i start to come out of the water and also start swimming before a pass the 5m line, but in the new film, i would come out of the water aroun the 10 meter line and also when i first did it, i would feel tired after my turn, but now, after my turn i didnt feel as tired.

I would like to keep focusing on endurance because it can help me get better endurance when im playing basketball

This unit, i got better endurance, and also my turns were much more smooth than before. i could also hold my breath longer under water.


Current Events Blog Post

On Aug. 9th, the White House announced plans for a new branch of millitary called the U.S Space Force. It would be created by 2020. The Vice President Mike Pence described space as a place that was once peaceful but now has more competition. and said that “it’s time to prepare for the next battlefield. Space is where Americans will face a new type of danger” (Mike Pence). It would affect us a lot because it would be the worlds first space millitary, and it would also cost a lot of money from the US

I think it would definetly be really cool and it would seem like the future but i think the US should work on some more research and also improve their space ships, so its safer for the millitary to get to space. And i think the US is too woried about their satellites being destroyed from The Vice President saying this: “for years U.S. opponents like China and Russia have worked to have an influence in space. They have “pursued weapons” to harm U.S. satellites in space.” I dont think that China and Russia are working n space weapons, i only think that they’re working on space exploration because they’re probably just trying to know more about space before fighting in space. and also i think that 2020 is way too early for a space millitary, soldiers would have to train on fighting and also training like an astronaught. it matters because it would probably make the other countries also want to have a space millitary, and if other countries gets a space millitary, then they would actually start fighting in space, but mostly everyone on this planet would want peace.


I chose swimming because i didnt really want the other choises. 3 things i’ve learnt so far, is that i’m very slow at swimming, the swim pool changed a lot, and that i’m not swimming as well as before.

Based on the video analysis i decided that i still can swim. unlike what i’ve imagined.

Looking at my film i noticed that my swimming skills are way different compared to before.

My coach and i discussed that i need to work on my endurance and turns

I would like to work on endurance, because if i have better endurance in swimming, i would have better endurance in basketball.

Does the Boxer Rebellions Deserve a bad rap?

I don’t think that the boxer rebellions deserve a bad rap because, i think they were just trying to do things the right way, and keep the chinese the way they are, and try to keep them to stay the same religion. They Probably weren’t educated very well, so they didnt care about just killing people. But I think that they were just trying to let China stay the way it is.

Robotic dinosaur – Design tech

  • My biggest obstacle was buiding the body, we didnt have enough time to build the body and make it look good. so we just tried to make a box

  • My biggest success was actually making the head move, before we accidently glued the head onto the neck, the neck onto the body, and the servo onto the head, making the head not movable. so we just taped the servo onto the body, and making it work the last minute.

  • Overall, I think this product was successful because many kids took photos of it, many kids came over to where our dinosaur was and they liked how the head moves. so i think its pretty succesful.

Blog post- Book Cover

I Am reading the book Refugee by Alan gratz. This book has different sections and theres 3 different characters. and every section talks about a different character in their perspective. i only chose the character Joseph because if i choose all 3 characters it would probably be too complicated.



Mid Summers Night Dream Magazine- Hermia

Hermia is forced to marry Demetrius or else she would be killed. but Hermia loves Lysander.

Independent Reading Rising Action

Connect with the conflict. Write a text-to-self response in which you connect with how the protagonist overcomes one of the conflicts listed in the definitions above. (You may need to include a spoiler alert.) Who or what has the main character been struggling against? Ask yourself if you’ve overcome a similar struggle. Your first paragraph must explore one type of conflict in your independent novel and provide MLA formatted quotes to show your understanding of the type of conflict. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you describe your own struggle to overcome the same type of conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Include specific examples from your own life.
I am reading the book: Summer Ball by Mike Lupica. Now they’re all separated into teams, and Danny is on a team that almost all of his friends from his travel team is in. But they got a coach called coach Ed Powers. The coach hates Danny, because his dad decided to not play for that coach in college, so he makes Danny run more than all the other people in their team. On page 54, the coach makes Danny run extra, the coach says to Danny: “But here’s what I’d like from you before we continue: a couple of laps around the court. And your friend there can join you.” That shows that the coach doesn’t really like Danny and makes him run extra, The coach even said: “Find another sport” to Danny on page 105. On page 71 it also stated that: “No matter how much coach Powers picked on the other guys, Danny was the one getting picked on the most.” Then Danny was told that his friend, Tess is right across the lake, and they decide to meet her. They got a boat to go across the lake to meet Tess. The next day, Danny is going to play against the Lakers with Lamar for the champion ship. He was told that he wasn’t going to play very long in game. At the end of the 3rdquarter it was 42-38, Celtics (Danny’s team) behind, Then coach puts Danny in the game to start the 4th, right when the 4thquarter started, Rasheed (Danny’s friend and teammate)hits a three, making it 42-41, then at the end, Danny and Rasheed gets the game winner and helps Celtics Win Lakers 64-63. I think the conflict was Danny not having the coach on his side, and having the coach hate him. for me I’ve never got a coach to hate me before like how Coach Powers hated Danny, But I have hated a coach before. It was my first time joining a basketball club, and during the tryouts, it was alright, but for the 1stpractice, there was a new coach, he taught things that I didn’t really like, I didn’t really like the way he coached us, so I just wasn’t very happy for that whole practice.